Homemade Artificial Christmas Trees Ideas

Christmas Trees Ideas

If you are lacking space for a traditional Christmas tree, or want to shake things up in the coming festive season, then you must consider a DIY Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas trees will be made of vibrant balloons, paper, ribbon, succulent trees, plastic utensils, or anything alternative. 

Browse your clever ideas to replace the typical faux pine or live evergreen this season. These DIY homemade Christmas trees are good; you can also create DIY trees for each room.

You can also keep the trees for one long whole year. In this article, we have rounded up 15 DIY homemade Christmas tree ideas out now; you can pick anyone to bring the warmth of the holidays inside your home.

15 best Christmas trees ideas

1. Craft Paper Christmas trees

Craft Paper Christmas trees
Image source: Kinda art

To make this full-length Christmas tree you will need to have craft paper. Then cut this paper into pieces like strips.

Then punch these strips of paper string wrapped around the stick. And then decorate this paper Christmas tree with some colorful stars, buttons, etc.

2. Ribbon Christmas tree

 Ribbon Christmas tree
Image source: eBay

If you already have some ribbon then you can easily make this wonderful ribbon Christmas tree for the coming festive.

All you need to do is to cut the ribbon strip into small pieces. Then arrange them around a stick like a come. Put this one on your dining table or display it on your mantle.

3. Succulent Tree

Succulent Tree
Image source: You Magazine

Any succulent-obsessed plant can be your preferred Christmas tree for this coming festive.

This is a Christmas tree that is entirely made up of a succulent tree. And you can easily keep this creation for a longer period after passing the holiday.

4. Balloon Christmas tree

Balloon Christmas tree
Image source: Ginger ray

You can create a balloon Christmas tree for this coming charming Christmas day celebration.

You can create a balloon Christmas tree with some vibrant colors of balloons. Then you can glue these upon a stick to form the cone shape.

5. Christmas tree of pine branches

Christmas tree of pine branches
Image source: Eart.com

You can stick some branches of a pine tree into a vase and then decorate it with a few ornaments.

You can keep this creativity for a long time in your home after passing the holiday.

6. Cactus tree

Cactus tree
Image source: Ideal home

If you don’t want a traditional Christmas tree for the festival then you can go completely untraditional.

You can select a cactus tree instead of a DIY Christmas tree. Then dress up the cactus with some ornaments that you have.

7. Wooden wall tree

Wooden wall tree
Image source: Homebase

To make a wooden wall tree for the Christmas celebration, you need to have a few sewing skills.

If you know wood-cutting tools then you can easily create this wonderful piece for your home décor.

8. Citrus and tin Christmas trees

Skinny tree
Image source: House Beautiful

To give a new look to your home during the festive time, you can make an innovative Christmas tree this year. To make this you just need to have some painted pine cones and some dried orange slices.

You need to pair these perfectly with galvanized tin bells and stars. The overall look of this creation is outstanding and you need to put it at the entrance of your home.

9. Skinny tree

Skinny tree
Image source: Agros

Skinnier branches are just pretty as a full-blown fir. You can use skinny branches of trees and decorate them with some mushroom ornaments, stars, and balloons and you can put them in the cozy corner of your home.

10. Grandmillenial glamour

Grandmillenial glamour
Image source: Diy decor mum

You can dress up a flocked Christmas tree with vintage glass bead garland, and some cross-stitched ornaments. You can put some velvet bows at the top or on top of pastel-wrapped presents.

11. Traditional touches

Traditional touches
Image source: The Telegraph

You can dress up a traditional pine cone with some gingerbread garland, and some colorful electric candles. You can place a straw star at the top of the tree.

This traditional touch will bring the holiday spirit to your home.

12. Silver and gold Christmas tree

 Silver and gold Christmas tree
Image source: Gluten-free recipe

You will surely not go wrong if you choose silver and gold. So, this coming Christmas collect some silver and gold ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

This will give a classy and polished look to your home.

13. Candy land

Candy land
Image source: cifi.it

For the past few years, the candy land theme is quite popular. So, you can surely try this theme this coming Christmas. Your kids will be very happy seeing this creativity.

You can make this piece with some bright-colored ribbons and some colorful ornaments.

You need to remember to attach a cute tree topper and a colorful bow in the middle of the piece. This creative piece will give your Christmas tree the cute look ever.

14. Rustic theme

Rustic theme
Image source: Digs digs

If you prefer oak wood for your home furnishings, then opt for a simple rustic vibration in this coming Christmas. You need to pull out some old wooden trays, some pine cones, and wooden beads. For decoration collect some colorful stars, colorful ornaments, etc.

15. Flower decoration

Flower decoration
Image source: Better home garden

If you want to create something different this coming Christmas then you can opt for some beautiful flower decorations. You can collect some faux roses and lilies and attach them to a pine cone. You can feel that your living room has turned into the most beautiful corner ever.


A Christmas tree is a decorated piece for a Christmas celebration, usually a confiner like spruce, fir, pine, etc. The Christmas tree is another part of this festive celebration. We all are very curious to give it a different touch every year to make it unique from others.

Homemade Christmas trees are a decorative idea to give warm welcome to the guests without spending a larger amount of money.  Here, in this article, we have listed 15 homemade Christmas trees.

You can combine some natural things, and some cheaper ingredients to have a more decorative Christmas tree. You can pick anyone from the list to make your holiday remarkable.