Why Should You Invest in SEO?


Most website-building platforms now feature at least some basic tools to help you implement SEO principles right from the start when building a new site. And any webmaster worth their salt is sure to give you a few pointers when it comes to optimizing your content.

So, why should you still invest in SEO and go out of your way to put it in the hands of experts like Eskimoz?

The constant evolution of the online space should be your first clue! With the Internet being in perpetual motion, the rules of the game can change quickly. And with the competition becoming more intense every year, a single mistake could be costly…

In this article, we discuss why SEO is more relevant than ever and why you should still make it a priority.

You Should Invest in SEO Because… It Enhances Your Brand Authority and Credibility

If you’re a seasoned user of Google or other search engines, then you know how to recognize an ad when you see one. And you know that brands who paid to appear at the top of the search results don’t necessarily provide the most direct answer to your question.

True experts, who offer authoritative and trustworthy information, naturally show up higher in the results, and users have learned how to identify them.

Search engine algorithms value quality content and have become excellent at telling it apart from a poor, yet cleverly arranged string of keywords. In other words, investing in SEO will invariably lead you to invest in amazing content as well.

This means that the work you put in will not only help your rank better, but it will also make your content more relevant, professional, and convincing, thus driving more sales once people do find you.

It promotes higher-Quality Traffic

Google’s main objective is to match users with the exact results they are looking for. If conversion happens, then the search engine has fulfilled its role. The aim is not to “bury” smaller websites under the weight of the giants who can afford to distinguish themselves but to find the ideal answer to every query.

In many ways, this is an inherently fair system, as the only way to sway the algorithm in your favor is to be genuinely relevant. There are no tricking search engines. It’s all a question of giving them the keys to help them understand what your content is about and who will be interested in it.

The reason you may want to invest in professional SEO is that while this all sounds relatively simple in theory, in practice, it’s really not. With the rise in mobile searches, for instance, Google takes location into account, providing individualized results for virtually every user. And that’s just one small example amongst many.

The great advantage to all this is that, when done well, SEO leads to highly qualified traffic. If Google shows your site to local, relevant, and above all, engaged prospects, then you will have the ideal audience visiting your pages on a regular basis.

It Creates a Better User Experience

As we have already touched upon, investing in SEO is to focus your efforts on making your content more relevant, inspiring, educational, and appealing.

If a cleverly designed website sends a favorable message to search engines, it is also because it adds significant value for the user. Google wants its users to have a positive experience.

A visitor who clicks away immediately because the content takes forever to display or because the site is an ergonomic nightmare is a sure sign that the page doesn’t belong at the top of the list.

Search engine optimization also consists in ensuring that your site is quick to load, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate (and crawl). This helps improve your ranking all while creating a great UX that will make visitors more likely to stick around and complete a purchase.

It Improves Your Digital Marketing ROI

Targeting the right people and delivering exactly what they are looking for can only mean one thing: an optimal Return on Investment.

Even in 2022, and even with the plethora of strategies and tools at your disposal, investing in SEO is still one of the most cost-effective approaches to digital marketing.

One of the main reasons for this is that the effects of Search Engine Optimisation don’t simply vanish once your campaign is over. Your content won’t suddenly become irrelevant to the audience it was optimized for, your UI won’t revert to its previous state, your authority won’t wane overnight, and your traffic won’t come to an abrupt end…

Which is more than anyone can say about PPC advertising, social media ads, and other one-shot methods. Instead, you will likely continue to see the benefits of your SEO campaign long after it’s over.

It Helps You Beat the Competition and Build a Better Website Over Time

Despite its long-lasting effects, SEO gains a lot by being viewed as an ongoing process. This isn’t to say that a one-time campaign won’t be effective. But if your success is not nurtured, your competition will eventually get ahead of you just by keeping up with algorithm updates.

Carrying out extensive analyses of the marketplace, your competitors, and customer behavior falls under SEO best practices as well. This not only allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of how your brand can stand out from the crowd, but it also helps you uncover new opportunities as they arise.

It’s Becoming Increasingly Complex

Despite all its benefits, SEO has become a much more delicate and complex task than it used to be. Search engines want nothing but the best for their demanding users and are constantly changing the rules of excellence for the on/off-page elements that make or break your ranking.

So much so that, for a non-specialist, staying on top of the latest SEO techniques can quickly turn into a frustrating endeavor. Meanwhile, though the SEO functionalities that website-building platforms offer are a start, they simply can’t make up for inadequate content or an irregular posting schedule, for instance.

That’s where SEO experts come in! Whether you choose to add talented SEO specialists to your own team or entrust an SEO agency with the management of your content, they will help you get the most out of your SEO investments.