7 Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing


What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

By renting a house, you are responsible for the property and its maintenance. Part of being a good tenant ensures that you take good care of your property and receive it in the same condition that your landlord entrusted to you when your tenant exits.

For many, the best way to achieve this is to hire a professional cleaner who can ensure that the property is in the best possible cleanliness before returning the keys. The final Lee screening payment has many advantages, including:

1. Try to get back as much deposit as possible

The owner can properly deduct a portion of the deposit if the property does not meet the remaining criteria. By hiring a professional cleaner, you can really guarantee that there is nothing left that could prevent you from returning your full deposit.

2. Make sure it will be helpful for future leases.

If you move to another rental property in the future, it will always be helpful to have good reference material from the previous owner. By taking that extra step and hiring a professional cleaner, you can be confident that no other owner has a reservation to recommend you as a tenant. 

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3. Make sure the area is not forgotten

Whether it’s a friend or family member, the most thorough and well-meaning helper, whether behind the couch or in the closet, is the one who does his work sincerely.

Professional cleaners do a thorough and thorough cleaning of your home, and their experience means knowing where they most forget to clean.

4. Save time and effort

Proper cleaning of the entire house can take some time. By hiring a cleaning company to clean, you can sit and relax and focus on moving to a new home in your time.

Tenants will often find that the cost of hiring an expert is very reasonable, given the time they have to spend.

Before performing an “end-of-lease” cleaning, you need to know that it is advantageous to be thoroughly cleaned and meet all the requirements specified in the lease. If you do it the other way around, it will be most difficult to get your rental deposit back.

Make sure that all damages caused by you or incurred during your rental period will be replaced. If you let the landlord send you an invoice, it can be more expensive than you expected.

To ensure complete cleaning and inspection of this property for your benefit, please allow enough time to do the end-of-lease cleaning before the agreed time. End of tenancy cleaning oxford is the best-suited company according to your needs.

Please do the cleaning at the end of the lease by you

Tenancy Cleaning
Tenancy Cleaning

It is your decision on how to choose cleaning at the end of the lease. Not from the property owner. The landlord cannot force you to hire a specific “end-of-lease” cleaning company to do the cleaning. The cheapest option is to do the cleaning yourself at the end of the lease.

Always contact the landlord or leasing agency to request a final inspection checklist before starting the cleanup. Your work should be based on your checklist and registration records. Here are some tips:

1. Go to the kitchen

Take everything out of the cabinet or shelf. Remove all crumbs and deposits, clean both inside and outside, and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.       

Make sure the equipment is completely clean. Both washing machine and dishwasher filters and soap trays. When the main switch is off, clean the fridge and keep the door open to prevent mould. You need to repeat this for similar appliances with the same characteristics.

2. Stove and oven

It may be difficult and exhausting, but make sure it is in great shape. It is interesting to note that the oven is the first item commonly checked during the inspection process.

Also, make sure that the countertop is not left behind. The grate, burner, baking sheet, switches, handles, and all other surfaces should be kept clean.

Do not start cleaning the oven unless you are ready to take a step further to keep the oven in perfect condition. It can get worse.

3. Living room

So it may sound easy, but it often takes a long time. They should be clean with much sincerity and check each and every corner of the room, especially behind the doors.

4. Go to the bathroom

Check all metal surfaces such as faucets, showers, and drains to ensure that mould, lime scale, and soap scum deposits are removed. Make sure that some of the holes in the shower head are not blocked.

If you are certain that the holes are closed, you need to make sure that the holes are clean and functioning properly.

5. Window

For cleaning glass and windows, vinegar and alcohol are still two great products to use.

Repair any broken panel unless otherwise indicated in the log record. You need to know that windows give a first impression of the overall hygiene of the property.

If the windows can be cleaned as cleanly as possible, the owner may not pay any further attention to other places.

Knowing how to clean windows well is going to benefit you long into the future. For instance, if you come to buy your own property and choose to install a decorative feature like window and door heads, you will want to do everything you can to show off this bespoke design and highlight your window!

Therefore, putting all the effort into learning how to clean your windows now will be worth it.

6. Wall

Check the wall for wear marks. Clean if possible, otherwise paint with an emulsion of the same colour. It is very important to do this if there are too many marks. Otherwise, the owner may repaint the wall and charge for the decoration.

It is very important to do this if there are too many marks. Otherwise, the property owner may repaint the wall and charge for the decoration.

7. Furniture

If you live with young children, or pets, or smoke cigarettes, you should vacuum your furniture and wash it with a dry cleaning solvent. The contents should look intact. For upholstered wood, you should look for scratches, scratches, and dents.

Rub marks and scratches with coffee grounds and almonds. If these marks or scratches are minor, cover the damage.