Top 5 Vegan Restaurants Soho London – Your Ultimate Guide!

Vegan Restaurants in Soho

Are you vegan and want to have the most delicious food in Soho, London?

Always go to Soho; you will be delighted to explore the extraordinary choices. Moreover, the vegan restaurants Soho London present a plethora of dishes.

Therefore, search for these gems in London whenever you crave tasty vegetarian food. 

The aroma of every dish will also enhance your appetite. Go for a great vegan meal at Soho, London. It is the best place to try new dishes and discover varieties of multiple countries.

Consult this guide to learn about the top restaurants serving the best vegan food in London.

Let us begin the food adventure! 

Why Go Vegan?

Many people in the UK are shifting to a vegan diet. Indeed, fish and meat have their nutrients. However, excessive non-veg consumption can lead to serious diseases.

Since the cases of cardiovascular issues, cholesterol, diabetes, kidney failure, etc., are increasing, some restrictions are essential.

So, doctors are also suggesting a good intake of proteins and other nutrients in the form of vegan food. This will reduce the generation of toxic elements in the body, thus keeping it healthier.

The vegetarian restaurants in Soho London provide more than enough options for a proper meal. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch, the beverages and interesting recipes will keep you mesmerised. 

A few benefits of turning vegan are:-

  • It helps in reducing weight
  • Lower the risks of chronic diseases like cancer, etc. 
  • Reduces cholesterol levels 
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps to control the blood sugar levels
  • Lowers A1C levels and manages diabetes

Therefore, vegan food means good health. To lead a healthy life, concentrate more on vegetables, fruits, salads, and plant-based products.

You will be happier than ever before. Check this piece for the best choices when you go out for a meal. London has a loaded bucket of exciting vegan dishes. 

Top Choices For Vegan Restaurants in Soho London

1. Mildreds

Address: 45, Lexington Street. Carnaby. London W1F 9AN
Ratings: 4.5 stars
Star dish: Avocado and sweetcorn salsa, Jalapeno quesadilla with sour cream, etc. 

This international restaurant with a special theme ensures the finest wine and organic food. The unique dessert items will also have a compelling effect on you.

Mildred has a high reputation among the public of London due to its sophisticated ambience and cool seating structure. Moreover, you can try excellent vegan dishes in the private dining room.

The outdoor seating is there for enjoying the food with a lovely vista.

I will keep this as our top choice among the vegan restaurants in Soho London due to its food quality and, of course, the overall environment. It is a perfect combination of luxurious dining and affordable preparations. 

2. Gauthier Soho

Address: 21 Romilly Street. London W1D 5AF
Rating: 4.5 stars
Star dish: Pithvier D’Eté ( a summer pie with wild mushrooms), spicy vegan sushi rolls, melon and shiitake mushrooms, etc. 

This is a French restaurant with incredible vegan delicacies. If you are a die-hard fan of mushrooms, then this place is a must-try.

The food menu is innovative and diverse. Moreover, it offers exceptional services and 100% pure vegan options. 

Along with the phenomenal dishes, you also have the facility of using the alluring toilets. Indeed, the overall decor of the place will win your hearts. Hence, it deserves the second position in the list. 

3. Club Mexicana

Address: Kingly Court. London W1B 5PW
Rating: 4.5 stars
Star dish: Burritos, Frozen margaritas, nachos

As the name implies, this is a heaven for Mexican delicacies. Moreover, you will love the special fusion of British and Mexican dishes.

Indeed, the incredible taste of the burritos and nachos will keep you in a dream world. Interestingly, every option is purely vegan, with a lot of special touches.

You should definitely go for the well-filled burritos. Trust me, you will be back soon to taste another plate of this mind-blowing recipe.

Therefore, Club Mexicana is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Soho London, giving a positive vibe to all the diners. The innovative dishes and friendly staff make it third best in this top list. 

4. Neat Burger Soho

Address: 33 Old Compton Street. London W1D 5JU
Rating: 4 stars
Star dish: Neat Signature Patty 

Neat Burger Soho is a favourite food junction for vegans in London. Therefore, meet all your fast-food demands at this plant-based restaurant. You will eat completely vegan products like tasty patties, super salads, artisan ciabatta, and, of course, burgers. If you need a quick bite, without a doubt, visit this place. 

The restaurants offer splendid discounts at various times of the year. Look for those benefits and apply the discount code. Net Burger can be a food specialist during your short trips. 

5. Jerusalem Falafel

Address: 2 Berwick Street. London W1F 0QP
Rating: 4.3 stars
Star dish: Saj bread sandwich wraps

Jerusalem Falafel is one of the most cherished places to enjoy vegan street food in London. I feel that the list of the top vegetarian restaurants in Soho London will remain incomplete without including this amazing food centre.

You will get freshly prepared sandwiches with the mouthwatering aroma. It is a flavourful wrap filled with 20 different kinds of veggies and various spices.

Besides, the addition of unique herbs makes the sandwiches tastier. In real terms, this is not a multi-cuisine restaurant. Instead, Jerusalem Falafel is a small stall serving hot and fresh Middle-Eastern recipes.

Although there can be limited timings, there will not be any limit to the taste. Be it the rolls, wraps, sandwiches, or burgers, you will get the original taste of the Middle East.

If you are hungry in the middle of work, grab a quick bite at this stall. You can also bring friends and colleagues for a lovely chat session while having some hot coffee and a vegetable sandwich. 


What is the average number of vegan restaurants in London?

Ans. As per the records of 2022, London is the home of around 400 vegan restaurants. 

What is the master ingredient for vegan foods in London?

Ans. The master ingredient for the vegan foods in London is that they are all plant-based. 

Why is the demand for vegan foods increasing so much in London?

Ans. The demand for vegan food in London is very high at present. This is due to the increased awareness about animal welfare and how to conserve creatures. People are also more concerned about environmental sustainability. Therefore, they are going vegan for a healthy lifestyle. 


Do you want to try something vegan in London? Please follow this guide on the top 5 vegan restaurants in Soho London. Soho is one of the most talked-about places when it comes to tasting the best-quality and diverse food. You can get cuisines from all parts of the world at this place. Therefore, vegans will not go empty-handed. 

There are numerous options for the vegetable lovers. Not just one, you will get tired while counting the long list of vegan menus at different restaurants.

Be it a small stall or a lavish restaurant, you will get every desired food here. Get your comfort food at the best rates in Soho. The incredible ambience and extraordinary dishes will make you love these food junctions. Even the non-vegetarians love to grab bites of these vegan delicacies.

Cherish all your moments by munching on these superb foods.