Top 20 Business Directories in the UK


A local business directory is an index of businesses that reside in a particular geographic location or area.

In general, you can see that a directory site contains lists created by the company itself, not by bots or users.

First of all, putting your business in the correct directory can improve your visibility by offering you search engine optimization (SEO) bonuses.  

These SEO benefits are especially strong when the list of directories contains a link (called a “backlink”) to your company’s main website.

Second, the local business directory helps you create a local business profile. By making your profile as attractive and informative as possible, your local business will be more prominent to your local web users. It will be able to interact more effectively with your business.

In today’s world, in which new technologies broadly govern a large part of the population’s current situation, it is not uncommon for companies to venture into the web. Doing business online is the latest and most innovative way to earn money, not only for those looking for a job but for those who already have a company incorporated.

To choose the best directories to include our company website, those that provide us with better positioning and visibility, we must follow some selection criteria. These should be based mainly on the authority and relevance of the directories and another series of parameters that will determine the effectiveness of the backlinks (inbound links) obtained.

Your choice should be based primarily on the objective you intend to achieve with your publication within a directory. The most common type of directory is classified by activities and zones and is characterized by being a general directory. Within it, you can find the various branches or areas of differentiated and rigorously organized business.

How to choose the best UK Business Directories?

Below are a few things which must keep in mind while going to choose a business directory:


The first thing we should look at when classifying the directories that best suit our company’s interests are their authority. To do this, we will use tools such as Open Site Explorer, where we will obtain the Page Authority (page authority) and the Domain Authority (domain authority) of the directories that we want to analyze.


We can classify the directories based on different parameters that will help us organize ourselves and understand which ones best suit the company’s needs.


UK Business directories can be free or require a fee to sign up. In any case, we must pay greater attention to much more relevant parameters that will determine the effectiveness of our entry into a given directory.


Some directories allow us to include our website in themed spaces. This means greater precision when adding data such as tags, descriptions and links to the website. Consequently, we will appear correctly in the searches of the users who access the directories.


Another possibility is to enter our website in directories located in specific geographic areas. The companies that can benefit the most from this kind of business directory have their online store. Users will take into account those that are in areas close to their location.


Some directories provide their websites with internal incentives based on their popularity. They are defined as “SEO friendly” guides and allow greater visibility by appearing in prominent areas or highlighted texts.


By registering in directories, we generate a backlink (incoming link) to our company. These may be ” follow ” or ” no follow “. The former will be tracked by search engine robots generating an improvement in positioning. The latter does not grant authority but will track the keywords in the provided URL to consider.

List of best UK directories

Business Directories in the UK
Business Directories

Below is the list of the top 20 UK business directories:

Google My Business

Ask those who know something about tokens. Google My Business can’t quote your brand’s location locally. Being on the list is the first step, but keeping accurate and up-to-date lists and tracking is always about making sure your business is a local search. That’s the key to doing.

• Find your business on Google Maps.

• Accuracy can improve search ranking

• Free analysis tools to monitor activity

Facebook Page

Facebook offers location-based brands and specific businesses the opportunity to connect locally with consumers by providing them with a free business profile.

• 15 million UK monthly (unique) visitors

• Site domain permissions increase SEO.

• 35% of consumers use Facebook reviews to inform their purchase decisions.


Many UK companies don’t sign up for Bing Place for business because they think Google has such a dominant market share (about 89%), and it’s not necessary. However, many companies ignore bing, so it is an ideal opportunity for Bing to be potentially appreciated.

• 7.2 million UK monthly (unique) visitors

• Bing viewers tend to be older people (primarily aged 55-64) with high disposable incomes.

• Bing search increases spending by approximately 25%

• Put your business in front of even more local audiences


Apple’s iOS is a mobile operating system widely used in the UK. This Business directory is one of the most beneficial resources for both companies and individuals. As if it were a giant database, it brings together many companies, yes, ordered according to their class or their professional activity.

• Apple iOS users usually have higher disposable earnings than Android users.

• Businesses can access iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users.

Trusted Pilots

It is considered one of the well-known business directories. Every month, customers can more than a million reviews on the Trust Pilot.

• Over 60 million revisions from over 300,000 domains

• Users can easily compare UK companies by category.

• The platform is free and accessible to everybody.

Yelp UK

Signing up for a business owner’s Yelp account is free. There are also analytics tools to help you view clicks, calls, and pageviews on Yelp pages.

• About 36% of consumers use Yelp for online reviews.

• Yelp has high domain permissions that affect Seo ratings

• Users visit Yelp if they are considering a purchase.

