Are NFTs The Best Investments Of 2023: Here Is What You Need To Know


The Cryptocurrency market is fluctuating, and the king Crypto coin, Bitcoin, already started the year on a volatile note. Since the beginning of 2023, its market value fell outright by 6.9%.

On the other hand, the nonfungible token (NFT) market is booming with institutions, investors, companies, and celebrities as more and more of them are piling into these digital currencies, which continue to scale their value upward.

From 2020 TO 2021, the total market value of NFTs maximized from $100 million to more than $21 billion.

If you already have the upper hand in Crypto trading practices with the expert guidance of, you may not find NFT trading much tricky.

As big companies are moving into the NFT marketplace, it’s time you learn all about it and find out if you should invest in it or not. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are nonfungible tokens. It means you can trade these assets interchangeably among one another like the Crypto coins. For example, Bitcoins are fungible, which means users can only exchange one Bitcoin to get another, and it will be the exact same asset.

However, NFTs are nonfungible tokens. It means each of them has a unique ID, which can’t be mimicked. It is because of this distinct trait NFTs are known as tokens that have digital ownership on the Blockchain. 

Now, you cannot change the record of this ownership because it will already be time-stamped on the Blockchain. 


NFTs are a unique way of putting technology to use in digital content. This digital content is demonstrated on an NFT with visual details and in an interactive format.

If you purchase an NFT to claim ownership rights, that asset will be limited and only acknowledge you as the owner. Since one person already owns the NFT, it is not available to anybody else in the market. Now, this scarcity allows the NFT value to grow over time.

If you know how to manage Cryptocurrency, you can manage NFTs too. You just need a web-based app or a mobile app to get started on this. However, like Cryptocurrencies, NFTs are also prone to face hacks, threats, and theft. 

Therefore, when dealing with NFTs, you must take preventive measures to keep them safe. Then, you can store them in digital wallets like Crypto coins, and you’ll be given a link that will enable you to interact with the currency and transact with it.  

You can even take an NFT from one marketplace to another because this is how it works. 

How Should You Invest In NFTs?

Buying low and selling high is the universal rule of any investment, and NFT is no exception to that. So, if you want to invest in NFTs, you can buy them early and keep them in the market for a long so that when they become scarce, you get to earn a profit by selling them.

However, it would help to think of NFTs as an investment that could go to zero or skyrocket instantly because the market is still in its infancy stage. 

You can buy the NFTs and toss them right away in the market, or you can hold them for long enough to earn a sustainable profit margin. 

These tokens don’t work like bonds or stocks where you know the intrinsic value of an investment. Instead, they only have a market value, and the Crypto community that is willing to pay for them gets to decide that price.

Thus, you already know that NFTs are risky investments. Hence, when you invest in them, you are exposed to risk. So, if you decide to invest in them, you can think of them as assets like Gold, Silver, or unique Art forms. 

It will be like a commodity allocation, and the market dynamics in NFT are not correlated to the external business atmosphere. 

Should You Invest In NFTs?

The NFT is a new buzz in the market, and it will be long before we know if they will work to stabilize the digital economy movement or not.  

Therefore, investing in NFTs is speculative because you never know when their market value will go up or down. However, you can certainly invest in them as collectables and hope their price goes high, or show them off in your social media bio. 

If you have an eye for art, investing in NFT is a good idea. So, if you want more information on them, let us know in the comment box below.