0800 And 0808 Numbers Are Free To Call in The UK


When you notice a costly 0845 number for a firm you need to contact to pay your bills, make a reservation, or solve a problem, your heart may drop. Numerous businesses utilize 0800 numbers for customer care, but you don’t have to worry about being surprised by expensive call rates.

Numbers beginning with 08 often indicate that you will be paying exorbitant rates for each passing minute and that it will take a long time while you wait on hold and listen to terrible music to speak to anybody.

Using these 0800 and 0808 numbers prevents unexpected expenses, even when calling from a mobile device, as there is a significant difference in the cost of calling lines that start with an 08 number.

How Much Does A 0808 And 0800 Number Cost To Have?

As we previously said, the cost of dialling 0800 numbers from mobile phones has long been controversial. Previous research revealed that telephone consumers occasionally misunderstood how much it costs to contact service lines and who gets paid.

It indicates that individuals lacked faith in these figures and occasionally refrained from utilizing them. Action on Hearing Loss, Age UK, and other organizations that used these Freephone numbers, as well as government programmes like Jobseeker’s Allowance, were negatively impacted by this.

The good news is that, as was customary for calls from landlines, calls to these and other Freephone numbers (which start with 0800 or 0808) are now free for customers to make from mobile phones.

0800 And 0808 Number Are Free Calls For Your Customer:

0800 And 0808 Numbers
0800 And 0808 Numbers are FREE?

All landlines and mobile phones can call numbers with the prefixes 0800 and 0808 for free. Free, indeed! However, calling from a landline or a mobile phone will cost extra when dialling 0844, 0845, 0870, and 0871.

The most costly numbers are often those beginning with 09 or 10. There are two ways to reject pricey 08 numbers.

Whenever a consumer calls a company from overseas, use the alternate number that many businesses advertise. This number often has a +44 1 or +44 2 prefix and is priced similarly to a regular landline. If you are having trouble getting through the first time, try calling 141 to disguise your location.

Use the free 03 number many businesses provide rather than the expensive 08 numbers. Calls to geographic numbers beginning 01 or 02 cost no more than calls to 03 numbers, and they will be covered by your mobile or landline phone minutes package, much like calls to landlines.

Benefits Of 0800 Numbers-

The 0800 prefix is one of the most popular number types we provide. The 0800 phone number is generally recognized for being cost-free, but there is a tonne of other benefits that we want to highlight.

They are entirely dependable.

Many individuals utilize 0800 numbers for business to build an implicit level of confidence with their target market. Why? One of the few prefixes that may be recognized as a genuine number format across the whole UK is the 0800 prefix. Only some individuals can recall Glasgow’s 0141 or Manchester’s 0161 prefixes.

However, the 0800 numbers are easy to pronounce.

A call from an 0800 phone number is, therefore, more likely to be answered. For the most part, an unfamiliar prefix raises red flags, leading consumers to believe the caller is either a con artist or an equally obnoxious contact centre agent.

An 0800 number conveys a different unfavourable vibe. People instead believe that 0800 calls are only for reputable businesses and influential organizations, such as banks or healthcare providers.

Your professionalism will scream.

A short presentation plus is an 0800 number if you wish to improve the image of your company. Because of the 0800 number’s favourable reputation and affiliation with reputable businesses like banking, other 0800 holders appear to be on par with it in terms of professionalism.

In contrast to localized phone numbers, domestic landline users cannot have 0800 numbers. To put it another way, nobody’s home phone number starts with 0-8-0-0. It frequently distinguishes 0800 business numbers from other varieties of virtual numbers. In the end, this number lets all clients know that a business number is contacting them.

It’s Open to All

The most inclusive UK phone number type is this one. How do we interpret this? Since the 0800 prefix has no local connection, it neatly incorporates all UK viewers. It ensures that the subliminal message a number type might occasionally send won’t turn off any potential audiences.

For instance, using a Manchester phone number can suggest that you exclusively provide service in this region. When you could, in reality, gladly offer goods and services to people in the nearby towns and cities.

Be cautious and use an 0800 prefix so that all consumers, regardless of location, feel linked to you.

Benefits Of UK Toll-Free Numbers

If your company is not based in the United Kingdom, you may get an 0800 or 0808 free phone number from firms. It allows you to develop your firm in this region by having a national presence.

You may do the following using UK toll-free numbers obtained from a virtual phone service provider such as Global Call Forwarding:

  • Get UK toll-free numbers that are mobile-friendly.
  • Set up virtual conversations with potential customers and business partners in the United Kingdom.
  • Manage and customize conversations with your VoIP phone system.
  • Incoming calls may be forwarded to any number or line in the globe.
  • Save money by lowering international calling prices.
  • Configure 24-hour customer service with IVR and call routing options.
  • Include numbers for personnel, departments, remote offices, and so forth.
  • Encourage clients to contact your company by giving a free and dependable means of communication.
  • Make your company more accessible to increase sales and client happiness.

How To Get UK Freephone Numbers For Your Business?

Getting a new telephone number is simple, and activation is both immediate and free of charge.

  1. Go to UK Freephone numbers provider on the internet and select the button labelled “pick your area code.” You can choose a number beginning with 0843 or 0800, or you can see the whole list of area codes for the UK.
  2. After you have selected either your area code or your prefix, all that is left to do is choose a number from the drop-down list of numbers corresponding to that dialling code.
  3. Click the “DONE” button after determining that your new free phone number meets your needs.
  4. Next, fill out the four boxes with the destination number to which you want your incoming calls forwarded, along with your name and email address. It will allow us to give you a link to validate your account and activate your new telephone number.
  5. To conclude, all that is left is to choose a password for the website that will be utilized in the future.

What Is The Difference Between 0800 And 0808?

Both 0800 and 0808 are examples of freephone numbers. Businesses give these numbers to clients so they may provide them with free access to customer service and information lines.

The original line of freephone numbers made available in the United Kingdom comprised 0800 numbers. On the other hand, the supply was running short due to the high demand for these numbers from businesses of all sizes.

Because of this, the second line of freephone numbers was used, which was the 0808 line. The sole distinction between the 0800 and the 0808 numbers is the order in which they were introduced.

The 0808 numbers function in the same manner that the 0800 numbers do when they are being used.


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