The Best Shoes of The Rappers of The 21st Century

Shoes of The Rappers

There are many ways to keep up to date with the latest styles of celebrities, music artists, and influencers. If you’re passionate about rap music, check out the list below of some of the best footwear worn by the most famous rappers of the century. Not only can you copy their style, but you can also discover the many collaborations between rap artists and top brands, and even the connection to footwear through their song lyrics. If you decide to treat yourself to a new pair, using this Footlocker discount code can help you save money.

Kanye West

Record-breaking news was made this year when Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy trainers were sold for an incredible £1.3 billion! These trainers are linked to the West and Mark Smith for Nike range back in 2008, and also the Air Yeezy 1 and 2 versions from 2009 and 2012. Over the years, this world-famous rapper has definitely made history in the world of designing sneakers and collaborating with various different top brands.

Missy Elliott

This female rapping legend has also had a big impact on sneaker fashion. Apparently, the fearless rap artist owns a warehouse-size room of sneakers, so to discover which ones are her favourites might be a bit of a challenge!


Another legendary rapper also has a pretty impressive connection to sneakers. Back in 2000, he made more than one musical reference to certain brands, and then in 2003, he collaborated with Reebok to create a relatively simple design that had a revolutionary impact in the sneaker industry. Following their success, they also made a comeback in 2015.


For several years, internationally renowned rapper Drake has been collaborating with Air Jordan sneakers. Drake started his own clothing line (OCO) back in 2011 and since around 2014 he initiated several collaborations, including the Jordan ranges which continue to the present day.

Lil Wayne

This rapperis said to prefer Nike over Adidas and has been regularly spotted wearing several different versions of Nike trainers and sneakers. Although he decided to drop his Spectre by Supra line back in 2013, we’re pretty sure that his favourite pair will be among a rather large collection of Nike footwear.

Lauryn Hill

This iconic musician hit the height of fame in the 1990s, starting with her success together with the Fugees, and followed by her outstanding solo career. She has since brought back her signature 90’s style through the fashion industry, in particular women’s footwear, including many styles and trends that are still in style today.  

50 Cent

After creating his own line of clothing and footwear, G-Unit (or Guerilla Unit) originated through a group of American hip hop artists back in 2000. 50 Cent later teamed up with Reebox to expand the collection and since 2003 this company has transitioned into the G-Unity Foundation, a non-profit charity organisation based in New York.

Snoop Dogg

Hand in hand with his incredibly successful career as a music artist and producer, he also launched the Adidas Snoop Dogg Freemonts in 2005, and later in 2011 also released the Adidas x Snoop Dogg footwear and clothing line.

Nicki Minaj

Since her debut in 2002, this female rapper has experienced continuing success. She has been involved in many business ventures throughout her ongoing career, including commercial and charitable projects. This included an advertising campaign with Adidas, to promote Adidas Originals, which was set to her song “Masquerade”. Considering her unique and rather extravagant approach to fashion, we can only guess if she has a favourite pair of shoes. However, you could consult her Fendi “prints on” collection which has been ongoing since 2019.


Although not technically classed as a “rapper” this hugely successful singer, actress, and fashion designer is worth mentioning due to her musical collaborations with many successful artists, including some of the famous rappers mentioned above. In 2009, while on stage at London’s Brixton Academy together with Jay Z, her shoe selection represented her fierce personality which has since been replicated in several of her collaborations with top fashion retailers.

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