Secrets! Why There Are too Many Indian People Living in the UK?


The United Kingdom is the preferred destination for Indian students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. After Brexit, the popularity of the UK has been raised among Indians.

The ambitious recent migration partnership has made it easier for young Indian professionals to work and settle in the UK very easier.

The agreement is part of the UK government’s commitment that the government will deliver a smoother immigration system that will attract the best and brightest individuals in India. A large portion of the Indian population is attracted to work and settling in Britain.

These Indians are looking to set up businesses, jobs, and education. The UK government also helps them access financial support and other such regulatory enforcement. Access to a good healthcare system is another reason for Indians to move to the UK.

Here, in this article, we are going to wrap up various reasons that are working together behind the UK to attract a growing number of worthy Indians.

How many Indians have gone to Britain?

According to UK immigration statistics, 1, 18,000 Indians travelled in the UK on student visas until June 2022. This rate is an increased amount of about 89% if compared to the data of 2021. Also, India has overtaken China this year in the student visa category.

China and India have the largest number of mass immigrants to the USA and Great Britain. Similarly, around 1, 03,000 people travelled to the UK on work visas in the same period till June 2022. And this is 148 per cent more if compared to the data in 2021.

5 reasons for the UK’s growing popularity among worth Indians:

There is no exaggeration that the UK is one of the desirable destinations for the Indians. Especially, the number of Indians who study, travel, or visit the UK continues to increase. At present, the 5 most compelling reasons have a greater impact on the growing popularity of the UK among Indians.

#1. Graduate Route:

Indian-origin people are eager to have the excellent opportunity of stepping into a job in the UK just right after they complete their academic program. The Graduate route was launched in July last year.

According to Graduate Route, any international student who completes a UG degree or more with a conforming educational institute in the UK is capable of applying for a job in the UK.

They can apply for the job at any skill level for two years. The PhD graduates are allowed to stay in the UK for an additional year. Even students who are studying in their home country online are also allowed to apply for jobs.

This is an amazing opportunity for Indians who are looking for opportunities to study in the UK. They not only study in the UK but also can start their professional careers.

#2. Safety and contingency planning:

The UK Universities have taken all the measures to secure and protect the student’s health. During Covid 19, the campuses and the accommodations have taken contingency plans to prevent the outbreak.

They provide not only safety to the students but also take measures to deliver quality education through online channels.

The universities also put a lot of effort so that the students can cope with the challenging situation easily.

The universities also focus on keeping the mental health of the students alright and they also work out some ways that help the students socialize and stay active.

#3. Scholarship opportunities:

There is a wide range of scholarship opportunities open for Indian students to study in the UK. The UK Universities individually as well as the UK government fund these scholarships.

Some of the very well-known scholarships are the Women in STEM scholarship, the GREAT scholarships, the India Chevening program, the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, commonwealth scholarships, and many more.

#4. UK: the renowned country for high-quality higher education:

Students who are looking to get a well-rounded, high-quality higher education may opt for opportunities with a global outlook from a foreign destination. Also, Indians choose the UK as one of the desired destinations to avail employment opportunities.

The four UK Universities were ranked in the top 10 University ranking list 2022 that was conducted by the QS World University ranking.

 Times Higher Education World University Rankings lists 26 UK Universities among the top 200 Universities in the world in 2022. Also, London has been categorized as the best city for students since 2018.

The UK offers world-class infrastructure, faculty, and facilities that enable the students to acquire skills that they need to thrive in an evolving world ecosystem. The cultural diversity of the students In the UK helps the students to get a world view into ideologies from various parts of the world.

Also, this international exposure provides the students an edge when they enter into their professional life.

#5. UK degrees and life have a great impact on Employability:

If you can get academic degrees from UK Universities or colleges then your education will be considered as high-quality credentials when you are in any job interview.

So, UK graduates are considered the most employable in the whole world according to the QS Graduate Employability ranking.

A report created by the Universities UK International stated that 83 per cent of international graduates credit their UK degree which helps them to get a job. This implies that all employers throughout the globe appreciate UK education.


Is it better to live in India or the UK?

Ans: India has a huge populace, and that implies there are a lot of chances for business visionaries and occupation searchers. Moreover, India has a lower typical cost for many everyday items contrasted with the UK. Therefore, it can be an incredible choice for those on a tight spending plan. On the contrary, if you want more facilities and a better standard of living, then undoubtedly the UK is the best option to settle down.

Why do Indians prefer to live in the UK?

Ans: Britain is the most popular housing hub for the immigrants in the world especially for the Indians. Further, because of the abundant study and job opportunities and familiarity with the language, most Indians prefer to live in the UK.

Is it easier to settle in the UK as an Indian?

Ans: As an Indian, if you want to migrate to the UK then you will be required to have a good IELTS score. Also, you need to meet all the professional, legal, and financial criteria. These criteria depend upon which path you are considering for the migration process.


The highest immigration of Indians in England took place from 1955-1975. Till then Indians prefer the UK as one of the most suitable destinations for study, business, and job.

These are the reasons why many Indian people are migrating to the UK and settling down there. There are various districts in the UK where the majority are Indians.

Some of them are Gujarati, some are Punjabi, and some are of South Indians. Here, we have tried to wrap up the 5 reasons for migrating to the UK of Indian people.

Hope, this guide will be helpful for you to acquire some knowledge about the migration of the Indian people.