How should you format your sales resume?


You are a sales professional and have excellent skills. You are looking for a great job or maybe just want a switch. And suddenly, you stomp upon a great opportunity. Now you are ready to apply for that job, and you are sure that your skills will help you cut out of all. But what about the very first step that you need to do? That is making a fantastic sales resume.

Irrespective of how efficient you are at your job, how many skills you have, and how polished they are! Your resume always creates the first impression. In hundreds of application, the process of selecting a few candidates involve deep analysis and evaluation. For this purpose, it is essential that you make sure your resume is fantastic and totally up to the mark. For the first-time HRs browsing through your CV and don’t know anything about your skills, your resume should leave a lasting impact on them. But several people lack at this very crucial step. If you are also one of them and trying to get your resume game right then, you are in the right place. Here, we will share all the nitty-gritty details and formats of creating an impressive sales resume.

Include facts

No matter how much you are good at your job but if you will only make claims about your previous work, it is of no good. But expressing the same with numbers and facts can change the whole scenario. For example, instead of saying that I increased sales tremendously at my last job, say that I increased the sales by 60% with an increased profit of 45% at my previous job. You can see how numbers make the whole claim more reliable and impressive.

Talk about sale-specific tools.

Having technical skills in a domain is also very crucial. Sales is a dynamic domain where everything changes so fast. That’s why you must know various sales-specific tools like Bit, Docusign, Dialpad, etc. These tools help in making your sales strategies more efficient and effective. Mention any of your technical mastering aspects in the resume to make it stronger. You can also provide your other skills like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, google sheets, etc. Knowing such tools make a candidate more eligible for the sales job position. 

Emphasize your soft skills

The sales job is a very different career path from conventional job profiles. This job asks for fantastic communication skills, empathetic skills, and strong leadership skills. Other than these skills, having soft skills like curiosity, active listening, team spirit, emotional intelligence, etc., is also crucial. HRs prefer such candidates who can offer much more to the organization than just their technical skills. In addition, candidates who can work in challenging conditions and stressful situations become more eligible for the sales job. So be mindful of mentioning these soft skills in your sales resume.

Mention your LinkedIn account

According to a survey, approximately 90% of employers look for their candidates on the internet. Employers try to take a look at the virtual identity of the candidate. This helps them in understanding the candidates in a better way. The LinkedIn profile has become a synonym for searching eligible candidates. That’s why adding your LinkedIn account has become a positive point nowadays. Especially in the sales domain, it is seen as connecting with clients and potential customers. So a candidate who understands the working of LinkedIn will be a strong aspect.

Write a strong summary.

Summary forms an integral part of the resume. It provides the overall essence of your whole resume to the employer. That’s why it should be concise, clear, and crisp. It should include all your skills and strong points. Focus on your most valuable assets and skills. Mention your experience and make sure it ends within a paragraph. Think of it as a pitch to your candidate for hiring you. Consider yourself a product you want to sell to the employer, and this summary is a product description. 

Strong points at the top

There is no fixed format for writing your sales resume. But as an unsaid rule for an impressive resume, make sure that you write your core and essential skills at the top of the resume. This will help draw attention to the positive points first and give a positive heads up to the analyzing process of your resume.

Also, make sure to make your resume look standard. Adding various fonts and elements is a very risky take that you might not want to take. Last but not least, ‘check the language.’ It is a fundamental thing that’s why most of the candidates ignore it. But the tone, grammar, and vocabulary of your resume also make a difference.