Outdoor Weddings: How to Ensure Your Big Day is a Huge Success

Outdoor Weddings

More and more couples are choosing to hold their weddings outdoors to take advantage of beautiful natural settings and unpredictable British weather.

Outdoor weddings can be utterly romantic yet they do come with extra considerations. Follow this advice to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, rain or shine! 

Assess Your Venue

Ensure your chosen outdoor venue can legally and logistically host a wedding.

Clarify noise restrictions, licensing laws, power access, parking availability, and any other logistical needs for your caterer, florist, photographer and band. Visit in all weather to visualise layouts and contingency plans.

Ask about wet weather equipment like gazebos or look at a sailcloth tent to protect guests.

Have a Weather Plan

Even in June, the classic British summer is no guarantee. Develop an all-weather plan so guests know what to expect and how to dress.

Have gazebos or sailcloth tents on standby, provide umbrellas if rain is light, or make sure if you have an indoor option, it is decorated and ready for a last-minute shuffle.

Don’t forget sunscreen and chilled water if the sun does make a surprise appearance! 

Outdoor Weddings

Keep Décor Secured

Choose robust flowers and decorations and ensure everything is firmly weighted and tied down. Silk flowers can look just as beautiful while resilient wooden signs will withstand wind and rain.

Ask florists to provide anchors for vases and wreaths. Avoid lightweight items like loose petals or delicate paper decorations which can easily blow away.

Think Practical for Guest Comfort

If you and your guests will be standing or sitting on grass or dirt, lay down a dancefloor, carpet or wooden plank walkways to keep heels from sinking in mud and formalwear clean.

Have a coat and brolly check area so guests can easily stash or access layers as the weather shifts. Keep elderly relatives indoors or in covered areas and make sure the wedding party wears practical footwear under those gorgeous gowns and kilts for photos. 

Have a Lighting Plan

Outdoor weddings may start while it’s still bright but you’ll likely need lighting as evenings progress.

Lanterns lining aisles and paths create a gorgeous ambience while hiring professional stage lighting brightens dancing areas once the sun goes down. Tea lights in jars add plenty of sparkle to reception tables.

Remember that lighting or electric cables may need covering or securing. 

Outdoor Weddings

Highlight the Beautiful Backdrop

The unique selling point of your outdoor wedding is the gorgeous backdrop of nature. Use this to your advantage by sourcing a transparent wedding marquee so views aren’t blocked or positioning the dancefloor with a spectacular vista.

Encourage guests to take selfies capturing stunning landscapes. Keep décor natural with wood, greenery and neutral tones to complement the surrounding environment. 

Have a Backup Transportation Plan

Ensure vehicles can access your wedding venue in all weather. Book 4x4s or tractors to transport guests across muddy fields if rainfalls are heavy.

Provide maps with parking instructions and register the venue with satellite navigation companies so drivers aren’t left stranded. Consider contingency transport costs within your wedding budget.

Though extra preparation is required, embracing the unpredictability of the great British outdoors will ensure your wedding is a magical occasion filled with intimate moments and unique memories to dazzle regardless of the weather!