Travelling to Europe? 7 Tips for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

A mere decade ago, digital nomads were a small group and most of them were bloggers. 

Today most of the companies offer digital nomadism for most of the employees.  The picture of a digital nomad leaves you unbelievable in capturing a job that can be done remotely.

But it is not as easy as it seems to be. Yes, it is true that working as a digital nomad is a blissful sunshine. 

If you are a full-time planet roamer then you must acquire some knowledge to balance between work and play on the road, right? 

However, if you are travelling to Europe then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. For you, I have done a deep research, According to my research here are 7 tips for working as a digital nomad.

7 Tips to Consider for Digital Nomad :

With today’s technology and increasingly fast internet connection, vast people get the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere across the globe. Since the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming so popular, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals are taking advantage of this flexible lifestyle.

Since their career is entirely remote, digital nomads can enjoy full-time travelling as long as they have access to modern equipment and technology. While planning to travel to Europe, you can plan to make it one of the countries as your base to work remotely as well as explore the outdoors.

Here are some of my honest and useful tips that the digital nomad beginners can consider:

1. Choose the right destination according to your self-defined criteria:

For the first-time digital nomads, the first and foremost thing is you must choose the right place where you can show your capability. You may think what are the right places? practically, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. 

Businesses have varying priorities while people have varying preferences. However, there are some better places that perfectly suit some digital nomadism than others. The first thing you must identify is your criteria. You should remember that you are choosing a base, not a travel destination. You are choosing a base location to work remotely from there. 

While choosing the right destination you must consider several things including cost of living, safety, security, and cultural experiences. You must research the destination beforehand to ensure that it is a good fit for your needs as a digital nomad.

2. Internet connection:

You must be careful to find out your accommodation with high-speed Internet in Europe. You need to set up a comfortable and productive workspace. You can consider investing in a portable workstation that will provide you with all the amenities that you require as a digital nomad.  A reliable internet connection is a must for you. 

If possible, you can check the speed of the Wi-Fi where you are planning to stay with a virtual live speed test. You can look into whether there are any coworking spaces or cafes are there nearby your location. If in case any issue arises during your work activities then you can do it from that space.

3.  Taste Out the new place before committing to stay for long:

When planning to travel to Europe, it will be a logistical sense to stay in one place for one month. A month is enough to explore a city. You must be staying in a place you love. So, you must know the surroundings, the people, the culture, the cities,  you are planning to base yourself in.

Remote rural locations are preferred by digital nomads who desire to explore the amazing outdoors during their leisure time.

But if you prefer the sounds, buzz, bars, and amazing night outs then you must stay in places that are closer to these actions- but you must have the budget to pay for it.

4. Get connected for less, so you can work well while playing more:

There are various apps out in the market for the digital nomads, these apps combine travel and connectivity with entertainment.

You can download an eSIM from anywhere in the world using such an app. There will be no long-term commitment with this eSIM and no strings attached. 

The good news is through this eSIM you are bagging affordable and high-speed mobile data for you. This enables you to perform all your job role activities while exploring the outdoor activities.

5. Get a Global YO eSIMs:

Global YO is an eSIM, it eliminates all the inconvenience that comes with physical SIM. This eSIM makes your adventurous life a whole lot easier.

eSIM allows you to join into a global network without using a physical SIM card. The benefits of getting eSIM are multiple. You don’t need to change the SIM card in your device and you can use multiple eSIM cards in your phone.

Another big benefit is that you don’t need to search for a physical SIM card store when you reach your destination. This global eSIM card is programmed to activate your plan while you connect with your local network. 

6. Pick the Right Bank account and Credit Cards:

While travelling to Europe, you must consider the right bank and credit cards that reimburse ATM fees. There are few banks in Europe that charge a fee when you use another bank’s ATM card.

Also, other banks and ATMs charge fees of their own. So, if you don’t select your bank wisely then you can get stuck into double payments of ATM fees every time you withdraw cash. 

You can go forward with Charles Schwab digital nomad banking as it provides unlimited worldwide ATM fee rebates. Also, you can choose premium travel credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees and also offer bonus points in certain cases.

7. Get Travel Medical Insurance:

Sometimes, things do not go well. So, when you are planning to travel to Europe then you must purchase cheap International insurance.

If you are planning for more than one year then you can keep good domestic insurance through work. Travel medical insurance is extremely affordable in Europe and it is worth your money. 


What is digital nomad-style travel?

Ans: Digital nomads move from one place to another while engaging themselves in different kinds of digital activities. Digital nomads use technology and an internet connection to complete their work remotely while travelling to any destination across the world.

Which country is best for digital nomads in Europe?

Ans: Romania is the best European country for digital nomads in Europe. This country seems to be the best city for those in search of an opportunity to work fully remotely.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Europe as a digital nomad?

Ans: Portugal is the cheapest city to consider from Western European countries, and it has one of the cheapest digital nomad visas in Europe. You can live up to two years in Portugal with the initial residence permit and work remotely.

Where is the safest place for digital nomads?

Ans: Ireland is considered the safest place in Europe for digital nomads. 

What difficulties do digital nomads face?

Ans: There are a few problems that digital nomads face, that include:

  • maintaining the work-life balance
  • lack of social life
  • lack of emotional support
  • maintaining a consistent routine
  • keeping up the finances and taxes


Most of us have seen pictures of digital nomads next to a coconut, a gorgeous ocean in the background and the hashtag #officeoftheday.

The thought of working your office work from the beach can easily induce envy especially if you are working from home in your sweatpants.

But, the scene is not just like that. If you are travelling to Europe and plan to base in one of its countries, then this guide completely helps you in the long run. You must consider these above-mentioned points, especially if you hoping to travel to Europe.