Mooney Viscometer – Evaluate The Performance of Rubber Testing in The UK

Mooney Viscometer
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We all know, rubber is considered perfect when it can take up the original shape, even after getting deformed or stretched or the rubber is highly stretchable.

But, the best quality can only be achieved if it is evaluated while processing. Hence, for this reason, there is a device called a Mooney viscometer, that helps in measuring the Mooney viscosity of compounded and uncompounded rubbers.

This value of rubber helps in evaluating the processing performance of rubber, which will be useful in identifying the plasticity of rubber. So, in case, if the rubber is found to have higher Mooney viscosity, then it will have poor plasticity and vice versa.

But, in the case of mixing, calendering, injection, extrusion, etc, the Mooney viscosity value will be reasonable or in between high and low.

This is a short glimpse of the concept of using a Mooney viscometer. Now, let’s discuss more on this device and its working methods.

Features Of A Mooney Viscometer

  • The Mooney Viscometer comes up with professional test software and a computer that helps in storing the data, processing, and printing the result obtained.
  • The Mooney Viscometer test software operates on the Windows operating system.
  • The rotating system of the device consists of a teeth deceleration speed motor, a teeth reducer, and a reduction gear. The optimum rotating speed of the system is capped at 2 +/- 0.02 per minute.
  • The die chamber of the device has temperature sensors and probes to monitor the real-time temperature.
  • To automatically control the temperature in a quick time, it has one intelligent digital temperature control device.
  • The device has two rotors, one is large in diameter 38.10 +/- 0.03 mm and the other is small in diameter 30.48 +/- 0.03 mm.
  • Moreover, it has sensors with high precision to get the accurate measurement of torque.
  • Other features include the inclusion of scorch and stress relaxation.
  • The lucid shield in the device helps in separating the working area and operational area for better safety.
Mooney Viscometer

Method To Get The Mooney Viscosity Measurement

To get precise and accurate Mooney viscosity measurement, certain crucial steps need to be followed properly and they are as follows:

  • First of all, turn on the device including the computer attached to it.
  • Now, operate the Mooney viscosity test software on the computer or make it ready to use.
  • On the computer, input a few details of the right plastics like the name, testing temperature, etc.
  • Click on Mooney viscosity as the testing method and then save the changes. Now, the device is ready to function.
  • Get two discs of test pieces prepared as per the requirements.
  • In the next step, insert the rotor spindle into the lower die after opening the dies.
  • As the temperature reaches the preselected temperature, remove the rotor.
  • Now, insert the rotor into the perforated specimen and then combinedly insert them into the die.
  • Place the other specimen disc at the central position of the rotor and close the dies.
  • Now, start the one-minute preheat countdown and start the 60 seconds test by pressing the “Rotor” button.
  • The whole testing process will be completed in 4 minutes and the data will be stored in the computer.
  • As the data is stored, the device can be turned off.


In the above part, we have mentioned the basic features and working principles of the Mooney viscometer, using that the device can be easily used and results can be obtained.