Importance of Microsoft Azure Certification in 2023 and Beyond

Microsoft Azure Certification

It is estimated that by 2025 over 70 per cent of all business workloads will shift to a cloud-based computing model. Microsoft’s Azure today is not only one of the best cloud computing service providers in the world, but also it operates as an online gateway for a variety of services and resource management tools Microsoft has to offer.

If you are thinking of getting a Microsoft azure certification, you’re thinking in the right direction. Firstly, you must learn the purpose and essentials of a Microsoft Certification in Azure before knowing how to get one.

Reasons For Getting a Microsoft Azure Certification

Current industry projections only indicate the growing demand for Microsoft Azure certified professionals skilled in data management, media services, machine learning, AI learning, developer tools and Internet of things (IoT) applications.

Microsoft Azure Certifications are highly sought after in-demand credentials. Following are a few highlights of getting a Microsoft Azure Certification:

1. Brand Microsoft:

Microsoft launched Azure in February 2010. Microsoft Azure Cloud services are utilised by over 70% of companies worldwide. A figure appropriate to Microsoft’s brand reliability and industry acceptance.

2. Data development, Storage and Service hosting:

Microsoft Azure helps, owing to its cloud platform flexibility, in data development and storage service hosting. Service management allows Microsoft Azure to host web applications with the support of Microsoft data centres.

Microsoft Cloud certification improves your efficiency in managing data centres with a reliable management toolset and forwards development and identity solutions

3. Things You Learn:

Furthermore, Microsoft Azure certification will teach you to enhance business continuity and manage business operations on cost and time effective scales. It can significantly improve your virtual machine deployment skills on Linux and Windows servers alike.

You will also get an in-depth knowledge of cloud architecture, highly sought-after career flexibility given the organisational migration to cloud-based computing models across all industries.

4. Microsoft Azure Certification Community and Industry recognition:

Companies are choosing cloud-based computing and storage models for networking and limitless data scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It also allows clear access to applications without the need for licences of an individual machine.

It surpasses the traditional cloud computing model because of its standardised processes, configuration, and industry-standard hardware.

Clearing Microsoft Azure certifications give you the cutting edge skills needed to carve an enriching IT career.

Azure Certification Cost

Microsoft has 5 Azure certification training programs and exams with three categories: Fundamental, Associate and Expert. The focus of these certifications is basically on building the knowledge and skillset required of in-demand market job roles.

Let’s get to know about each level of certification along with its cost:

Fundamentals certification:

The cost for getting the Azure Fundamentals Certification is $99.

Associate certification:

In this stage of certification, you have two options, each of which will cost $165:

Azure Administrator Certification 

Azure Developer Certification

Expert certification:

There are two options for expert-level accreditation, the cost for which ranges between $330 – $495:

Azure Solutions Architect Expert 

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert 

How to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Certification?

Let us look at a few points that can help you prepare for the Azure Certification exam to get Azure certified:

  • Research: Study the organisations using or migrating to Microsoft Azure Cloud services.
  • Scope out the problems Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform is solving: Figure out how you can build better solutions to help businesses solve their data and storage scalability issues using Microsoft Azure. Glean every available Cloud resource tool and learn it
  • Analyze Microsoft’s exam database: Study the sample tests available for Azure certification training and utilise the resources available on their websites. Online training guides, exam formats and question patterns are a few options you should investigate.
  • Setup for the exam: Running an initial system check before the final moment is prudent and a sign of proper preparation if you take the exam in your private setting.
  • Practice: The key to mastering almost any skillset is practice. It will acclimate your mind to uncertain problems and keep your mind in the best possible shape for the exam.

Some Extra Pointers to Consider

Use these points, and increase your chances of getting this Microsoft Certification with flying colours.

During the Azure Certification training exam

  • Maintain composure: Clear your mind of all apprehension and focus on your surroundings’ peaceful aspects, especially if you are taking an exam from your private enclosure or at an exam center.
  • Preparation: Equip yourself with all the needed materials and trust your training.

After the Exam                                              

  • Leather patience: If you do not succeed at your first attempt, try again.

Once your results are handed to you, find the area where you could have improved.


With continued discipline and commitment, curiosity for knowledge and growth will yield results, and you will easily outperform your employer’s expectations and gain prospects for future career growth. Microsoft Azure Certifications greatly assist anyone willing to study the various facets of cloud computing. Furthermore, it paves a new way for you to build, handle and plot applications on the complex and giant global network. 

Earning this certification will improve your standing, make you stand out among the non-certified competitors, and garner respect and admiration in corporate-owned business surroundings.