UK’s Top Universities Ranking by Acceptance Rate

Universities Ranking by Acceptance Rate

Are you thinking of getting an admission to one of the top universities of the UK? Are you wondering what would be the acceptance rate of the colleges? If you are an International student or US student who have a dream to study in the UK, this article will immensely help you. Although most of the Colleges are the best rated here, we will be ranking them according to their acceptance rate. Also, we will try to gather and cover up the necessary information about top colleges.

Getting an opportunity to study in the UK is like a dream come true for many. Sometimes, the application procedure for a particular university would be more competitive than some other universities.

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Ranking of Universities by Acceptance Rate

  1. University of Birmingham: This University is a public research institution which is located in Birmingham, UK. It is the first “red brick” university of England. The University of Birmingham approximately gives admission to 22,500 undergraduates and 12,000 graduates students per year. If we look at the acceptable rates, the University of Birmingham acceptance rate is about 79.2%, which is quite good.

Students will find this University one of the most comfortable universities to get accepted. Five colleges under this University includes Arts and Law; Life and Environmental Science; Engineering and Physics Science; Medical and Dental Science; and Liberal  Arts And Science. You can also find the acceptable rate of this University in UCAS Statistics where you’ll find everything in details.

  • University of Durham: This is the third-oldest University you would find in England. The University always has a steady ranking in the top 10 universities. In the Guardian University Guide 2020, this University ranked fifth, and for employability, it ranked among the top 40 universities. Students from over 130 countries get admitted to this University. Durham University acceptance rate is 71.9% which is relatively high.

You will get a good range of subjects to choose in this university such as- Business, Arts and Humanities, faculty of science; and social science and health. The University has 26 schools in total. Student can apply for the University throughout the year as the University’s admissions on a rolling basis. The UG students who want to apply for this University have to apply using the UCAS portal. Also, the acceptance rate for BAME is 69.4%, and for the rest have been mentioned earlier.

  • University of Bristol: This is one of Bristol’s oldest running University set up in 1876, UK. The University is globally ranked #47, and #6 in the UK. Every year, the University receives quite good numbers of applications that are mostly international. The University of Bristol acceptance rate is 67.3%, and for the last session, it had over 20,000 students. The universities accepted the applications twice in a year so that students can apply; accordingly, that is on fall and spring semesters.

The ranking of this University by acceptance rate is #58. The University’s courses include Arts, Life Science, Health Science, Engineering, Science, Social Science and Law. Using the UCAS form, each student can apply for a maximum of five subjects. Moreover, the University of Bristol is the first University to accept female students in the UK. This University offers both graduate and postgraduate programs.

  • University of Glasgow: One of the reputed Universities of the UK, University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest University in the English speaking country, which was founded in 1451. Many successful professionals have been once a student of this University, including A prime minister, seven noble prize winners, and country’s first female medical graduates. Students from over 120 countries gas been a part of this University which is located in Scotland.

This is a home for over 26,000 students, and the University of Glasgow’s acceptance rate is 74.3% and is ranked #77. Also, International students will get several scholarships offered by the University. Four colleges under the University includes the College of Arts, College of Science and Technology, College of Medical Veterinary and Life Science; and College of Social Science. The University of Glasgow has ranked highest in many fields.

  • University of Sheffield: This University established in 1905 is one of the top-100 universities of public research globally. It is one of the best universities for international students in the world, but due to its tuition fees, it is relatively affordable. There are 55 academic departments in total, and the University of Sheffield’s acceptance rate is 85.6%, which is the 4th highest in Russell Group.

This University is currently the leading one for systems engineering, smart materials, and stem cell technology. Several companies, including Boeing, Rolls-Royce and The Welcome Trust, are the University’s significant investors as their engineering strength is relatively high. The subjects taught in the University are categorized into four faculties: the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Engineering; and Faculty of Medicine and Health.

Some important points

  • Some universities have a low acceptance rate which means the number of places or cater to a specific subject area for that University is limited. The more popular the University becomes the less number of acceptance rate it will have.
  • During the application procedure, the most crucial requirement of a UK university is to commit and choose a major. In other words, you must know what your academic focus is as early as the first year of study.

End Points

Finally, most readers are likely to be international students; we have provided all the necessary information in this article. Also, those in a dilemma whether or not they should take admission in one of the UK colleges would say go for it. Do not delay as the seats will become limit, as apply for your suitable University as soon as possible. I have also mentioned the number of students accepted by each University and the rate of acceptance. There are many benefits of studying in the UK, including several scholarships and low tuition fees for international students. Do not miss the excellent opportunity to fulfil your dream.