The Cheapest and the Best Way to Reach Paris from London on Road

Paris from London

London and Paris are two iconic cities in Europe. They both are rich in culture, and attractions. Many tourists from Europe want to visit the two capital cities and look for how to travel from London to Paris.

The distance between these two capital cities is only 214 miles which means 344km. and by using the Channel tunnel you can incredibly get back and forth between them.

It is also possible to visit London and Paris on the same trip. If you are planning to visit both cities then you must be wondering what is the cheapest way to reach Paris from London by road.

To help you answer this question, we have put together this guide on how to get from London to Paris. We are going to find the cheapest possible way to get to Paris from London.

Here are the details:

The cheapest way to drive to Paris:

# ByCar:

Driving from London to Paris is the most popular way to get between these two cities. It will provide you with a certain flexibility, plus the comfort of staying in your car throughout the whole journey. You don’t need to worry about travel restrictions and about your luggage.

The timetable is also more flexible than travelling by train or air.

While travelling by car you will have two options to cross the tunnel; either you can take the Eurotunnel or you can take a ferry. The Eurotunnel is the fastest method and we will discuss it in most of the parts of this guide.

You can transport any vehicle like a car, truck, motorcycle, tailor, or campervan by the Eurotunnel. It is also the easiest way if you want to travel with your pet. But you need proper documentation and vaccination for each pet you are having with you at the time of travelling from London to Paris.

Documents required for driving to Paris from the UK

It is important to note that the UK and France have different driving regulations that need to be followed. All those who drive UK cars to Paris need to carry the following documents:

  • Valid driving license
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Passport
  • Proof of Motor vehicle insurance
  • UK sticker on their car
  • Have reflective safety vests in the car
  • Put a sticker over the headlights so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic

Further, you must be aware of the traffic laws of Paris such as people in the UK driving on the left and people in France driving on the right. Additionally, France requires all vehicles visiting Paris to have an Air Quality Emission Certificate that you can purchase online.

How long does it take to drive to Paris from London?

It will take almost 6 hours to reach Paris from London, excluding potential traffic and delays. The Eurotunnel Le Shuttle leaves regularly, you will have at least 4 shuttles per hour at busier times of the day.

However, you must remember that 6 hours is the minimum drive time under optimal driving conditions so it may require much time if there is bad traffic or Eurotunnel delays.

Fastest and the best driving route to Paris from London:

Paris from London

There is only one driving route from London to Paris that is through the Channel tunnel. If you take the direct route it is about 258 miles plus about 34 miles for the Eurotunnel crossing.

You can take the fastest route which is to drive from London to Folkston along the A1. Then you check in and go through border security, board the channel tunnel transport, and then it takes about 35 minutes to travel across the channel.

Once you arrive in Coquelles (near Calais), you have to leave the shuttle, go through border security, and then travel toward Paris through A26 and A1.

Cost of driving from London to Paris by car?

The cost of the Eurotunnel Le shuttle may vary depending on the size of your car. One-way fares start around £ 79, but round-trip fares can be as low as £ 29 each way.

You must consider the fact that the cost of fuel can vary depending on your vehicle and current rates. If you are taking an electric charging car then you can charge at the charging stations. You can get the charging stations at both Eurotunnel Le shuttle terminals in the UK and France.

If you are renting a car then you must consider the cost of rent and any extra charges such as cross border surcharge.


Can you drive to Spain from the UK?

Ans: the distance between Spain and the UK is 1409 mi. The quickest route to drive from the UK to Spain is Calais-Rouen-Bordeaux-San Sebastian.

If you are taking this direct route to get into Spain then you can reach less than a day. But it is not possible to drive without taking breaks. You can take some breaks and enjoy the cities along the way.

How much does it cost to drive from London to Paris?

Ans: The total cost of driving from the UK to Paris can vary depending on the size of your car. But one-way fares start at £ 79. Additionally, you must consider the cost of fuel that is required for your car and if there are any additional charges.

Can I rent a car to drive to Paris from the UK?

Ans: you can rent a car from any enterprise branch in the UK and drive safely to Paris. If you are renting, borrowing, or leasing a UK-registered car then you must be ensured that your car meets all the standards and you are carrying all the necessary documents and equipment.


From iconic sights to secret spots, if you are eager to experience picturesque Paris then you can explore it by car. Paris will give you an amazing travel experience in the UK.

There are some differences in the regulations of both cities, so you need to be prepared for the differences ahead of time.

To make your dream trip to be safe, and effortless we have prepared this guide with all the relevant information.

This information will be helpful for you before you go ahead. From the required documents, the cheapest way to Paris from the UK, and the cost of travel everything we have included in this guide.