Top Blockchain-Based Applications That Could Benefit The World

Blockchain-Based Applications

We all know the technology behind Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain. But the potential of this amazing technology is not only limited to Cryptocurrencies but many more than them. In the year 2009, Blockchain first came into the global market by holding the hand of Bitcoin.

After that, this technology never accepted a rejection in any sector. Whether it is the financial sector, or health sector, or It sector, or anything else, every industry has welcomed Blockchain by opening its arms wide.

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What Is Blockchain?

Though most of us have an overall idea about Blockchain technology, most of us might not know the exact definition of Blockchain technology. Here it is.

Blockchain is nothing but a special system of recording information in a particular way, which is almost impossible, or really difficult to cheat, hack, or change the system. It contains several Blocks of information.

As the name suggests, those Blocks develop a chain-like network by getting connected with each other. It is considered one of the most secured networks to date.

Top Blockchain-Based Applications That Could Benefit The World

We have already mentioned, the potential of Blockchain technology is not limited to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Several industries are utilizing the almost magical of powers of Blockchain. Here we will talk about some of the major applications of Blockchain.

1.     Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT or the Internet of Things is made up of smart appliances. In the Blockchain, by storing all those pieces of data, which have been collected from these devices, the users can actually be able to make those pieces of data immutable or at least hard to tamper with.

This way, one can safeguard sensitive data from cybercriminals. With IoT sensors, Blockchain is offering digitization of assets. Now the organizations can label their assets and offer a transparent tracking system.

2.     Financial Services

We all are totally aware of the change Blockchain technology has brought into the financial sector. Sending money has become much easier, more secure, and less expensive, and all the credit goes to the Blockchain.

If you are an investor, you probably know the impact of Blockchain on portfolio management. It is irreplaceable in investment management. Whether it is improving the overall data security or getting the transaction validation, Blockchain is handling everything single-handedly. 

3.     Smart Contracts

Another really popular and latest application of Blockchain is smart contracts. These special types of contracts eliminate the intermediary by resolving some common problems which are related to trust. Now, as a result of this, agreements between two parties can be made more efficiently.

The smart contracts category where Blockchain use cases are as follows.

  • Supply chain management.
  • Smart contracts in insurance.
  • Clinical trial tracking.
  • Copyright management.
  • Property ownership transfer.
  • Financial data recording and also the management of them.

4.     Digital IDs

By encrypting personal identification IDs, Blockchain technology can make record-keeping more safe and reliable. It will only be allowed by the citizens to access all that personal information.

With the help of Blockchain, an effective system can be developed, where the individuals will only be able to control their digital data. It is not done here only. The whole process will be conducted in such a way that it will also allow different parties to utilize that information only when it is needed.

5.     Wills and Inheritances

We have already talked about smart contracts. Now let’s know about another smart application of Blockchain, which is digital wills and signatures. Both are a great way of creating testaments.

Both of these are exposed to the risk of fraud. So, with the help of Blockchain technology, individuals can actually prevent fraudsters from tempering their wills. Via Crypto network, testators will be able to distribute their assets to the inheritors of their choice.

Blockchain Is The Future

Now, you can easily imagine what is waiting for us in the future. Blockchain technology is not just another digital hype; it is in the market to stay. Those days are not far away when we will start using Blockchain technology the way we are now using the internet for almost everything.