Top 7 Tips For Marketing A New Product


You might be excited about the launch of your new project, but good marketing is key to engaging your target audience and getting them excited, too.

Building a reputable brand isn’t easy. A solid strategy is key here, and you’ll need to plan ahead before your launch.

So let’s take a look at what some industry experts rely on for success when marketing a new product.

Create an animation explainer video to promote the product

Video content goes a long way in marketing. It’s why YouTube now boasts over 2 billion active users, with more than a quarter of the world’s entire population using the platform every single month.

It’s no secret that consumers lap up video content. The video promotes products because it simply shows them in a friendly, quick, and accessible way. And when you pair this with a suitable social media channel, you’ll be able to cherry-pick your target audience and parade your brand directly in front of their eyes.

An animation explainer video can be used everywhere, too. Think of placing a video on your website, in email newsletters, and on your company’s social media. We recommend finding a reputable animated explainer video production company at the earliest opportunity.

Pitch and email

Tried and tested methods, such as the traditional email pitch, haven’t retired just yet. Email marketing campaigns, press releases, and outreach efforts continue to generate new leads to great success for all businesses, large and small.

By offering informative content, whether in the form of an email newsletter or an offer of a guest-post, you can position yourself as an expert in your niche or line of business. Plus, establishing working relationships with like-minded businesses and building a backlink portfolio can aid your SEO efforts, too.

Offer a discount on first orders

An introductory discount on your product when it first launches is a great way to generate excitement and some much-needed hype around your new product.

Another tactic you could use here is to label your products as ‘low on stock’ on your website. Bargains that are selling out fast are too tempting for consumers to pass by.

 How fast your item sells out from launch is a good selling point to mention in the future too, so keep notes on how well it performs.

Offer an exclusive discount for loyal clients

If you’re in a position to do so, why not reward your customers for their long-lasting loyalty? A discount makes them feel valued as a consumer, especially if it is exclusive just for them.

Your existing clients are an ideal starting point when you are looking for ways to spread the news about your new product. Your customers can vouch for your brand, and you can amplify this by encouraging reviews on your products and by maintaining excellent customer service.

Consider Influencer Marketing to amplify the reach of the product

Influencer marketing continues to generate and amass huge amounts of new leads and customers for brands. These social media savvy individuals appeal directly to your target audience and can spin a positive influence on anything and everything that suits their aesthetic.

Just be sure to do your homework when recruiting the right influencer for the job.

Social media advertisements

It would be very difficult to launch a new product into the market without tapping into at least one social media platform.

Chances are, your consumers have multiple social media accounts. However, where they’re most likely to post depends on a range of factors such as age, gender, location, likes/dislikes, and so on.

To make the most out of your social media ad, be sure to research your specific demographic so that your product launch lands on the right screens.

Get blogging

There is a lot of joy to be had in blogging. You can document your company’s journey, highlight awards or any other key events, champion a cause close to your heart and promote your products, to name just a few.

Your blog also allows you to compete against your competitors for digital space on Google. You’ll want some SEO advice on how to get ranking in the top spots, but blogging is key to building organic traffic to your website and for ranking highly on your keywords, services or products.

So there you have it! With these 7 strategies, your new product is sure to hit the ground running and continue generating interest.