Here is Why Nike and Samsung Use Magento

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Started in the mid of 2008, when eCommerce businesses were picking up the pace, Magento made a big name because of its built-in PHP programming language. Today, hundreds of businesses use Magento, including some of the biggest brands in the world like Nike and Samsung.

Like every business that introduced disruptive innovation is acquired by an established organisation, Magento met the same fate. 10 years after the enormous success of Megento, it was acquired by Adobe at the price of 41.68 billion. This acquisition helped Magento build its roots in the enterprise market and become the brand it is today.

This blog post will explain why Nike and Samsung use Magento and its effectiveness in SEO optimisation. So keep reading to learn more.

Magento’s Success

In 2020 Magento and WooCommerce were one of the top online e-commerce website building platforms. While WooCommece had 31.14% of the market cut, Magento was at a staggering 20.40%. A year later, in 2021, Magento was listed among the 10 leading e-commerce platforms by Techliance.

Why Top Brands Use Magento?

Businesses and physical stores planning to move to the digital world should consider using Magento. Not because it is a platform that supports brands like Nike and Samsung, but because Magento is an open-source platform with an overwhelming number of customisation options. Here is why top brands use Magento for their e-commerce store.

Open Source

Magento not only offers extensive creativity and unique options, but it also provides several customisation options. It is a flexible platform that provides you to extend or create an outstanding brand experience through your website. Magento can adapt to changes and blend with the latest innovation.

Unrestricted Hosting Service

Unlike other website-building platforms, Magento provides complete freedom of choosing your hosting service. Webmasters have the liberty to store their files and be selective with their hosting company. It’s a feature not found on many website-building platforms, and those that offer this service aren’t as good as Magento.

SEO Friendliness

When it comes to building an extravagant e-commerce website, Magento isn’t far from being perfect. Magento has several SEO-friendly features despite the platform’s ability to make its users autonomous in choosing their hosting service. These features include.

  • Meta titles
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Layered navigation
  • Product titles and much more.

Magento is always up to date with the latest SEO practices and Google algorithms. Although you have a blueprint of search engines, its SEO plugin and features are no less. In addition to this, Magento also has a web tracking service that is on par with Google analytics, allowing webmasters to have undisturbed access to crucial information under one umbrella.

Short Loading Time

Despite Magento’s excellent SEO-friendly plugins and other ranging benefits, these platforms boost your website speed by a significant margin. Magento is on a mission to create the fastest-loading e-commerce websites, and its servers are up to the mark. The leading time for Magento-based websites is significantly lower than other platforms. This is because of higher processing speed and better coding structure.

Magento can undoubtedly surprise webmasters and web visitors alike with its loading speed. Using a PWA storefront can speed up your website further, delighting your customers with a robust and uninterrupted experience.

On the other hand, its fast loading time helps search engine optimisation as Google and Yahoo are obsessed with fast-loading websites. Conversion optimisation rates (advanced SEO technique)  are higher with Magento web design service because customers don’t have to face any lags or loading time when viewing different pages of a single website on different tabs.

Mobile Responsiveness

A majority of Google searches are made through mobile devices, which has increased the need for mobile responsive websites. Since web browsing is convenient and efficient through mobile devices, businesses are focusing on mobile responsive websites. Mobile responsiveness is a tedious task for many online businesses but not for Magento.

Magento is excellent at keeping standards of mobile web designs without interfering with the website’s loading speed. Both free community and enterprise versions of Magento incorporate HTML5 coding to improve the mobile shopping experience.

Final Verdict

Magento is one of the best e-commerce website-building platforms in the market. Top brands like Nike and Samsung have their websites on Magento because of their SEO friendliness and fast loading speed. With more than 11 years of experience, Magento knows what works for your e-commerce store and what doesn’t.