Activities In Cyprus In December : Unique Middle Eastern Tour

Cyprus In Decembe

Cyprus is a jewel of the Mediterranean and an enticing tourist destination for many people because of its location at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

The month of December in Cyprus, filled to the brim with ancient ruins, gorgeous sandy beaches, rocky mountains, and of course, the overpowering Mediterranean temperature, offers a spectacular experience throughout the year.

This island is ideal for visitors searching for a holiday where they can kick back and relax due to its breathtaking natural landscape, luxurious hotels and resorts, mouthwatering traditional food, and lovely people known for their gracious hospitality.

About Weather in Cyprus in December

Rainfall in Cyprus increases throughout December; the month’s weather may be somewhat erratic. It is possible for there to be continuous torrential rain for one to three days in succession, or the weather might be evident with a brisk and refreshing wind.

On the shore of Cyprus in December, the average daytime temperature is roughly 19 degrees Celsius, whereas the average daytime temperature inland is 17 degrees Celsius.

Evenings and nights are much chillier than the daytime, with temperatures falling as low as 7 or 9 degrees Celsius. Cyprus in December is still a paradise on earth, although each day only has an average of six to eight hours of sunshine.

Should I visit Cyprus in winter?

Cyprus is simply another one of those beautiful beach destinations. The weather in Cyprus during the winter is almost as lovely as it is in the summer. Below are some reasons you must visit Cyprus in winter:

Winter Sun

Let’s begin with something that doesn’t need much thought: the weather! The phrase “winter sun” has a new meaning when used in this setting. There were no glances of the light, and there were no prayers for there to be sunshine.

When you spend the winter in Cyprus, you will find that warmth and sunlight will visit your home almost every day. You will probably spend a lot of time resting by the pool or getting a nice tan while walking down the beach. 

Astonishingly High Costs

Winter vacation costs are usually more affordable than summer ones. However, you may not realize how great of a bargain you’ll receive in Cyprus! The prices of eating out, going on day trips, and renting cars are all noticeably more affordable during the winter months. This is in addition to the fact that premium resorts provide a significant discount and come loaded with unique winter extras.

A Paradise of Flowers

The sweltering temps start to cool down, and that’s when all the plants and flowers decide to come out and play. The breathtaking landscapes of Cyprus become a wonderful sight to behold when more than a thousand different varieties of flowers are used to decorate the vast fields, and tall cypress and pine trees are used to loom over them.

There has never been an adequate opportunity to merge with the natural world.

Evening Entertainment

You probably didn’t see this one coming, but Cyprus truly has nonstop entertainment available throughout the whole year! With hotels brimming with nighttime programs that include concerts by famous stars, the festival season beginning in late winter, and an assortment of exciting indoor clubs and first-class casinos, every evening is an event!

Spending winter holidays in Cyprus

Taking a trip to Cyprus in the winter is something that you should consider doing. It is not only one of the sunniest areas in Europe where one may travel to escape from the European cold, but it is also one of the greatest seasons for some sports that one cannot undertake when the weather is hot. In other words, it is one of the finest seasons for skiing. What Kind of Winter Weather to Anticipate in Cyprus:

Gorgeous sea

It shimmers with varying green, blue, dark blue, and grey hues throughout. The shades are at their most stunning and vivid during the winter months.

Complimentary use of sun loungers

Most of the time, sun loungers are left behind on various beaches. However, since there are not nearly as many visitors in the area anymore, no one is collecting money on their behalf. As a result, sunbeds at the beach are available for free use to everyone who visits the beach.

There is plenty of sunshine.

Cyprus indeed receives a lot of sun, even in the winter. People from Eastern and Northern Europe who have vacations in Cyprus will notice this phenomenon more than others because of its proximity to their home regions.

Quiet, serenity, and total unwinding

The winter months see a deficient number of visitors, the majority of whom are retirees, moms with children who want to spend a few weeks or months in the sunniest and warmest area in Europe, and families who come for a brief vacation during the winter months.

The sun sets early

Cyprus is situated farther to the south, and the sun begins to set there at 4:30 in the afternoon during winter. After that time, the temperature starts to fall, leaving behind a crisp breeze and relatively deserted streets. After 22:00, hardly anybody is out and about, and most people in restaurants and on the roads have gone to bed. As a result, it is in your best interest to plan your evening leisure activities in Cyprus.

What to do in Cyprus in December

1. Discover and enjoy the mountain weather

Discover and enjoy the mountain weather
Image source: Audley travel

If one were to go into the past, one would undoubtedly uncover that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born in the rock that bears her name. People are led to think that this rock may be seen from a great distance because of this particular reason.

Many visitors also choose to wash in the sacred river that flows nearby the rock. Several interesting legendary facts entice guests to investigate the location. This site became a famous tourist destination because of the allure of its crystal clear water, stunning natural scenery, and pleasant climate.

2. Travel to Various Historic Locations

Travel to Various Historic Locations
Image source: Hurriyet daily news

Historical sites of Cyprus have garnered a lot of attention. Archaeologists have uncovered several areas, many of which have now been developed into tourist destinations. Kourion is regarded as one of the top locations among them all.

This location is charming and has many activities in Cyprus because of its location on the shore of Episkopi Bay. Several historic towns and monuments have recently emerged as major tourist destinations. In addition, guests have the opportunity to investigate the historical and cultural connections between the Greeks and Romans, amongst other topics.

