Mobile Phones of The Future: What to Expect in The Next 5 Years

Mobile phones

Mobile phone technology is something that has changed dramatically in recent years and is constantly evolving. We don’t think that it’s likely to stop developing anytime soon.

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If you stop and think about life before them, it’s sometimes quite hard to imagine. These days most people own a smartphone, with touchscreen displays, high-quality cameras, speedy internet connections, and many other special technological features like mobile payments, coaching, investment, and lots of in our daily lifestyle.

These devices are such an essential part of our everyday lives that many would find it impossible to complete a whole range of daily activities without one, from checking work emails, online shopping and banking, video conferencing, and of course, using social media. Almost all phones double up as an alarm clock, GPS, and much more.

The characteristics of mobile phones have come a very long way when you think back to the early “brick” style models of the 1990s which were used almost exclusively for calls and SMS and only worked on a cellular connection. Significant developments have been made in terms of size, weight, and battery life. Modern smartphones are literally mini computers and the list of things we can use them for is endless.

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  • It enables companies to cut straight through to their customers instantly, and with 98% open rates, there’s no better way to reach clients. But have you thought about what to expect next? We are going to explore some of the likely and less probable things to expect in the future of mobile phones.
Mobile Phones
  1. Holographic displays. There has been a lot of discussion about touch-free technology like the holograms often seen in sci-fi and fantasy films, making their way into the world of mobile phones. For many, it may seem like the next likely development but there is currently no firm indication of how long it will take to make this a reality.
  2. Flexible screens. Another likely feature in future phones is expected to be flexible and even stretchable screens. Although some foldable models are already starting to surface, it’s not clear if or when stretchable screens will start to emerge. Imagine being able to expand your screen to enjoy watching videos and presentations on a larger display, while still being able to then shrink it back to a smaller size and fit it in your pocket.
  3. Although you can already control mobile devices using just your voice, could this go one step further with mind-reading technology? Some believe that in the future it may be possible to control your mobile with the power of your mind.
  4. According to, technology is currently being developed in Japan and is planned to be combined with an app for use in future mobile phones. You might like the idea of this potential feature, or you may think it’s a bit too invasive.

We can’t be sure exactly what the future holds in the world of mobile phones, but one thing for sure is that technology will continue to develop and we’ll probably see some impressive and surprising advancements in the not-too-distant future. Manufacturers and experts are always coming up with new ideas and concepts to improve features and functions.

It’s also pretty certain that whatever form they take, they will always be an important and essential device. There are so many different phones to choose from that you may want to get some expert advice before selecting your next one. Check out the independent reviews here to help you decide.