Choose The Best Acrylic jewelry Display Cabinet in The UK


Jewellery cabinets are designed to store your jewellery in an organized way. Jewellery cabinets keep your jewellery safe and retain its shine. These cabinets are available in beautiful designs and different sizes to use to store numerous jewellery items.

These cabinets are made up of a variety of materials. Amongst the various materials used to make the jewellery display cabinets. Velvet jewellery storage, acrylic, and many other cloth materials.

Why choose a jewellery box of acrylic material?

Acrylic cabinets are one of the best. Acrylics are plastic made from acrylic acid. This acrylic is a plastic clear and transparent material. It is so soft and keeps your jewellery safe and protected from rusting due to the air.

According to some research, the different types of jewellery such as rings, and earrings stay for long longer safe acrylic materials. For keeping your jewellery more durable they are kept in an acrylic pouch.

So the acrylic jewellery box not only allows you to store your jewellery but also makes it more durable. Also, the acrylic material is easily washable. The ones made with acrylic, plexiglass, and fluoride are superior to other only acrylic material ones

To display the valuable jewellery acrylic jewellery cabinets are used.  The excellent transparency and light transmittance of about 98% make the valuable jewellery look more beautiful and have amazing shine. This can also be washed very easily with soap and a soft cloth.

One such perfect acrylic display box is offered by Offo Display. They provide a variety of jewellery boxes that are made exclusively of acrylic, plexiglass, and fluoride material. To fulfil all your needs related to jewellery.

Acrylic Jewellery Display Cabinet

What are the features of a jewellery box?

  • Sections – The first thing you should look for in jewellery storage is whether it has different sections for placing rings, necklaces, or brackets. The soft small cushion in which you can place your bangles and bracelets.
  • Interior-   These jewellery cabinets have the outer material of acrylic while the inner material is flannelette or velvet.  Flannelette is a soft cotton material made from carded wool or worsted yarn.
  • While velvet is a soft material, which is commonly used to store jewellery. Flannelette is a very soft material and if you want an exclusive uncommon design of jewellery box then you should go for the ones with a flannelette interior.
  • Drawer styles – Well if you own a lot of different jewellery pieces for matching your different dresses. Then the one which has many drawers is perfect for you. Different drawers allow you to keep different jewellery pieces in different sections. While if you own a few jewellery pieces then you can go for the one with fewer drawers.
  • Inspections – When you are looking for the material, ensure that the edges are soft and don’t hurt. Go for the ones which have smooth edges. We have given you the details you should look for in acrylic boxes. So, don’t wait anymore, buy the perfect jewellery storage for yourself.


In summary, opting for a jewellery box made of acrylic material provides durability, transparency, versatility, moisture resistance, and affordability. It combines practicality with an elegant display, making it an excellent choice for storing and showcasing your precious jewellery collection.