Feast on the 5 Best Halal Buffet in Birmingham | Explore Flavorful Delights

Halal Buffet in Birmingham

The best halal buffet in Birmingham is the topic of discussion today for Muslim food lovers. Birmingham is a focal point to cherish the traditions of the United Kingdom.

However, the journey is incomplete if you do not delve into the realms of the local delicacies.

The manufacturing powerhouse is also the home of a large portion of the Muslim population. As a result, the top restaurants follow the basic Muslim rules while offering delectable foods. 

In Islam, having halal food is a custom, and they consider it to be a sin or ‘haram’ if the food does not qualify for halal standards.

It implies that the animals should be subject to a specific method of slaughtering, where the blood will drain out completely. 

Birmingham restaurants consider these rules of Islamic laws and prepare authentic dishes, safe for the Islamic community. In this piece, I will discuss the top 5 halal buffet options in Birmingham and their specialities. 

Top 5 Halal Buffet in Birmingham

Are you ready to taste the flavoursome delights of Birmingham? Do not miss these halal fine-dining Birmingham options. The next time you visit the country, never hesitate to try the delicacies due to the halal criteria.

Most food joints in this country abide by those laws and present the best dishes ever.

I have already experienced the magic of the cuisines, and here are my recommendations. 

1. Zauq Buffet: Arabian Cuisines

Halal Buffet in Birmingham

This luxurious buffet restaurant offers the finest Arabian cuisines you can never forget.

Moreover, the search for a halal buffet in Birmingham will find the ultimate heaven as you enter this incredible place.

In Arabic, the word “Zauq” means taste. Believe me, the restaurant does complete justice to its name. 

Furthermore, the luxurious dining joint will present the authentic flavours of the Middle East, considering all the halal norms. You can start with the tasty salad and go ahead with the wonderful main course. The options are more than you can ever imagine. 

Address: Unit 17, Star City Watson Road. Nechells. Birmingham- B7 5SA
Rating: 4.5 stars

2. Comptoir Libanais Birmingham: wonderful halal food at the time of Ramadan

Best Halal Buffet in Birmingham

This is one of the ideal places to spend your special day or to have a remarkable dinner with your family. My experience says that it serves the most wonderful halal food at the time of Ramadan.

Undoubtedly, as far as the best halal buffet in Birmingham is concerned, you will find every variety here. 

Another notable feature is the luxurious ambience. The sophisticated dining culture of the British is reflected at every corner. I will suggest the grilled goodies to be the must-try for your plate.

Moreover, you can also find some amazing breakfast options at the buffet. Reservation of seats is available through online booking. 

Address:  Unit 29, Stephenson Place. Birmingham- B2 4BF
Rating: 4 stars

3. Shahi Masala Buffet: taste the delicacies of India, and the Middle East

 Halal Buffet in Birmingham

A spicy buffet bonanza is the speciality of this UK restaurant. If you want to enjoy cultural diversity amidst the culinary skills, Shahi Masala will not let you down. The best meal ensures safe halal food with a great mixture of quality ingredients. 

Additionally, you can taste the delicacies of India, the Middle East, China, or Italy in the same place. It is a halal-certified restaurant in the UK and provides some amazing options for food and beverages. 

Address: 8 Burney Ln. Birmingham- B8 2AH
Rating: 3.9 stars

4. Jimmy Spices: freshly cooked dishes from the live counter

The aroma of tasty food will take you to the land of innovative halal items. Jimmy Spices brings up a great combination of world-class cuisines.

However, please consider the branch having the halal certificate. The craving for ordering some more on the plate will be so common as you come here. 

It does not matter whether you are looking for Pakistani, Indian, Italian, or Arabian food. A plethora of flavourful variety is readily available at this extraordinary dining point.

Furthermore, you can have freshly cooked dishes from the live counter. The prices will also suit your pockets. 

Address: Unit 4, Regency Wharf, Broad Street. Birmingham- B1 2DS
Rating: 3.8 stars

5. Ziryab Executive Buffet: the bite of halal meat and also the fabulous taste of veggies

Halal Buffet in Birmingham

Want to have your lunch or dinner in a calm and relaxed ambience? Ziryab Executive Buffet will fulfil this desire with its refined culinary formulae. You are bound to appreciate every bite of the halal meat and also the fabulous taste of veggies. 

The buffet menu consists of all the international flavours and dishes. I celebrated the birthday of my mom here, and trust me, the taste was out of the world. Undoubtedly, it is worth spending money on such palatable dishes.

Therefore, visit the brilliant place in Birmingham with your partner, friends, or family. The hospitality of the staff is also commendable. 

Address: 35-41, Highfield Road. Saltley. Birminham- B8 3QD.
Rating: 4 stars


1. Which items are banned as per the Halal laws?

The Muslims consider the food to be appropriate for consumption when it abides by all the halal laws. As per these norms, every ingredient in the recipe should be halal. However, the Quran bans certain foods from the list of halal items. They are;-

  • Alcohol
  • Animal blood
  • Carrion
  • Pork

Therefore. any item containing any or all of the above ingredients will not be considered a Halal food item as per Islamic laws. 

2. Is the meat of an already dead animal be considered a halal item?

No. Muslim laws say that an animal must be slaughtered when it is alive. Islamic laws prohibit the consumption of blood. Therefore, there should be direct slaughtering of the animal by cutting a certain point. This will cause a painless death and provide halal meat. 

3. Does every restaurant in Birmingham serve halal meat?

No. However, Birmingham acquires the top name among the UK’s most halal-friendly cities. Since the Muslim community constitutes more than one-fifth of the total population, the majority of the restaurants offer halal food.

You have to be sure by checking whether the place has Halal certification or not. 

4. Do American fast-foods follow halal rules?

There is no mandate regarding following the halal rules for all American food chains. Several food joints and meat suppliers do not follow the halal specifications for slaughtering.

Therefore, it is always better to verify before trying the food of an American restaurant in the UK. 

5. Can I get non-alcoholic drinks in the Birmingham restaurants?

Yes, of course. Even many of the non-Muslim people also like to take non-alcoholic drinks. Hence, you will get some amazing Mocktails and soft drinks available in Birmingham.

It does not matter whether the food they supply is halal-certified or not. Non-alcoholic beverages are part of the menu for almost all top restaurants. 

6. What is the most delicious halal food in the world?

Shawarma, Hummus, Halvah, Ghanoush etc. are the most delicious halal foods in the world.


If you are looking for the best halal buffet in Birmingham, look not far as all the options are right in front of you. I have accumulated

the top 5 restaurants serving only premium quality halal meat. Moreover, you also have the privilege to taste the diversified cuisines of different countries. Therefore, it is right to say that Birmingham is a globally recognized point for excellent food. 

Food represents the living styles and culture of a place. Hence, you cannot scout a region without trying the local cuisines. However, if you are bound to take only halal meat, be a little cautious and choose certified restaurants only.

Birmingham presents a captivating sight of natural beauty and mouthwatering delicacies. Therefore, it has every meal ready specially prepared with love and care for all communities.

The halal-certified restaurants follow Islamic halal laws and serve only high-quality edibles. Consume safely and enjoy fully.