James William Awad on The Balance Between Theory and Practical Experience

James William Awad

He’s a young brain who began writing the code at the age of 11. He’s accomplished a lot since then, but right now he’s working on a project termed Triple One that has the potential to transform the corporate world as we know it.

This is absolutely what James hopes to do with Triple One. He’s always had a different attitude than the usual individual wanting to establish a business. That’s what sparked his concept for Triple One. James William Awad is a decentralised corporation in which users from all over the world collaborate to construct and run it. With 13 enterprises already under control

The quote above was stolen immediately.TripleOneInstagram feed. If this notion is unfamiliar to you, that’s because this is. Have you ever encountered a corporation run by people from all over the world who might or might not have known each other before? How would anything like this function? All of these are questions that we and the rest of the public have regarding Triple One, but we’ll have to wait till the official release to find out. You may join the TipleOne waiting period by clicking here.

TripleOne is a revolutionary business concept. But, in order to comprehend how someone came up with such a concept Senior Musician, you must first go into their background. James William Awad began programming at the age of 11 with the goal of developing a video game. He ultimately finished the project by the age of 12, but because he lacked marketing and sales abilities, it never gained traction. But it didn’t stop James from setting greater and bigger objectives for himself.

James set up an internet account at the age of 14 in order to work as a growth and development opportunity. He was obliged to lie about his age in order to get credibility since no one wanted to work with a 14-year-old. He informed prospective clients that he was 28 years old. His first significant assignment was for a Mexican bank. He was entrusted with troubleshooting and developing features for a user processing system.

While working on numerous projects, James ended up earning a couple of thousand dollars. He used the money to buy C++ coding books and to pay his parents’ line of credit for the year. James’ business activities were even more inventive when he was 15 years old. He found how to hack a highly popular game and generate an infinite quantity of in-game cash as an ardent video game player. He then took that cash and sold it to a Chinese corporation, which distributed it to gamers all around the world. James ended up generating a lot of money from this endeavour until the video game found out about it and removed the hack.

Setbacks, on the other hand, are just another aspect of the game for James. And he was immediately back in business with yet another endeavour. he usually ends up starting a clothes company with a female he met while selling in-game cash to a corporation in China. This was only the first in a long line of retail ventures launched by James on his way to launching Triple One. At the age of 27, James wishes to broaden his humanitarian endeavours in order to assist individuals all around the world.

When I see families struggling with food, it hurts my heart. For example, children who are unable to attend school due to financial constraints. When James William Triple One opens, I pledge to donate the majority of my revenues into assisting individuals, building free schools, and producing things that will benefit a large number of people,” James says.

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The delegation, according to Awad, is a vital component of decentralisation. Management cannot be concerned in every process, according to one young entrepreneur. He believes that empowering individuals to take responsibility of their job and motivating them to go above and beyond their responsibilities is essential. He tells him that this notion qualifies them as ‘enterprises.’ It is about people being more adaptable for the firm and adding even more value to it.

The reward is also an essential part of decentralisation. Employees really shouldn’t be acknowledged for their contributions to the organisation. They should be acknowledged for the value they add to the organisation. This distinction will promote each person’s drive, devotion, and intimate connection with the company’s goals.

Much of Awad’s effort is focused on the future vision of this exciting TripleOne project. Nevertheless, the expansion of his businesses is also a critical factor. These two fundamentals feed the effort, energy.TripleOne111, and focus of this young bloke who, from a very early child, is travelling in the direction of fulfilling his objectives and carrying about a significant change in the way business operates.