Are There Different Domestic Cleaning Services?

Domestic Cleaning

If you’re looking to hire a cleaning company for your home, you may be wondering whether there are different cleaning services available for the home. Well, there are, and below, we’re looking at these cleaning services. We’ll be providing a brief breakdown for each domestic cleaning service so that you can choose the perfect one to keep on top of your cleaning tasks.

The different types of domestic cleaning services

General domestic cleaning

These cleaning services are perfect for keeping your home clean if you have a bit of time to do some cleaning yourself. A cleaner will come to your home for a few hours a week, bi-weekly or even monthly, depending on your needs. They do lots of the general cleaning tasks that you need to keep on top of your cleaning. A house cleaner in this role may hoover, change the beds, stack the dishwasher, clean the kitchen or empty bins.

Most cleaning companies that offer general domestic cleaning services customize the service to suit your needs each week. So, if you’ve already dusted, the cleaner can hoover and mop the floors, for example.

Housekeeping services

Housekeeping services are a bit like regular cleaning services, but much more involved. Instead of the cleaner coming to you for a few hours every week or so, a housekeeper can be with you for hours per day every day. They will be able to do all of the cleaning you need, as well as other tasks like basic food shopping, making breakfast, or even taking the kids to school. This is a brilliant cleaning service if you need someone to take care of all the cleaning tasks around the home for you.

Deep cleans

A deep clean is like a spring clean but can be done at any time of the year. During a deep clean, every inch of your home will be cleaned. So, kitchen cupboards and drawers, skirting boards, door frames, and everything else.

Deep cleans are great if you haven’t had time to clean your home for a while. They are also perfect if you’ve just moved into a new house and you want to start fresh. Every surface, drawer, cupboard, wardrobe, toilet, sink, and more are cleaned during a deep clean.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning services are often used in conjunction with deep cleaning services but can be used by themselves as well. A cleaner will use a special carpet shampooing hoover and remove years of dirt and grime from the pile of your carpet. Carpet cleaning services are perfect if you want your carpets to look, smell and feel like new again. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your carpets can need a clean!

After building cleaning

Finally, we have after-building cleaning services. Builders can leave quite the mess behind them, even if they try their best not to. Dust and grime can reach areas of the home that the builders never went to, and these cleaning services get rid of all of the dust and grime from around the home. Think of this cleaning like a specialized deep clean designed to bring your home back to life once the builders have completed their work.

Not all cleaning companies will offer these domestic cleaning services, so make sure the cleaning company you use has all of the services you require prior to booking a cleaning appointment. That way, you can be sure your home will be perfectly clean just the way you like it.