Building Materials – 5 Best Materials to Build a House in The UK


The house is one of the types of residential buildings which can be constructed with concrete, wood, and other materials. Some of the other outfits of the house are plumbing, electrical, ventilation, air conditions facility, and heating system. This article will help you know about the different types of building materials used to construct the house.

List of five best building materials to construct the house?

Before constructing the house, you will need to learn about What building materials are used to build houses in the UK? The list of five best building materials to build the house is given by,


Wood is one of the important things to construct the house, which can be used as the primary material to build the log cabin, and it can be blended with other materials. It is used as a decorative element and support structure of the house. It is lightweight compared to the stone, and it can be cut easily.

There are some of the disadvantages of wood. They are decaying, and it is affected by the insects such as termites and fire is one of the big problems for wood construction.


The bricks are made of clay, and they can be used in ancient structures. The bricks are used to make the walls of the house and other structures. The smooth wall can be obtained from the uniform structure of bricks.

Nowadays brick making walls are very stable in dry climates. It is durable, fire and weather-resistant, and it is easy to make the walls. 


Stone is one of the durable structures and good stuff for constructing the house. It is produced in the quarry. It will resist the deforming and with stand-in high temperature. There are many excellent stones available in the market. The stone can be used as the concrete for the house. Aggregate suppliers will be the best for building materials.


Concrete is one of the mixtures of components made by materials such as stones and sand combined with a binder like water and cement. After that, the mixture can be left to dry and become harden. It is one of the flexible materials. 

It is ideal for walls, slabs, beams, frames, foundations, and other house structures. The metal rod and mesh can be fixed together with the help of concrete. 

Iron and steel:

Iron and steel are some of the essential materials to make the building strong and durable. There are different types of iron and steel are available in the market. It is one of the strong bases of the house. 

The steel can be easily fabricated and make the easy installation. It can be bolted, riveted, and welded. It is relatively economical to constructing a new house.

What are the factors considered while building a house?

The factors are considered while building a house in the UK are given by,

Creating a plan: Planning is one of the important factors before constructing your new home. You can make a plan about the size of the room and make a perfect plan before you start building. You can make the plan as per your budget, arrange your finance, and ensure your funds for constructing your house.

Hire the right contractor: You can hire a registered contractor for constructing your house. You need to check the construction method which the contractor uses is the latest technology. You can choose the contractor who will fulfill your requirements and complete the construction in time. When selecting the contractor, you can check the essential factors: experience, reputation, past work, deadlines, and skilled labour.

Choose an appropriate location: Location is one of the important things to build a house. You can consider the important things like area, legality, practicality, amenities, and resources which choosing the location to construct your home.

Consider the details of the house: You can consider the colours, finishes, and fixtures of your home before you start building the house. Some of the small considerations are hallways, electrical outlets, underground pipes, lighting, interior designs, storage, and ceiling height of the home.

Consider the resale value of your house: You must consider the house’s resale value before constructing your house. You can know that the fixtures and installation of the house will satisfy the home buyer in the coming days.

What are the ways to build the cheapest house construction?

For a budget-friendly house, you will know about ways to build the cheapest house. What is the cheapest type of house to build in the UK? 

The ways are given by,-

  • You can keep the geometry simple. You can choose the plan for your home in a simple and elegant looking. It is one of the best ways to build the cheapest house on your budget.
  • You can consider your construction method as well as the materials used for the construction. You can get excellent quality materials from the supplier at an affordable price.
  • You should then consider the labour costs also. You can choose efficient work contractors at a nominal price to construct the home. If the labour cost is small, you can build your home at a cheap cost.
  • You can be efficient with the floor area. You can be careful while selecting the fixtures and extra fitting of the house. You can choose the best paint and building materials at a reasonable price in the market.
  • Space planning is one of the essential factors while constructing a new home in the UK. Open plan is most famous for the new houses, and it will bring natural light to the house. 
  • At last, you can avoid more expensive interior design in your home. It will help you to reduce the cost of the construction. The simple look of your house will be more elegant.

Final thought:

House is one of the dreams for everyone life. All need to construct their house by owner. With the help of this article, you will know about the best materials, tips to build, and ways to build the cheapest home.