Why Pest Control is Necessary for a New Home?

Pest Control

It is a good idea to get some things done before moving into your new home with your family if you have found a new residence. There are a lot of important things like changing your address, getting new locks, and customizing your home décor to meet your personal style. In the same way that renovations are easier to accomplish before you move everything in and create new hiding places for pests, pest control is easier too.

In fact, you have no guarantee that your home is free of termites, even if you had a termite inspection. They can move into your home within a week or two since insects are highly mobile creatures. Swarms can cause full infestations in just a few days if they travel in swarms.

Pests that can cause troubles

It is not a clean, factory-like environment where new homes are constructed. They are open to the environment for a significant amount of the construction process, making them an excellent home for insects and pests. Additionally, a lot of building materials used to construct homes are often stored in open and damp conditions before being used to construct your home, so they may have insects on them or in them.

There can be countless pests inside your home, such as mice, ants, spiders, etc. They can cause utter menace when they are in your kitchen, hallway, children’s room, and bathroom. Mouse disturbance is one of the most common pest problems caused by new construction.

Often, people believe that a new house is not prone to mice infestations, but this is not the case. No matter where you build, whether it’s in a neighborhood or a more wooded, remote area, there is a period during which mice may relocate.

It is mostly caused by the disturbance of existing ant mounds during construction or by bringing building materials onto the property.

You may be alarmed to find spiders in your brand-new home, but the spiders have probably served as a pest deterrent. Spiders are known to deter and eat other pests, like ants, roaches, flies, moths, and other small insects. So, while spiders can be unpleasant to deal with, they are useful in keeping other unwanted guests at bay.

Here are our top pest control tips for anyone who is moving into a new home or office.

Landscaping and lawn care

Debris provides protection to many insects that choose to live outdoors. Among the biggest hotspots for insects, overgrown gardens and woodpiles are among the most common. If you are moving, give the lawn and landscaping plenty of attention to prevent them from making their way indoors.

  • Remove debris.
  • Weed.
  • Rake.
  • Mow the grass.
  • Move the woodpile away from the house.
  • Plants should be cleared away from the foundation.
  • Pruning branches and shrubs will prevent them from touching the home’s exterior.

 Deep clean your carpets and everything else

Various miniscule insects have a tendency to settle into carpets (causing problems). A deep steam cleaning and thorough vacuuming should be performed on all carpets, including closet flooring. Likewise, it’s a good idea to give every square foot of the house a good scrub. By doing so, bugs won’t be attracted to the crumbs or debris.

Weatherize your home

Improve your energy efficiency and prevent pests in your new home by weatherizing both the exterior and interior. When a new house is built, this should already have been done, but older homes can often benefit from sealing up cracks and crevices caused by air leaks. Around windows, doors, vents, and pipes, the use of caulk or weatherstripping is required both indoors and outdoors. You should also check the screens on the windows and doors when searching for air leaks. In case of damaged screens, you should replace them with heavy-duty metal screens.

Get a pest control treatment and/or inspection from a professional

An unoccupied home allows the pest control technician to be unencumbered by any duties. They are easily able to identify potential problems to be on the lookout for and treat any problems they might find. Based on their findings, the technician can offer tips on preventing infestations from the moment you move in.

Inspect every item carefully before packing

A pest control treatment is an effective way to rid your home of bugs, and you don’t want to bring them inside. It’s very common for bugs to hide in boxes, especially in garages or attics. Even though it might take a little longer, it is always best to thoroughly check each item in every box before bringing it into your new home. Clothing, bedding, curtains, wreaths, and ornamental plants are among the items to inspect before packing.

Pest control company in London is the best option if you are looking to remove pests from your place. You cannot really skip the process and dream about a healthy secure home.