Bitcoin in 2021: The Roller Coaster Ride for Digital Coin


We know Bitcoin is among the most popular and oldest digital currencies globally. Despite the critics, it has witnessed a meteoric rise in its value over the past few months.  Also, there seemed a good rise of the coin that has further helped many people get usual caveats and other warnings in this regard. Also, some doubts seem to come along with the skepticism that added many more things to the market. Nevertheless, today both individuals and institutions have come forward to invest in Bitcoin. However, in 2021, which is about to end in a few days, we saw the con taking a roller coaster ride. We are just trying to discuss the coin has performed this year in this post. Well, you can find Bitcoin to be on a quick roll this year, seeing both the ends – the low and the high. You can further explore this topic on the sites like tron token; meanwhile, let’s check the overview on the coin as under:

Bitcoin rise and fall

If you look at the year 2021, it has proved too rosy for Bitcoin. However, the same year saw some rough patches of this coin. All thanks to the volatility element that goes on the top for this coin compared to fiat coins. The month in 2020, we saw some all-time rise of the coin when BTC was valued at around 65K USD. It came up with an overwhelming rise of not less than 450 percent compared to the earlier years. As the price of Bitcoin is seen taking a tumble, you tend to lose much more value, and then it reaches the next level. However, we have seen the roller coaster ride of the coin this year and other digital coins.

This Friday, we see the BTC Price going high and still on the higher side, allowing the people to sell and earn goods. However, many more seemed to wait again to see a specific more rise in the coming days. Experts feel that the coming weeks would be decent enough compared to the previous ones giving an incredible rise in the recent times. On the other side, we had incidents like China seen clamping down the currency over the trade thing that could have intensified in a long way. At the same time, we have examples of Elon Musk, who remains the company’s CEO and we have seen the company now investing a whopping 1.5 Billion USD in this domain.

The company CEO was seen earning a colossal amount, and he seemed to have come along with something exciting and worthy. On the other side, Bitcoin has proved a boon for electronic-based vehicles. The company allowed the customers to pay in Bitcoin. However, the company has withheld this decision earlier in 2021. Still, later, they are now allowing the consumers to pay in Bitcoin or any other digital coins to pay to procure electric cars and other similar vehicles from them. Bitcoin mining has seen a good surge in recent times, and it is likely to grow in the coming days. Bitcoin lovers are now asking for other options like using fossil fuels to mine the coins.

Bitcoin High and Low in 2021

  • Jan 2021 – The coin witnessed a good surge when it ranked high with the cost of 40K USD in the market.
  • Feb 2021 – The month witnessed the announcement from Tesla. They invested a whopping 1.5 Billion USD in the Bitcoin market and procured a good amount of coins to hold for long and gain big from crypto. Soon with this investment, the price of BTC coin surged the same month, reaching 57K USD.
  • March 2021 – Since the previous month, Bitcoin has kept on moving big this month. The digital coins are getting the asset breach to around 60K USD mark somewhere in the third week of March.
  • April 2021 – The month helped Bitcoin grow big in the market, and we have seen this month taking the digital coin to the next level. The said month had a massive surge reaching 65K USD.
  • May 2021 – The coin price started falling, and it reached 58K USD and soon in the mid to around 49K USD.
  • June to October 2021 – The price of Bitcoin suffered, reaching 30K USD.

Coming to November and December 21, we see these months, the price kept on moving, and we could now see it coming close to 70K USD.