How to Book A Driving Test Appointments for Driving License


Although passing the practical driving test is a difficult task, with careful planning and practice, it should be simple and stress-free. Here you will find that this guide is of great assistance to booking a driving test.

It’s somewhat significant. It signifies the end of many hours of instruction and gives you a chance to permanently get rid of your L-plates and gain driving freedom by receiving a full driving license.

Anxiety over the driver’s exam is normal and should not be surprising.

Everyone has anxiety before their practical driving test, but remember that if your teacher weren’t completely confident in your ability to pass the exam, they wouldn’t have recommended you for the big day.

When Should You Book Your Driving Test?

You must pass the driving theory exam to schedule a practical driving test legally. You can only schedule a driving test if you pass the theoretical exam. Once you’ve completed each of the following, we advise planning your driving test if you passed the theoretical exam:

Checked all the driver’s record boxes

You may assess your driving skills using the driver’s record progress sheet provided by the DVSA. Each of the fundamental abilities that make up the DVSA’s driving curriculum is listed on the progress chart.

Your driving instructor will evaluate your development in each area and assign you a grade from 1 to 5, depending on the severity of the needed intervention. Only after receiving a 5 for each essential skill stated in the driver’s record is it advised by the DVSA that you schedule a driving test.

You passed the practice driving test with fewer than five errors.

Up to 15 driving errors are acceptable, and you may still pass the driving test. In tests passed in 2012/13, drivers made an average of 5.2 mistakes. We advise booking a driving test only after passing a practice test with five or fewer driving errors.

Why Is It So Difficult To Book A Driving Test?

According to the findings of an investigation, learners are spending more than £200 to book a driving test, which shows that driving tests are being bulk booked and resold for profit.

Long waiting lists and chronic backlogs are nothing new due to the pandemic, which has affected almost all businesses in some form.

There is a persistent backlog of driver’s examinations at the moment. It implies that students must wait at least a few months before receiving a date.

Because there are none available, learners in some places, including London and Cardiff, cannot schedule driving tests for a minimum of six months in advance. It is because there are no open spots.

Many people are left with no choice except to pay an amount that is more than double the regular charge to reserve a test spot, or they may hire a third-party organization to search the DVSA booking site on their behalf using

AI-enabled software. Learners claim that they have paid more than the standard charge for an examination, which is now set at £100.

When Your Driving Instructor Feels You Are Ready

The most incredible person to assess your driving skills and prospects of passing the driving test is your driving teacher, so heed their advice. They will only recommend scheduling a driving test once your driving has attained the level necessary to pass.

Once you are ready to drive safely and reliably without assistance from your teacher, you will be encouraged to schedule your driving test. You’re only prepared to schedule a driving test if you can do this every time you get behind the wheel.

Who Should Book Your Driving Test

If you believe your driving is up to the needed quality, consider who will schedule your driving test. You may approach this in two different ways. Either you plan the driving test on your own, or your driving teacher does it on your behalf.

Neither option is available. When deciding which path to choose, there are a few factors to remember before making a decision.

If you are scheduling a driving test without the assistance of your instructor, you are responsible for ensuring that they are accessible on the day of your test. You will need to devise an alternate plan if they are unavailable.

When there is little notice, renting a car for driving tests might be difficult and costly.

Letting Your Driving Instructor Book Your Driving Test

 It is permissible for registered ADIs, also known as authorized driving instructors, to schedule pupils’ driving exams on their behalf. If you give your driving teacher permission to schedule your driver’s license exam for you, chances are good that they will be available on the day of your exam nine times out of ten.

How Much Does A Driving Test Cost

The cost of the theory test for vehicles is £23, and the cost of the driving test is £62 (or £75 if you take your test in the evening or on the weekend).

However, the cost of the driving test is just the tip of the costly iceberg. Learning how to drive typically requires roughly 45 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction for the average individual.

You should anticipate spending between $25 and $30 per hour for classes, although the price might range anywhere from $25 to $30, depending on where you reside.

What Do You Need To Book A Driving Test?