3. Shop at the neighborhood market

Shop at the neighborhood market.
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The guests have their choice of a diverse selection of shops to choose from. The neighborhood store sells essential goods necessary for people’s day-to-day lives. The price is marginally more significant than that of the competition.

In addition, several Metro stores inside the complex allow tourists to purchase branded goods at affordable prices.

There is a wide selection of reasonably priced regional meals and drinks available. In addition to them, there are other shops such as Lidl, Carrefour, and AlphaMega. These retailers have excellent items, but their prices are often higher.

It is usually agreed that going shopping together is one of the most romantic activities in Cyprus couples can do in Cyprus.

4. Enjoy The Delectable Mezé

 Enjoy The Delectable Mezé
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Enjoy The Delectable Mezé Mezé, which is known all over the globe, is the best way to get a taste of the majority of the occasional specialties available. One of the best activities in Cyprus, the typical meal served for dinner, is called meze, traditional cuisine that has developed over many decades.

The innovative Mezé is a selection of around 24 meals prepared in the conventional manner of Cypriot cuisine.

These dishes need to be presented to make the dinner more of an “event” that lasts most of the night so they are mouthwatering! The meze begins with a large bowl of a local salad made of a variety of greens called Horiatiki, followed by your choice of a variety of traditional dips and some thickly sliced bread.

The supper continues with a few selections of seafood and vegetables, including calamari at one point.

5. Explore Cyprus Beer And Wines

Explore Cyprus Beer And Wines
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Also, sample some local beer and wine while you’re there. Around the country, one may find many excellent beers and wine retailers to satisfy one’s thirst. All of them are not accessible at affordable prices; nonetheless, to get a branded wine, vacationers will need to shell out a few more dollars than usual.

Keo is a well-known brand of beer in this region. Aside from these, a few wines stand out as particular favorites. Xynisteri, Maratheftiko, and Commandaria are their respective names. They are produced using grapes in addition to a few other components that are exclusive to Cyprus alone.

6. Visit Local Villages

Visit Local Villages
Image source: Culture Trip

Cyprus is home to several quaint villages in addition to its well-known high-end resort cities. The way of life in these communities has not altered to reflect the changes in the external environment. And because of this, the communities in question have become well-known vacation destinations.

Travelers interested in learning more about the local culture may visit these areas, which also have a variety of businesses selling regional delicacies and artisanal goods. Due to the pleasant weather in January, traveling to these villages is one of the most enjoyable activities in Cyprus.

7. Take pleasure in Fasouri Water Park

Take pleasure in Fasouri Water Park.
Image source: My Cyprus insider

It is widely acknowledged that Fasouri Water Park is the most well-liked water park in all of Cyprus. The water park in Tserkezoi is visited by more than one million people from different countries every year.

This park has won multiple awards for having the most extensive water pool in Middle East Europe, and those awards continue to come in. This location and activities in Cyprus provide families with various beautiful amenities and exciting things to do in cyprus. Food, beverages, and rides on multiple types of equipment are available to tourists.

8. Explore Stunning Beaches

Explore Stunning Beaches
Image source: Olivers travel

Most visitors are easily swayed by the prospect of relaxing on warm beaches while sipping a refreshing drink. Agia Napa is well-known for many young tourists that it welcomes every year. Some of the best beaches, like Nissi, are starting to be packed throughout the year. However, it is possible to find some of the less well-known beaches that are tranquil and lovely despite their relative obscurity.

The beaches of Kermia and Macronissos are renowned for their dazzlingly white sands and waves that are crystal clear, and they also provide a large amount of room for visitors to relax and unwind. There are also some ancient graves to be found along the Macronissos beach.

9. Explorations and Thrills in Akama

Explorations and Thrills in Akama
Image source: My Guide Cyprus

The Akamas is located northwest of Pafos and is the best spot to discover the diverse array of native flora and fauna and the culture of the people who live there. The only thing that breaks the silence of the night in the Avakas Gorge, which is located on the southernmost edge of the location, are the chimes of the goats.

The canyon is excessively steep, and portions of it where sunlight never penetrates; despite this, the rugged location is the native habitat of small Maidenhair plants and several other plant species. Visitors can locate a turtle preservation center near the Lara headland. Karavopetres is a well-known beach found in the northernmost part of Lara. Visitors may get close to nature and partake in various exciting activities in Cyprus, including hiking, scuba diving, and other outdoor pursuits.

10. Pay a Visit to the Local Temples and Churches

Pay a Visit to the Local Temples and Churches
Image source: Travel triangle

Visitors may locate churches, mosques, and temples since this country is very religious. This country is home to many churches that adhere to the Orthodox Christian tradition of Greece. Not only does the Christian faith have representation, but also the Islamic and Hindu religions.

The most well-known church in this part of Cyprus is Agios Saranta, which can be found in the island’s northernmost section. This chapel is in a cave with a blue entrance and several antique murals. It would help if you didn’t miss out on seeing the PanagiaAgapis and AgiosSaranta Cave Churches while in the area.


Vacationers have a wide variety of choices for places to stay. Additionally, the people there are pretty kind and helpful in character. Therefore, this essay will greatly assist everyone who has contemplated taking a trip to Cyprus.

While traveling, you may partake in activities in Cyprus that are both the most unique and fundamental. Therefore, put together a vacation to Europe, fly to Cyprus, and prepare for a good time.

M. D. – Cyprus In December is ideal for visitors searching for a holiday where they can kick back and relax due to its breathtaking natural landscape, hotels, and resorts.