How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Bathtub in the UK? A Comprehensive Breakdown

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A bathtub is something that you don’t need to replace very often. You may consider having a new bathtub when it’s for an upgrade or replacing the damaged one. Since baths in modern bathrooms are not only for utilitarian purposes, you may also simply want a replacement to improve the aesthetics too.

While a double-ended bathtub can be a great choice for a sensual bath experience, you may install a shower bath to eliminate the need for a separate shower. And not to forget a freestanding bath that can bring a sense of luxury to the bathroom.

Though the price of purchasing a new bathtub varies, installation can take up a major part of your overall budget. Therefore, it is important to know the actual costs of installation before you plan for a new bathtub.

In this article, we are going to discuss how much it costs to install a new Bathtub in the UK.

Bathtub Types and Installation Costs

Amid rising inflation, you should be concerned about getting over the budget, so the best possible way is to get an expert opinion on the cost estimation of a new bathtub.

If you are in contact with a plumber, he may give you an idea or check a company that is registered with the Royal Institute of chartered surveyors in the UK to provide you with an exact idea.

Before you calculate the installation costs of a bathtub, it is important to decide about the type of and material of the bath. Perhaps, the costs depend more on the material you choose. Baths come in various materials, and each one of them has its pros and cons.

For example, acrylic is economical and lightweight but may get some fading over a long period. In comparison, a steel bath is heavy and may cost more but is very durable too.

Bathtub Installation CostsAverage Costs
Baths Installation Costs on Average Acrylic Bathtub Unit Price + Accessories -Installation     Steel Bathtub Unit Price and Accessories -Installation Cast Iron Bathtub -Installation£350-£500 £250 – £400 £ 100   £300-£1500 £100-£150 £1500-£2000 £100-125

What Should You Include in the Bathtub Cost Estimation in the UK?

The total cost of the installation of a bath is not a standalone factor but a combination of multiple factors. Therefore, you should include various costs in the total estimation as below.

How much does your bathtub cost?

As discussed earlier, bathtub costs highly depend on the bathtub material. So, what is the material you are interested in? Acrylic is the most popular material due to its reasonable price, lightweight and sturdiness.

However, if you are interested in a luxury style, you want to choose a cast iron, store, or steel bathtub that will cost significantly more. If you are limited on a budget, then it is important to make sure you shop for a quality bath.

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How much do Bathtub accessories cost?

Depending on the type of bathtub you choose, you may need to pick a suitable accessory for it. For example, if you choose a shower bath, then it may be necessary to add a few accessories like a shower screen that may cost around £100, a bathtub filler tap that may have cost around 50£, and bathtub panels that may again be around £100. You may not need bath panels and a screen in case of the freestanding bathtub.

How Much Will Bathroom Fitter Charge in the UK?

How much a bathroom fitter will charge for a bathtub installation depends on where in the UK you live. The cost of bathtub installation tends to be higher in London in comparison to other areas.

It may vary from around £100 to £150. But it may also depend on whether it’s for a new installation or a replacement. For example, the costs will go up if the bathroom fitter has to remove what’s already installed, increasing the overall work. What price we have quoted is the overall cost as a contract.

In case you want to hire a bathroom fitter on an hourly basis, then you may find a fitter asking for around £50 an hour, and it may take around 2,3 hours to fit a standard bathtub.

Again, it depends on whether it includes and removal of a bathtub that was already installed. The cost may also go up if it is a spa-like bath or go down in the case of a freestanding bath.

Since bathtub fitting is a major cost, you want to think about DIY installation of the bath. While installing a bathtub is not that much-complicated a task, you should not try handling it on your own unless you are completely sure that you can handle it easily. It may be possible to install a bath on your own for someone having little experience in using the tools and knowledge about it.

How To Choose a New Bathtub For Installation?

While discussing the bathtub installation costs, keeping a few important factors in mind will help you be within your budget limits.

  1. Bathtubs need to hold a substantial weight of water as well as a bather. Therefore, it needs to be fitted on a sturdy floor that can bear the weight. If your floor is thin, and the bathtub is heavier, there may be a need to strengthen the floor with some sort of support.
  2. You should ensure that the bathtub you are installing gets along with other fittings and fixtures well. For example, a freestanding bathtub may be luxurious to look at but not suitable for all types of bathrooms.
  3. It is important to ensure the bath you choose is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.
  4. You should ensure the bathtub material can keep water warm for a long enough time. So you can enjoy a comfortable bath experience without needing to adjust the water temperature.
  5. Unless you have experience handling bathroom installation, don’t try to install a bathtub as a DIY.