What UK Grants and Financial Assistance Can Businesses Get If They’re Based in London?

UK Grants

Setting up a business or starting a new company can be expensive. If you can get assistance with setting up a business, then why wouldn’t you? The money that you save or claw back could then be reinvested into operations. Not all businesses will be entitled to support, and some support is industry specific. It is, therefore, essential that you do your research before committing any of your own time or money.

Looking at Industry Specific Grants

One of the first things you will want to do is look at industry-specific grants. These require you to invest your own money (or your business’s money), and then this figure will be matched. They are often offered as a boost to businesses in certain areas such as Soho or Camden. Or they are offered for industries and sectors that require growth and development. When you are looking at innovation grants or industry-specific grants, always look at the requirements. Some may require you to be a new and flourishing business. Others may specify that you are in business for 12 months plus before you apply for a grant.

Grants and Assistance for Local Areas 

There are some grants and offers for financial assistance on offer that are not specific to the industry or sector you are in. These may be grants and financial offers that are centered around local areas or boroughs. For example, in Soho, the business alliance has requested more support. Once more support has been made available, it will be easier to access funding. When you are looking at local area grants and assistance, you will have to be specific about what you will be using the investment for. For example, are you going to be using a grant to lease a fully-serviced office from The Workplace Company? Or are you going to use it to employ a local employee, perhaps a school leaver?

How to Get a Grant or Assistance

Now that you have a better understanding of what is available, it is time to focus on getting that grant or assistance. To make this happen, you will need to start formulating a strategy and plan. A business plan that covers what you will provide (to the local area, too) will always be seen as favorable. Also, reaching out to previous applicants (those who have been awarded grants) will prove beneficial. They will be able to guide you over the stumbling blocks that they may have faced.

Researching and Writing Proposals

Lots of proposals will have been written and produced, and they are all going to be competing against yours. Therefore, you must make sure your grant or assistance proposal is as good as it can be. If there are any gaps in your data or research, they will be picked up on. All data and research must be accurate, and it must be backed up. Producing winning proposals can be time-consuming, so you must invest this time wisely. You may also want to seek support and guidance from professional bid writers to boost your chance at success.