6 Ways To Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your content marketing strategy is about improving your content’s searchability, usefulness, and ease of consumption.

It’s also the enhancement of the channels you use to reach your prospective customers, social media followers, business competitors, and allies within your industry.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all options and can’t seem to define which part of your strategy is the problem, it might be time to reach out to service providers with the marketing expertise that can determine what your weak points are. It’s advisable to do a quick search online for content marketing agencies in London within your location to find one who can optimize your marketing strategies based on your company’s needs. 

But, if you haven’t found the right person or agency to help you, here are six ways to optimize your content marketing strategy by yourself:

Figure Out Your Current Status

Optimizing your brand’s content marketing strategy means knowing exactly where you are in your niche. This means defining your objectives, milestones, and awareness of your audience and closest competitors.  By knowing your status, you can determine your deficiencies, leverage your strengths, and strengthen your relationship with your audience and supporter. 

Content Creation: Make It Zing For The Right People

Knowing what keeps your customer awake at night is one way to understand what content themes you need to produce and which channels your brand’s presence should be reinforced. 

Customizing the form and style of the content you create is an excellent way for your target audience to pay attention to your business. Every content you make must answer your audience’s “what’s in it for me?”  question. This plan of action is to initiate a relationship and should come in the form they habitually consume, for example, short videos or infographics.

Review Your Content’s Objective

Another factor to consider when optimizing your content marketing strategy is to review the purpose of a particular piece. Determine what part of the buyer’s journey you’re addressing, so your content closes the gap between your target customer and their needs.

An example can be going on LinkedIn and asking for people you don’t know to follow your brand. This strategy is like asking a stranger you sat next to on the train to go on a date with you. Since you intend to create brand awareness, the content you share or publish on LinkedIn must align with your objective. Posting a niche-focused article with a call-to-action (CTA) that asks for an opinion is a more appropriate LinkedIn leads generation strategy than messaging people out of the blue and asking them to follow your brand’s account.

Repurpose Your Most Engaging Content

To maximize the impact of content that’s proven to be effective is to repurpose it into several other forms. Transforming your most popular content into different formats like video or audio will increase the lifespan of your content. Doing this will also multiply profits from your content creation activities.

An example can be making a blog article based on a viral podcast episode. You can transform this podcast episode into other forms of content: quote cards, shareable quotes on Twitter, or infographics you can share on other platforms like Pinterest or Facebook.

Maximize Your Promotional Platforms

Another way to optimize your content marketing strategy is your promotional activities.  Brand promotion can be through countless ways, but the question is which type of promotional activity is more appropriate for your business and is more attractive to your audience. 

Some steps you can take that can maximize the platforms you’re already using can include:

  • Running a split test of your paid ads to find out which version is better
  • Use user-generated content as social proof
  • Doing Ask-me-anything (AMAs) on your brand’s social media pages
  • Guesting on another brand’s social media page
  • Teaming up with micro-influencers from your niche or an adjacent industry
  • Ensure your CTAs are appropriate and updated
  • Include backlinks to your website
  • Use meta descriptions on blog posts
  • Including alt texts to aid visually impaired consumers

Collaborate To Expand Your Reach

If you haven’t explored it yet, then maybe it’s time to collaborate with other brands in the same niche or with other brands that complement your products or services.

Teaming up with another business or with your competitors widens the market you can reach.  Putting your content out on an influencer’s channel or guesting on a blog means acquiring a new type of audience who may be interested in what you sell or offer. Collaboration opens new doors of opportunity to reach the kind of audience who doesn’t fit your target persona and might be an excellent way to tap a new type of market.

It’s All About Them

Optimizing your content strategy means addressing the pain points of your customers. Your content should show your audience how your company can fill in the missing gap in their lives. There are many ways to implement these strategies, but at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that all your efforts should be about your audience and their needs. By doing so, your brand’s wider visibility and awareness wouldn’t be far behind.