Great Online Tools to Control Your Business Finances

Online Tools

The internet and technology have brought about several innovations that have improved the ease and speed of doing business. Amongst these are several online tools that can help companies to run efficiently.

Business loan calculators are examples of helpful online tools that will do a lot to manage your business finances. This article will talk about this tool and other great online tools that you can leverage to control your business finances.

Business Loan Calculators

Many business owners do not know that the loan amount plus the interest rate aren’t the only costs associated with obtaining a business loan. Other costs are associated with the loan. They include the closing fee, funding fee, documentation fees, and other additional fees. These costs can add up to pretty much, and they must be computed for you to get the actual cost of a loan.

The business loan calculators help you compute the actual cost of a loan accurately and immediately with ease. You see the actual figures instantly, allowing you to make quick comparisons among various loan options. It shows you how much extra will be added to each loan and reveals hidden charges that do not make sense. Never obtain a loan without running the figures through a business loan calculator.    


QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools for businesses. QuickBooks is used by small and medium-sized businesses to manage their business accounting. QuickBooks has functions for workflow processes, income tracking, fast account search, mobile inventory scanning, invoice tracking, payroll configuration, automated receipt management, report generation, etc. It also offers unique tax calculation features for various countries. 

QuickBooks also has specially designed versions for wholesalers, contractors, NGOs, manufacturers, etc. So, no matter what your business does, there is QuickBooks accounting software for you. You can also integrate QuickBooks with tools from Google, Microsoft, and other software providers.  


TurboTax is software that helps businesses prepare their income tax return. It works for both Federal and State tax returns. It makes the tax filing process more accessible and stress-free. 

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a free-to-use online tool that helps businesses manage and monitor their credit rating and score. It also connects businesses to lenders that will provide them business loans according to their credit history. It helps companies to identify and report credit report errors. Credit Karma allows firms to predict the outcome of specific financial actions on their credit score. It also helps with tax preparation.   


GnuCash helps businesses handle their accounting using double-entry accounting principles. It also helps with payroll management and scheduling business transactions.


Truely is a software comparison website that can be a great way to check out different software that could replace your current ones. There could always be a cheaper option that can also give you more. So checking out different services and reading up curated reviews offers you the opportunity to make the better decision. 


Hubstaff is an online time-tracking and payment service. It takes automatic screenshots of workers’ screens at particular periods and reproduces the timesheets online. It helps for monitoring employee productivity and paying them accordingly for work done. Hubstaff has a payroll software integration feature that allows people to automate and send payments effectively and quickly. Hubstaff integrates with several programs seamlessly. Hubstaff is a great tool to manage expenses and boost productivity for both office and remote staff.    


Zoho is an all-in-one office suite that provides online accounting, invoicing, customer relationship management, secure business email, word processing, database management, spreadsheet, presentation, project management, etc. Zoho will help your business in so many ways.     


Expensify is a good tool for managing business expenses. It helps to accumulate all fees and categorize them appropriately. You can use it to scan receipts and process employee expenses on both mobile and PC. Expensify can be integrated with QuickBooks and other business finance tools.   


The online tools listed above will work wonders for your business finances. Utilize them appropriately and stop manual labor from accomplishing tasks faster and more accurately with these online tools.