Why you need a pair of Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses

Whether we’re working from a computer, video-calling friends, catching up on the latest episode of a series, or scrolling through social media – our daily screen time is more prominent now than ever. For many of us, that screen time is constantly growing, but what effect does this have on our eyes? As our daily habits shift toward constant exposure to digital screens, this means more work for our eyes, as they struggle to protect themselves from the harmful blue UV light that is emitted from our digital devices.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a potentially harmful, high energy visible light that naturally comes from the sun but is also emitted from digital screens. Blue light wavelengths are short, ranging between 380nm and 500nm, meaning they can scatter easily, causing detrimental damage to the eye.

What are the effects of blue light exposure?

Blue light isn’t all bad. Although it’s widely known that blue light rays are extremely harmful for the eyes, some exposure is necessary in order to regulate circadian rhythm, which improves memory and mood. It’s even more important for children to have exposure to blue light as it helps to maintain healthy eye development.

On the other hand, excessive exposure to blue light can be really harmful to us, severely damaging our eyes and further impacting our health. After a day in front of your computer, you may start to experience dry and irritated eyes, or blurry vision, which is caused by digital eye strain. As a knock on effect of battling this glare, you may experience headaches and start to struggle sleeping (and nobody wants that!). As blue light rays are shorter in wavelength, they can easily penetrate through the retina of the eye, causing premature eye ageing and vision problems in the future.

Why you should consider blue light glasses from SmartBuyGlasses UK

Whilst it’s impossible to completely eradicate screen time from our daily routine, we can look at ways to reduce our exposure to screens and keep our eyes healthy by opticians essex.

The most popular approach to targeting blue light exposure is by purchasing a pair of blue light glasses. Also known as screen glasses, or computer glasses, blue light blocking glasses are designed for all-day wear, made from lightweight materials to sit comfortably on your face, and to do so stylishly. SmartBuyGlasses has a fantastic range of blue light glasses, from both high end designer and exclusive value brands. The likes of Tom Ford, Ray-Ban and Oakley all champion blue light glasses, offering blue light lenses within their products. Blue light glasses are an easy way to give your eyes a well deserved break without compromising on style.

Whether you require a prescription or not, SmartBuyGlasses offer the option to upgrade your lenses to include the latest blue light blocking technology: zFORT™. The aim of zFORT™ coating helps to reduce glare when you are working, gaming, watching or looking at the screen of your computer for an extended period of time. It helps to block blue light wavelengths by creating a ‘fort-like’ protection for the eye, limiting the penetration of those short wavelengths. This reduction in glare leads to a reduction in eye strain, helping to maintain our eye health. Reduced exposure to blue light rays can also help to improve your sleep pattern, leading to an improvement in your energy levels and alertness throughout the day!

Whatever your style, prescription or personal preferences, you’re bound to find a pair of blue light glasses you not only like, but love. They make the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe, so you can make an impact on your way into the office, all whilst keeping your eyes healthy. Shop blue light glasses from SmartBuyGlasses UK.