Buying Guide For A Business Computer


Do you need help with buying business computers for your company? A powerful computer can help small business owners grow their company and improve production.

Without proper research into a computer that can deal with different computing tasks, you may be hurting your company more than you are helping it.

Before you buy a new business PC or laptop, determine what you are using it for. Will you need a high-performance computer for video editing, or will the computer be predominantly used for web browsing or report writing?

Here are a few features and specifications to take into account when researching for a new desktop PC or laptop for your business.

Microsoft Windows

1) Stick to one operating system

There is little difference between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems.

If you plan on using Microsoft Office on one of your computers, make this the operating system for your entire business.

This will help streamline work and ensure all your files are saved in the same format.

2) Don’t be afraid to splurge some cash

Generally, more expensive computers will be better for you.

The latest models cost more money than previous generations, but these desktop computers come with additional storage space, you can check out ETB Tech the most up to date central processing unit (CPU), dedicated graphics cards and faster speed.

The old adage “time is money” holds true here, because time wasted to get a program running us money wasted that could have been put towards purchasing a better computer.

3) Do you need a portable computer?

Do you only work at the office or do you work remotely? Although a desktop computer is more affordable, easier to repair, and easier to upgrade, it is not very versatile or portable.

If you are using a laptop, look out for one with a solid-state drive. It will protect the hardware when in transit as it has no movable parts, and will last longer.

RAM slots

4) Use as much Random Access Memory (RAM) chips as possible

The best business computer is the one with a lot of RAM slots.

These slots come in multiples of two. For the best performance, fill all these slots with RAM chips to get faster speed.

5) Consider the processor


The processor is the heart of the computer and determines the speed of the machine.

It is the most difficult hardware to upgrade, where you can always add more RAM or get an external hard drive later on.

Multiple Cores

A good processor will have a dual-core as a minimum. Users who are working with video files, modelling or animation will require multiple cores to deal with the task.

Keep in Mind this Computer will be used Every Day

Buying a new computer can be daunting. You want an all in one PC that will meet all your needs.

It is an expensive activity, but a general rule of thumb is if you spend more money upfront, you are unlikely to need regular upgrades and repairs which will cost more money later.

New computers will not only save time in the long run, but it will also boost employee morale as it shows you value your employs time.

The most important thing is to do proper research before making any large purchases. pcs