Tips To Make Online Social Science Classes Interesting For The Students

Online Social Science Classes

Social science forms one of the core disciplines of the academics of a student. Understanding the society, administration of the state, rich past and heritage of the country, as well as the world in which an individual is living, is essential. After all, a student’s education won’t attain completion unless the students gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire constitution of the world. Many a time, it is thought that social science classes can be conducted by sharing notes, specifically civics, geography, and history notes, to the students. But, what is even more critical is sparking the interest of the students in these subjects.

Being a teacher, you may find it tricky to ignite curiosity in the students about social science topics. Since today’s students are the citizens of tomorrow, they need to know about the polity, law, and economy of the country in which they are living to sharpen their awareness about crucial factors and enhance their decision-making skills.

Do you know that there are several fantastic ways to make social science interesting for the pupils? This blog article will discuss many fun and exciting ways to make online social science classes fascinating for young minds. Let’s see what these are!

Top 4 Interesting Ways To Make Social Science An Interesting Subject For The Students

#1: Introduce An Open-Ended Question In The Class

Instigate the students in answering an open-ended question by broaching a controversial or debatable topic in the virtual classroom. Encourage the students to develop their views and organize a debate contest to let the thoughts flow in. Believe it or not, this is an amazing way to build the students’ interest in social science subjects.

#2: Use Relevant Visual Aids In The Class

To pique the students’ curiosity and draw them towards a significant event or section of their curriculum, you can make use of videos. There are several social, political, and historical films and documentaries that you can stream live in the class. Students love watching movies, and what better way than to present these exciting movies in the class? Humans learn more by watching, so the visuals will indeed help make the students grasp the information and stimulate their brains to remember every fact they came across, via the videos.

#3: Organize Online Drama/Skit Contest On Relevant Topics

Driving the students towards studying social science subjects with great zeal and enthusiasm can be made possible by organizing online street and cosplays, dramas, and skits. You may define the theme of the competition; for instance, you can ask them to prepare the performance based on a particular event in history or Indian/world polity. Focus on the costume part, if possible, because students really love getting decked up to ace the portrayal of the character that they have chosen. Online skits or drama contests can be way too enjoyable if appropriately conducted. Before starting with a new topic, you may organize this event to motivate the students towards digging information about the topic and make them indulge in the class with great interest.

#4: Make Use Of Creative Teaching In The Online Class

Creative teaching always reaps excellent benefits for the students. You can ask them to prepare a project or a PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic and see how creative they turn out. This is surely going to aid the students in doing a bit of research on the social science topics. Just see how well they are navigating through the social science topics! After all, boosting the creativity of the students is extremely crucial in assessing the degree of effort they are putting in to garner information about a specific topic and present them in a visually enticing way. In this way, a general interest in the topic will be developed in them, thus making it easier for you to teach the subjects in the class.

Final Thoughts

The importance of social science in the academics of the students is indescribable. Just like mathematics, and science, the discipline of social science is a crucial one. To make sure that the students don’t feel bored or think that the content is dull, follow the above tips to fuel the interest of the students. Exploring the past is fun if the approach to teaching the topics in the class is right.