Are 0800 Numbers Free from Landlines in The UK?

Are 0800 Numbers Free

If you are going to pay a bill or look for some answers from customer care, you have to pay a huge amount. Numbers that start with 08 in the UK cost you a huge amount of money. Every time you call customer care, they make you wait for many minutes. You will listen to unwanted music or awful promotional announcements before you get through the operator. The sad part is, these are pricey calls in the UK. So, every minute they make you wait, you have to pay for that. You have to pay a huge amount of bills every time you call customer care to pay a bill!

Are 0800 numbers free?

People looking for answers are 0800 numbers free? Well yes! Numbers that start with 0800 are usually free of cost. It is absolutely free whether you can call on from your landline or from your mobile. But sadly, not many companies and government organizations have numbers that start with 0800. In most cases, the numbers start with 09, which is the most costly call in the UK. If you are going to call on these numbers, the call rate is high. You may recharge your number with minute value packages, but no call deduction facility will work in case of these calls.

Then what is the way out?

If you are calling from another country, there are numbers available for you to call. These numbers generally start with +44 1 and +44 2. These numbers are not as costly as numbers that start with 08 or 09. You can call on these numbers and pay the normal bill you had to pay if you call on normal numbers in the UK. If you live in the UK and want to cut down your call charges, you can call on 141. It will hide your location. If you call on the numbers starting with 08 or 09, you will have to pay the normal charge.

There is another way out. You can look for parallel numbers offered by companies in the UK. Some companies understand this problem of higher rates. So they have a parallel number that starts with 03. Numbers that start with 03 charge you the same as other numbers apart from 08 and 09. You can call on those particular numbers to keep your telephone bill low. If the number starts with 01 or 02, it also comes within the arena of your minute value package. So, check a little bit before making your call, and you can save a lot of money.

What Does It Cost To Call 0800 Numbers?

Sometimes people have questions in their mind like What It Really Costs To Call 0800 Numbers? If you call on the numbers that start with 0800, it will not charge you anything. But if you call on the numbers that start with 0845, you may have to pay around 7p per minute. Charges are different for landlines and mobile phones. These customer care people make you wait over the call, and the charge will go sky-high!