5 Easy Ways to Get Corporate Tenants for Your Rental Property

Corporate Tenants

A corporate tenant is frequently regarded as the ideal occupant by landlords. Corporate tenants are good tenants that typically have a sizable budget for rental properties, so you may expect a good return on your investment. Landlords attempting to attract corporate renters must be aware of the high salaries and high standard of living that these tenants often enjoy.

These top five suggestions from Peter Ball Cheltenham letting agents can help you find and attract tenants of this calibre.

1. Aesthetic Photos:

Corporate tenants typically prefer minimalist, contemporary interior decor and furnishings that are painted in a light colour palette. It is crucial to have recent photos captured by qualified real estate photographers. Your property won’t stand out or create an impact if the image isn’t high quality. The property’s main selling elements, such as a large kitchen or a balcony view, should be highlighted in your key pictures, which appear first. Make sure you have clear pictures of the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, as well as exterior. The relocation agent would also want to inspect your property’s outdoor area. If you have additional furniture and a spare room or even just a vacant corner of the living room to set up a workstation for photographs, this may help put you on the map.

2. Stylish Furnishings:

Elite professional tenants demand a high standard of presentation and upkeep from the property. They demand a specific standard of comfort and opulence, which is reflected in the quality of fixtures and furnishings. Bigger expectations are a result of higher budgets, and they seek housing that fits their lifestyle. After a long day at work, a place to call home should be an ideal one. Therefore it is absolutely advantageous for the property to have some sort of outdoor space, like a terrace, or on-site services, like a gym.

Furniture is a major concern for relocation agents. Mattresses and bed sets are not likely to be relocated by tenants. Thus, your corporate lease can really benefit from your willingness to purchase furnishings. Some corporate tenants prefer partially furnished apartments, while some prefer apartments with their own furnishings. Being adaptable will make you more attractive to various corporate inquiries. Aim to have en-suite bathrooms in every bedroom, as most corporate renters will demand a minimum of one of their bedrooms to have one.

Furnished Property
Furnished Property

3. Expert Management:

The lettings scene has undergone tremendous upheaval. Corporate clients need to be certain that landlords will always be in compliance with the wave of new and updated laws. This is the major reason some businesses and relocation specialists only look for houses that have expert property management. They want the guarantee of a professional experience. They find solace in the fact that assistance is available twenty-four hours a day to handle problems effectively and swiftly for a stress-free renting experience.

You must show these renters, who have busy and demanding lifestyles, that you can give them a comprehensive, expert management service. It’s vital to note that 95% of businesses would only agree to a tenancy with a landlord whose property is managed by a licenced agency.

4. Hi-Tech Appliances:

Every piece of furniture and every electrical gadget, including the TV and stereo, should be of high quality. The majority of corporate renters are computer savvy. Therefore it’s crucial to make sure your home is furnished with the newest current equipment and devices. For instance, modern home integration systems that combine comfort conditioning in the apartments allow homeowners to operate everything electronically from a single hub to provide residents with access to CCTV security, video entrance systems, and Sonos sound systems in the main rooms. Incorporating the newest technologies into your properties may significantly increase their value while also giving you a competitive edge.

Nothing is more annoying than a poor internet connection, and for the majority of renters, this is a turn off. You must provide them access to high-speed, excellent internet service or even a lightning-fast optical fibre internet connection.

5. Marketing:

It’s crucial to advertise your house to the appropriate target demographic in this ruthless rental market and choose a qualified agent with strong corporate and relocation agent relationships. Here’s where marketing steps in, making sure your home receives the required exposure to this sought-after market via conventional and digital media, including the leading UK property portals.

You might think that this is excessively demanding, however, if you want to draw in corporate renters and raise the monthly rent, be prepared to go the extra mile. You can eventually expect to reap the rewards of your hard efforts.