Inside The Rising Popularity of Log Cabins


One of the biggest trends in UK travel and lifestyle is log cabins. These dwellings have a long history that stretches back to the earliest days of human construction—so why are they making a comeback right now, especially when hostels and hotels are rolling out the red carpet?

From Brighton to the Shetland Islands, log cabins can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes, they’re rented out by locals or an Air BnB user. Other times, they’re private and used as getaways from the city.

Regardless of their usage and placement, the recent boom in log cabin interest isn’t likely to change.

Here’s why.

The Staycation

Many log cabins are privately owned, which makes them a perfect option for a staycation. Rather than jet-setting to Mallorca or Santorini, locals can build their own log cabins. This lets them take a mini vacation no matter what time of the year or how much they have in their savings account.

If you’re interested in building a log cabin, then check these products for reasonable prices before choosing a provider. Log cabins today are more accessible and affordable than ever before, which means you can find the perfect solution for your garden or plot of land.

Getting Back into Nature

Along with providing the perfect setup for a staycation, log cabins also let people get back into nature. This is especially important for people now, as millions spent 2020 and 2021 stuck indoors.

After spending so long cut off from nature, many are crafting vacations that let them get onto hiking trails and similar outdoor adventures. Because log cabins can be built more easily than a regular home or hotel, renters can often find them listed on private little plots that are off the beaten path. 

Exploring at Your Own Pace

Along with a rising interest in log cabins, many UK workers are also focused on glamping. As mentioned above, this lets them get back into nature. Glamping promises both glamour and camping… but the log cabin is the original solution for those searching for outdoor adventures with the creature comforts of home.

In this way, a log cabin lets visitors explore nature at their own pace. They don’t need to dive in with a single tent, a bed mat, and a thin sleeping bag. Instead, they can take a hot shower after they return after a day of hiking—then fire up the stove to kick a five-star meal.

That Rustic Feel

Log cabins let people get back into nature without leaving behind all their favourite amenities. But the best part about this compromise is that visitors won’t feel like they’ve swapped Mother Nature for a nice soft mattress. Log cabins provide an unbeatable rustic feel—and that’s often what people are after.

Whether you own a log cabin or you’re just renting for a week, they make you feel like you’ve truly left the city behind—even if it’s only a train ride away. For those who don’t have the funds or interest to board a plane and cross the ocean, the log cabin is one of the most unique solutions.