Are Luxury Watches a Good Investment?


Luxury watches are of high value: accurate clockwork, high-end material, sturdy design, and elegant looks. Those characteristics and the fact that many models are limited editions cause a high resale value for many luxury timepieces. Sometimes, the watches don’t just store their value but increase it over time. That’s how certain luxury watches end up as collector’s items and can be sold at a corresponding price.

At the moment, inflation has taken a toll on nations all over the globe. That’s why more and more people decide to invest in commodities and tangible valuables. Luxury watches are said to be a great investment, but there are certain things to consider before purchasing your first watch.

Made for Eternity

Luxury watches are not just a mere status symbol. They carry real value and are made to last forever. Instead of mass production, delicate craftsmanship is used during the manufacturing process. Only the finest materials are used for the delicate yet sturdy clockwork. That’s why luxury watches will look great for a very, very long time. Because of that, their resale value is still very high – even years after the purchase.

Oftentimes, luxury watches are not bought under the prerequisite of selling them again in the future. Most people want to wear them for years to come. Others safely store them in collecting boxes – some watch enthusiasts even display them in special showcases. And there are investors, of course, who specifically buy luxury watches to trade them in with a plus.

How to Make Profit Reselling Luxury Watches

The secret of making a profit through investment is simple: buy at a low price, sell at a higher price. The difference between the two amounts represents the profit generated through investment. Of course, luxury watches are expensive. But there’s a big market for preowned timepieces that offers you opportunities to purchase certain timepieces like popular skeleton watches at a good price. For example, you can buy Skeleton watches on

Preowned models that need to be sold because the owner might be in a financial tight spot can be a great way of getting started. If you purchase the watch as an investment, you can wait until you find the perfect buyer that is willing to pay a collector’s price. The more time you have, the better. Keep in mind, that, as time passes, fewer watches of a certain brand and model will be available on the market. Scarce supply and high demand– that´s what influences pricing.

A Practical Investment

If you choose luxury watches or diamond watches as an investment, you purchase something you can actually touch, look upon, and use. That makes watches a very practical investment. And even if you decide not to resell the watch, you can always just keep it and wear it yourself or pass it on to your children.

Take Good Care

In order to keep the value of your luxury watch as high as possible, you should take good care of it. Even though high-end models are made to endure decades, it’s the models that are in perfectly good condition that brings in the most money once you resell them. That’s why you should take advantage of service and maintenance as the manufacturer recommends.

If you purchase a preowned watch, make sure to receive all relevant information on the watch as well as documents and certificates of authenticity. You’ll need those to resell the watch. If the timepiece hasn’t been cleaned and rehashed in a professional way, make sure to catch up on that after your purchase.

Invest Your Way Up

You don’t need to be a millionaire to make a profit from luxury watches. If you start with less expensive preowned models and successfully resell those, you’ll have more capital for your next investment until, someday, you can invest in the most expensive brands of luxury watches like Rolex.