How to Factory Reset iPhone and iPad Without Apple ID?

Factory Reset iPhone and iPad

Factory reset is a simple option to erase the user’s data stored on their particular electronic devices. The factory reset option lets users use their electronic device as a new one on the software interface. With the software clearing option, you can delete the excess data and unwanted slowdown software issues on your smart devices.

You can find the factory reset option on every smartphone where the user gets access to clear up every data. Likewise, every iPhone and iPad also has factory reset options on it. With complete and high security, the iPhone and pads are designs for customer use. One of the critical questions for every apple device user is how to factory reset iPhone and iPad.

How to use the factory reset option on iPhone and iPad?

Apple is the company that used to produces smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even desktops. With the unique feature and functionality every year, they developed and created a new type of smartphone and other products innovatively. And their top products are the iPhone and iPad which is a smartphone and a tablet. Every device they make comes with the unique Apple ID where they are high meant for security purposes.

Factory reset:

The iPhone has the factory reset features on its setting option for the user. By clicking the setting option on iPhone or iPad, you can find the choice, and the user provides the password for unlocking the feature on it. The average user with the apple ID makes the work simple for the iPhone settings to their defaults, but the user without apple ID and forgets ID information needs to progress more than the regular user.

Methods to unlock the factory reset without Apple ID:

 There are several ways to unlock the factory reset option on the iPhone and iPad, and some of the practical and popular options are given below. You can choose the best and easy way to access the factory reset on the iPhone and iPad using the alternative.


iTunes is the first choice for every iPhone use, where they are connecting with the apple iCloud features. Using iTunes, you can easily do the factory reset on the iPhone and iPad. And to progress the functionality you need to access the iTunes application on your computer, you need to connect the iPhone via the lightning cable.

After connecting the iPhone to the computer, use the iTunes application and locate the summary option where you can find the reset option. By clicking the reset button on iTunes, the iPhone and pads get the factory reset mode.

Reset through Web:

Another way to use the factory reset option without the apple ID is online. By using the internet, you can visit the official Apple website to find the opportunity to manage your Apple account. You can find the forget Apple ID or password; by providing the required details on the website, you can unlock the factory reset option on the iPhone and iPad.

Third-party application:

One of the significant ways to use the factory reset option is by using the third-party application online. Using the third-party application, you can answer how to do a factory reset on iPhone. You can find many online third-party applications for unlocking this feature. Some applications are free and pay versions to choose the best one based on your needs.

Ipad with iTunes:

The pads also the similar way of options to unlock and use the factory reset option on it. When the iPad is connecting with iTunes, using the cable makes the progress simple. By launching the iTunes application and you need to reboot the iPad for recovery mode. To get the recovery mode on your iPad with Face ID, press the volume up and volume buttons and let it go. Then press and hold the top button until the recovery mode appear. Also, for the iPad, you need to long-press the home button and top button for recovery mode screen appearances.


You can unlock the factory reset option with iTunes and third-party applications to make it more effective with all the options above. And these are simple and effective ways of reset iPhones and iPad.