Why Pub and Bar Advertising Should be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Pub and Bar

When companies think about where to place their ads, the most common answers are online, newspapers and magazines, and certain OOH displays. However, there is one area that often gets overlooked and can be a good source of sales and clicks to your website. Let’s see why pub and bar advertising should be part of your marketing plan.

You have a Captive Audience

Online advertising has taken a bit of a hit lately with more customers getting ad-blockers so they don’t have to see them.

This has made it harder for companies to get their customers to see their ads and get the interaction.

With bar advertising, you have a place where people will go to have a good time and interact with others.

Most people don’t mind advertising in such settings as it doesn’t interfere with what they are doing.

You will have a number of people there all looking at your ads for a reasonable period of time which will give your ad more impact and hopefully more interaction.

Boosting Word of Mouth

Pubs and bars are social places where lots of friends and family will go to chat and have fun. This type of environment is ideal for spreading word of mouth about products or services.

A well-placed ad in places like this will encourage people to chat about it and if they have used it before, they may recommend it to their friends.

You can also add interactive elements to the ad so that people can click through to get special offers.

Adding a hashtag that is unique to this ad will also encourage social media interaction.

People Are in a Relaxed Environment

Social situations like going to a pub or bar, encourage people to relax and enjoy themselves. When they are in this mood, it is easier for advertising to have an effect on their decisions.

You may also have people in there that are looking for the product or service you are offering. Showing them ads here will likely lead them to interact and perhaps make a purchase.

You Can Target a Certain Demographic

If your company wants to target a certain demographic of people that go to pubs and bars, then there is no better place to advertise than where they go to meet up.

Even if your products have nothing to do with pubs or bars, they can still have an impact if they are targeting those that frequent them.

In 2017, demographics like Millenials spend more money in bars than they did on coffee or in restaurants.

You also have more than half of younger Millennials going to a bar on a weekly basis. If these are the people you want to target, this is a prime opportunity.

So, why should pub and bar advertising be part of your marketing plan? Sometimes you have to think of where your target audience will be, and how you can get your ads in front of them. By targeting places like pubs and bars, you can get access to people who will be seeing your ads all the time.