Bitcoin-Based Tracking Platform Eggschain Partners with Boston IVF


Eggschain is the very first licensed supply chain network that incorporates genetics and blockchain to deliver medical-grade data. It also makes information available to individuals going through IVF in a transparent, secure, and universally trackable setup. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit bitcoin circuit app.

Just recently, the firm announced that they are partnering with the Boston IVF, one of the most distinguished fertility networks within the United States. The Boston IVF boasts of a chain of thirty fertility clinics that offers infertility treatments across the country.

Details of the partnership

This new partnership aims to use the blockchain technology provided by Eggschain to help in the monitoring of cryogenically preserved sperm. These sperms are then used in various non-fertility and fertility remedies as well as in IVF. That’s not all, long-term storage of genetic information is also assured through this partnership.

According to one of Eggschain’s spokesperson, the use of blockchain technology to monitor biospecimens such as eggs and sperm empowers individuals experiencing reproductive problems. The spokesperson added that the partnership is key in enabling enormous confidence via the safety and transparency of the data.

Boston IVF always prides itself on being innovatively welcoming and usually being the first to adopt effective and modern technologies to help improve patient outcomes. The partnership with Eggschain proves that and indicates a giant leap forward for the firm

The partnership will be extremely worthwhile for Eggschain customers who choose to be Boston IVF patients. A lifetime discount of 10% on sperm storage will be offered to individuals who choose to become Boston IVF patients and use the platform.

According to the CEO and founder of Eggschain Wei Escala, the partnership between her company and Boston IVF will help improve patient outcomes. To this end, Eggschain is thrilled to be partnering with Boston IVF who is also a leader in its field.

Wei added that the benefit offered by Eggchain goes far above secure monitoring of biospecimens via blockchain technology. She believes Eggchain’s technology helps to empower women and men in their reproductive years by facilitating greater confidence and conscious decision-making. And this is achieved by providing access to transparent and quality data.

Eggschain keeps achieving new feats. As of December last year, the company was able to successfully develop a bitcoin cryptographic block hash. This makes Eggschain the first biotech healthcare firm present on the mainnet.

About Boston IVF

Boston IVF is a chain of fertile clinics that primarily focus on the storage of genetic information, endocrinology, and IVF. Ever since it was established in 1986, the clinics have supposedly helped more than 100,000 babies to be delivered. In addition to this, the chain of clinics has graduated more than thirty reproductive endocrinologists. The company is able to graduate these endocrinologists thanks to its accredited and incredible REI Fellowship Program.

Boston’s IVF Chief Executive Officer, David L. Stern while addressing matters surrounding the new partnership made some interesting statements. He said he hopes the integration of blockchain technology with the firm’s operations will improve the shopper’s aptitude.  This new partnership certainly will help improve the degree of safety and transparency of genetic information keeping shoppers’ minds at that.

About Eggschain

Eggschain is a healthcare technology firm that helps develop a supply chain solution for the fertility industry. The Austin-based company makes use of blockchain technology to provide these solutions for the fertility business.

Eggschain employs a system of custody management for stem cells, genome, RNA, DNA, blood, tissue, organs, and other IVF-related safety. The company helps to reduce the time spent in the process of sperm selection across global jurisdictions. The firm does this by registering data on its platform, preventing misfiling information, protecting top patient data, and improving overall operational transparency.

With the announcement of this partnership with Boston IVF, Eggschain is getting ready to venture into the global IVF market estimated to be worth $21.89 billion. In fact, by 2028, the global IVF market is predicted to reach a value of $34 billion based on a report by Grand View Research. 

Undoubtedly, the healthcare industry has reaped immense benefits by integrating blockchain technology into the industry. For instance, Aimedis and CURE Chain make use of non-fungible tokens to assist patients store data and earning various crypto rewards for updating and adding to their profile.