Reasons to Invest in a Truck-Mounted Crane

Truck-Mounted Crane

There are different types of cranes used in lifting and moving materials, including one that is truck-mounted. Some industries that use these machines are construction, mining, cargo handling, logging, and power. The cranes vary in height, and the trucks differ in size too. In addition, they have different parts, including the following:

  • Truck. The truck is where the crane is mounted, making it easier to move to various locations.
  • Boom. It’s one of the essential components of the crane as it’s the part that extends to reach the height required for the load you need to lift or move.
  • Jib. It serves as an extra arm or an extension to the boom, giving it better reach and helping lessen the impact of the load on the boom.
  • Rotex gear. It is located under the cab, which allows the operator to control the crane.
  • Counterweights. They balance the load and are placed on one end of the boom.
  • Outriggers. They are beams that support the crane, providing better stability.
  • Two-gear pump. The engine provides power to this pump to pressurise the system.

As mentioned, not all cranes are the same, as they come in varying sizes and features. The best choice is one that fits your needs and helps get the work done conveniently and fast. Choose a reputable company that offers truck mounted cranes to ensure you get quality equipment at the most reasonable price. Moreover, they can help determine the right option based on your requirements. There are various reasons why you may want to invest in this type of crane for your business, like those we listed below.

More convenient transport

If you work from one site to another, you need to move your equipment to different locations, including the cranes. Other types of cranes would require a separate transport vehicle for the process, while a truck-mounted would not need this. You can conveniently drive the truck to the following site, and that would include the crane since it’s mounted. It also applies to the materials you need to transport. There’s no need to use another vehicle to carry and move the materials because the crane already comes with a truck.

Easy setup

It takes time and effort to set up a crane and ensure it’s properly operating. You need to do this each time you work on a new site. On the other hand, a crane that is truck-mounted requires little prep time. You just need to adjust the height of the boom, and it’s ready to use.

Works on limited space

When setting them up, some cranes require ample space, so they may not work in tight spaces. Truck-mounted equipment does not use much space. Vehicles and people can still conveniently pass through the area.

Lower overhead cost

Other crane types may need pads and other setup equipment, which adds to your total expenses. The truck-mounted option doesn’t need that, so it is more cost-effective.

If you need a truck-mounted crane, choose the right model for your specific needs, and get it only from a trusted provider.