Rami Bitar’s Tawfeer Supermarkets Joins Global Compact Network


As part of its corporate social responsibility, Tawfeer Supermarkets joined the Global Compact Network In Lebanon (GCNL) in providing opportunities for learning, policy dialogue, and partnerships on the Ten Principles of responsible conduct and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The GCNL’s main aim is to advance the UN’s Global Compact initiative, its Ten Principles, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They assist businesses, such as Tawfeer Supermarkets, in developing a solid understanding of a responsible enterprise by putting their sustainability commitments into action and facilitating local connections alongside other companies and stakeholders from NGOs to government and academia.

The GCN came to be after realizing that this world is fragile, with poverty, conflict, inequality, and the environment being issues that will determine our future. The UN realized that businesses need to be part of the solution to ensure sustainability and continuity. “The change would have to start small, and only a handful of companies believed they could be a force for good. That’s why every new participant is a milestone”, says Mr. Rami Bitar Lebanon, GCNL board member and CEO of Tawfeer Supermarkets.

“As we grew, we discovered the power in having principles, operating with integrity, valuing local culture, and leading by example. We are in the business of doing business responsibly.”

GCNL board member and CEO of Tawfeer Supermarkets, Mr. Rami Bitar, says: “Our role in raising awareness about SDG risks and opportunities as well as leading by example within our own business and inspiring others through good business practices, is crucial towards evoking the right mindset towards learning and policy dialogue.”

This initiative comes after a long line of global partnerships that have been established by Bitar group and industry leaders in legal counsel, accounting, branding, and now social responsibility.