The items you need to book a driving test are outlined below. No matter how you schedule your driving test, you are required to have these materials in your possession. To book a driving test, you will need to have the following:

  1. Your successful completion of the theoretical exam certificate number.
  2. The number found on your driver’s license.
  3. Your credit or debit card information

How To Book Your Driving Test Online

  1. Go
  2. Choose the kind of driving test you wish to take
  3. Enter your driving license data
  4. Set a time and place for your driver’s license exam.
  5. Pick a place to take your driver’s license exam.
  6. Determine when you will take your driving test.
  7. Enter your contact information
  8. Enter payment information
  9. Confirm the info and book the driving test

Tips Before Booking A Driving Test

Test Appointments For Driving License
Test Appointments For Driving License

It should come as no surprise that learner drivers are pretty pleased when their driving instructor informs them they’re ready to schedule their practical driving test since everyone looks forward to the day they can remove their “L” plates from their vehicle and drive on their own.

However, booking this test may also be intimidating and nerve-wracking since it’s one of the largest and possibly most essential exams most learner drivers have ever taken.

While many people book a driving test without thinking twice and feel pretty confident when they arrive at the testing facility, the same cannot be said for their practical test, and knowing this is the last obstacle in the way of their full driving license makes things considerably more stressful.

Following are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind if you want to schedule your driving test within the next few days.

Use a finding tool for canceled driving tests.

If you go to the DVSA website to schedule your exam, you’ll discover that the test center you wish to utilize has a considerable wait period.

It may be unpleasant, and the last thing you want to do is wait weeks or even months, but don’t worry, schedule a test at a suitable time and then look for older driving exams.

Keep your exam date a secret from others.

Even though it is alluring to share the news that you’ve scheduled your practical driving test with others, and you could even get inquiries about whether you’ve already taken the test, it’s often advisable to keep the date to yourself.

Frequently, informing others will make you much more anxious, and you could also feel more significant pressure to pass the first time.

Review your driving theory.

Even though you passed your theory exam, you need to keep reminding yourself what the different road markings and signs on the road represent.

Maintaining your theoretical knowledge current before taking your practical test is crucial since doing so might help you avoid self-doubt when driving with the examiner.

Practice all the techniques.

Driving lessons should continue even after you have scheduled your practical exam since there is no disputing that practice makes perfect when it comes to driving.

Make sure you practice all possible test-related maneuvers and have your driving instructor verify that you’re doing them to a test level of proficiency.

Become familiar with prospective test routes.

Once you have scheduled your practical driving test, another fantastic thing to do during your driving classes is to familiarize yourself with the several routes the examiner could take you on.

It may be unquestionably helpful to drive them at least once before your test since all driving test locations have several authorized test routes.

Learn about your driving instructor’s vehicle

It’s possible that you were fully aware of what the practical driving test comprised when you reached the point when you were prepared to schedule it.

Many people are unaware of the “show me” and “tell me” questions, so you should be sure that you can respond to your examiner’s inquiries regarding them accurately.

Scheduling a practical driving test

The knowledge above should be helpful if you want to schedule your practical driving test soon. These recommendations are advantageous in and of themselves.

You can be sure that you will look back on them with gratitude, particularly after passing your exam and receiving your complete driver’s license.


Can you book a driving test without lessons?

Yes, you can take your driver’s exam even if you have no driving lessons. Nevertheless, it is highly advised that you locate a teacher who can assist you in navigating the procedure and walk you through it step by step.

Can you book a driving test without passing your theory test?

You can only schedule a practical exam once you have passed your theoretical test, no matter how hard you try. For your pass, you are awarded a pass certificate that includes your theory test pass number, which is required when scheduling a driving test.

When can you rebook your driving test?

You may reschedule your driving test immediately after your last one. Nevertheless, the date of your new test must be at least ten working days after your most recent test.

How to get driving test cancellations?

Utilizing an automatic driving test cancellation booking service is the most effective strategy for securing an earlier test cancellation appointment.

Final words:

And that wraps things up! After earning your driver’s license, you should consider the above things. After you have finished reading the preceding material, you may confidently step behind the wheel and make the most of the efforts you have put in.

You are deserving of it!

What are your thoughts? Do you have any additional suggestions that would be helpful for new drivers not included on this list?