• Yelp improves Alexa and Bing voice search assistants

Trip Advisor

Created in 2000, TripAdvisor has been the benchmark for online searches. Finding recommendations for hotels, travel activities, and restaurants increases your chances of visiting TripAdvisor. This website is a business directory driven by opinions and ratings. This is an important platform that includes companies

• More than three-quarters of UK consumers review reviews on TripAdvisor

• Visit the UK website for hotels, restaurants, entertainment and tourism activities

• Online hotel and restaurant reviews affect TripAdvisor more than business websites.


Waze is GPS navigation software used in more than 200 countries and is available in more than 40 languages. For companies, this is a powerful tool for local marketing. Consider an ad aimed at local business drivers driving nearby.

Why Waze is the UK’s home directory

• The UK has more than 2 million users, half of them in London.

• Waze Local ads for large local businesses and small businesses

• Arrive exactly if potential customers may be looking for you (sponsor search) or nearby stores (impulse purchases).

• Simple action for users: “Drive there” under your list/ads.


 Scoot is one of the directories provided by Scoot Network, a leading UK business directory company. About 2 million companies are registered in Scoot.

• Not just your name and address. Galleries, introductory texts and reviews, map locations, special offers, social media profiles, and more.

• Scoot, the company behind the Scoot network, provides business information for other major directories such as Touch Local, The Independent, Sun and Mirror.


The first online phone book dates back to the dark days of the Internet in 1995. This business directory is used not only for GPS manufacturers like Garmin but also for significant websites such as Yahoo! Bing, Yelp, and Google Maps.

• European companies

• Large databases in 70 countries (100 million companies)

• Classified lists to help search engines process information

• Includes business hours such as vacation options and special business hours.

Free Index

Local retailers can claim business and create directory profiles for more visibility in the UK. Complete list with aerial photographs, names, company reports, directors, and other information

• Advanced search options for businesses

• Register for free and easily

  • It is a free directory

Central index

The Central Index is a UK-based board that has already listed more than 2.5 million companies. This is the directory behind many Directories in the UK.

• Registration is free on this directory

  • Different business categories are available in this directory

Touch Local 

The UK’s most prominent business directory. Touch Local also includes consumer feedback, which is a critical component of your purchase decision. Companies listed on this platform can leverage the power of review to attract new customers.

• Organize your business and information into business categories

• The TouchLocal list also appears on a network of more than 400 websites, including scoots and mirrors.

• Free directories


What started as a social platform is now one of the world’s leading business directories. Users around the world map more than 150 million locations. 

• Over 50 million users

• Database of hyper-local users and promotional opportunities.

• Very avid users

• First mobile platform

Hot Frog

This Australian board focuses on small businesses and has more than 69 million companies in 38 countries. The platform also allows users to rate their business and leave feedback.

• 1.6 million Users perform more than 372,000 queries per month

• More than 66 million companies in 36 countries.

• Large user base

• Free list

• Free promotional content

• Small Business Hub: An Education Platform for Small Business Owners

Brown Book

A free business directory that functions as a wiki. In other words, the content is generated by the user community. Brownbook, a global database of companies, lists more than 35 million companies in more than 200 countries.

• Commercial information can be downloaded directly to the user’s phone contacts.

• Simple editing of trading information on the platform.

• When you see an ad, you can enrich your content with photos and reviews.


TomTom began as a GPS for cars where people moved from point A to point B long before local SEO existed (created in 1991). Like Waze, TomTom’s incredible value today is its user database, which runs through this navigation system and probably leads to stores running some business or searching for products and services. There are millions of drivers.

• Add ads to a vast UK-centric global user database

• Possibility to create a company profile if it is not allied in the GPS database yet

• Billions of data points

• Hundreds of millions of users every day


This is a business directory with customer reviews and ratings. When you upload an ad, your business receives feedback from your customers. It can be used as an excellent source of information to help evaluate SEO, improve operations, and better serve customers.

• User-generated content (reviews and ratings)

• Contains information about accepted payment methods.


Originally a German company, Opendi is an international directory with operations in 29 countries and has more than 20 million business pages and customer reviews.

• List of major UK cities: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester

• More than 1.7 million the UK listed companies

• Over 50,000 reviews

• More than 7 million searches are performed every month in the UK.


A global business directory where local businesses can be searched, evaluated, and shared with the community. The directory covers more than a t12 categories, including finance, food and beverage, utilities, and automobiles.

• Business listings in over 50 UK cities and districts Conclusion: So if you want your business to online presence, then submit it to well-known directories.

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