5 Best Dash Cam in 2022

best dash cam

Dashcams have become popular lately. One of the reasons is the incredible viral stunt driving videos and dazzling weather activities such as beautiful sunsets and threatening tornadoes. It may not be exciting, but the more important reason drivers attach cams to their cars is to limit their liability for accidents and capture vandalism when parking. It’s another piece of evidence that an insurance company must provide in the event of an accident or vehicle damage for everyone else.

Dash cameras with various features such as GPS navigation, security alerts, and mobile app integration have different situations. It doubles as an action camera, and some are compatible with tripod mounts, so you can take it out of your car and take it outdoors. Here’s how to choose the best dash cam UK for you.

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What is a dashcam?

Many dash cameras are automatically set to record when you start the car and overwrite the video when the internal storage or memory card is full. In the event of a collision, a dashcam with a G-sensor will detect the action and automatically save the record for later viewing and use as evidence if needed. If you want to take a snapshot along the way, some have a built-in still camera, but even at your smartphone’s image level, it’s generally low resolution. The field of view of the camera is important because wide-angle lenses capture more detail.

Some dash cameras act like real GPS navigation devices, while others can use GPS to determine where the video was taken. This is important in the event of an accident or other accident. It’s also useful if you’re capturing a sunset, storm, or other interesting activity and want to know exactly where it happened.

The best dash cam has a built-in display so you can watch the video directly on your device (not while driving), but other dash cams don’t have a display and need to be paired with the smartphone app. There is. The dashcam can act as a security device, but one with a large 5-inch screen occupies more space on the windshield and can be distracting if not placed carefully. A small cam without a screen can be placed just below the rearview mirror, so it’s out of sight.

Best dash cam 2020 UK is the most popular sash camera which you can buy.

List of Best dash cam 2020 UK

  1. Nextbase 312GW

It offers good recording quality during the day. It is easy to use and has a convenient magnetic mount, allowing you to remove and replace the camera without disconnecting cables quickly.

The Nextbase 312GW is, without a doubt, the best option if you don’t have a very high budget.

  • Viofo A129 Duo

This set of cameras for the front and rear dash does not have any frills and focuses on what is important: record good quality video. This means that it is cheaper than most so-called dual channel dash cameras, but be careful as some packages do not include the GPS mount and polarizing filter. 

It is worth having both to test where the video is recorded and eliminate most of the reflections from the windshield in the video. The front camera is well designed if you are looking for something to hide behind the rear-view mirror, but the rear camera, while small, has a very thick cable that can be difficult to hide.

  • Viofo A119 v3 with GPS

Viofo seems to understand what many people want to see in a car camera: good recording quality, plus recording options when your car is parked. There are no additional features like lane departure, speed camera – even GPS is optional, so you can pay less if you don’t want it. 

  • Nextbase 422GW

The lowest-priced model in Nextbase’s new Series 2 range is Alexa and Emergency Response; the 422GW also supports the rear camera range, records at 1440p, and costs the same as the previous 412GW. 

If you don’t need all the new features, you can save money by opting for the 322GW, but the old 312GW is even cheaper right now.

  • Nextbase 522GW

The 522GW camera doesn’t add much to the already competent 422GW: mostly a built-in polarize. However, it improves the image quality by reducing the brightness. The other main difference is a slightly larger touchscreen, but ultimately the 422GW is fine for most people.