Top 10 Paid Ai-Generated Article Detector Works Perfectly

Ai-Generated Article Detector

The manner in which we produce content has been completely transformed by artificial intelligence! Bloggers and content producers worldwide use artificial intelligence writers to create high-quality articles in minutes.

On the other hand, the availability of hundreds of AI writing tools online means that it is becoming more impossible to discriminate between work generated by AI and human-generated content. AI Content Detectors can assist you with this! These tools make recognising any instances of AI inside the text of your articles and blog posts simple.

We are going to take a look at the top artificial intelligence content detection tools in this post. You’ll find free and premium applications on our list, most of which are free.

This article is needed for you to read if your job entails creating content dependent on text. Let’s not waste more time; instead, investigate the Top 10 Paid AI-Generated Article Detector Tools.

Top 10 Paid AI-Generated Article Detector Works Perfectly

#1. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a well-known Content Detector founded in 2015 by Alon Yamin and Yehonatan Bitton. This tool employs artificial intelligence to detect content generated by AI tools, bots, and even ChatGPT.

Create a free trial account on Copyleaks to get started. It is a highly sophisticated instrument that provides multiple methods for adding content. You may submit your file, paste it as plain text, or input a URL. It also allows you to specify a variety of parameters before content analysis.

You can choose your sources, match categories, and activate fraud detection. You can also perform a cross-language search by selecting from a selection of over thirty languages. However, the most remarkable aspect of Copyleaks is its AI-powered text analysis.

After analysing a document, this application displays similar terms’ corresponding percentages and quantities. In addition, it categorises them as identical words, minor modifications, paraphrased content, and omitted words.

Copyleaks Pricing

Copyleaks’s free plan allows you to examine ten pages (2,500 words) for free. Copyleaks offers an annual plan if you wish to acquire the premium version. It allows you to examine 1200 pages per month for $9.16, where 1 page equals 250 words. In addition, you receive a thorough plagiarism scan, a detailed similarity report, source code scanning, etc.

#2. AI Detector Pro

As the name implies, AI Detector Pro is one of the best-paid AI-generated Article detectors that detect artificial intelligence (AI) in data. It recognises GPT-3-based artificial intelligence information.

After registering for free on their site, you must input the material you want to be verified. Start then. The outcome will be a detailed report on the content. It automatically emphasises AI-authored material, which is great.

AI Detector Pro Pricing

AI Detector Pro’s free plan allows three monthly report checks. You may also purchase a subscription to get more information. AI Detector Pro’s lowest-priced subscription package offers 50 monthly reports for $27.98. You may export your data and use content research and management tools.

#3. Crossplag

Ai-Generated Article Detector

Besart Kunushevci developed the widely used plagiarism detection programme, Crossplag in 2020. It does this by using a range of sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning approaches to identify information that is similar to other instances. It has yet to be ready for use at institutions since it is still in beta testing.

Signing up for an account on their site and pasting the information you want to be checked is the first step in getting started. The AI Content Index provides a percentage breakdown of the amount of text that AI created. In addition to that, it shows the outcome, which indicates whether the text is mostly human-generated material or AI-generated content.

Crossplag Pricing

The free version of Crossplag provides ten credits, where one credit equals one hundred words. Crossplag’s paid subscriptions start at $9.99 per month; for that price, you get to examine up to 5000 words of content.

#4. Sapling

Ai-Generated Article Detector

Ziang Xie launched the Sapling AI grammar checker and writing helper in 2019. Sapling AI was created in 2019. In addition, it functions as an AI content detector and can recognise the text produced by GPT-3 and ChatGPT.

To begin going, you must copy and paste your work into the editor box on its website. This tool, in contrast to others that identify content, determines the likelihood that a paragraph was created by AI rather than being actual.

You may use this rather simple feature even if you still need to create a free account on the website. However, there is room for improvement in this tool’s level of accuracy. WordHero AI Writer’s long-form work was incorrectly identified as having been produced by a human, according to the results of this detection.

Sapling Pricing

The Sapling AI Content Detector allows you to examine up to 500 words at once. On the other hand, if you want to check more AI material, you may subscribe to its premium grammar checker and AI assistant for $12 per month if you buy it yearly.

#5. Writer AI

May Habib launched the artificial intelligence writing platform Writer in the year 2020. In addition to that, it is equipped with an AI Content Detection tool. The fact that you are not required to create an account to utilise this application is undoubtedly the most appealing aspect of it.

To get started, you have to copy and paste the material you want to use into the editor box or provide the URL of the location where the text should be retrieved from. It determines what proportion of the text was written by human authors and presents that information on the right side.

Writer AI Pricing

The Writer AI Content Detector allows you to examine around 250 words at once without charging you. You might subscribe to the Team plan of their AI Writer however if you need to verify a greater quantity of material.

Every user on the Team plan pays $18 per month for their subscription fee. In addition to providing various AI writing tools, it can recognise up to 500,000 words every month.

#6. Undetectable AI

The Undetectable AI tool utilises the capability of the most advanced AI content detectors to identify any material as having been created by AI while also providing the opportunity to humanise the content. Undetectable AI was developed to help humanise already existing material. It provides a Detection Likelihood that displays AI detectors such as OpenaI, Copyleaks, Sapling, material at Scale, Originality AI, and others.

If your writing was determined to have been created by AI, all you have to do is click the “Humanise” button and then sit back and watch the transformation take place. You can choose from a wide range of reading levels, such as college, high school, marketing, and many more. In addition, you may humanise material consistent with your business’s aesthetic by adjusting the parameters for the Purpose field.

Undetectable AI Pricing

Undetectable AI provides free AI content detection. However, to humanise it, you will need to acquire credits (for $9.99 per month, you will be able to humanise 5,000 words; you can also recharge your account with an extra $8.99 to humanise an additional 5,000 words).


Ai-Generated Article Detector is a game-changing application that enables academic institutions and professors to determine with more accuracy whether the work submitted was produced by a student or by artificial intelligence.

It is the only tool of its type because it combines the strength of artificial intelligence detection with an audit report of document alterations. This gives an enforceable degree of detection, making it the only tool. To determine if a human or another AI is the source of written text, AI employs the most recent AI models trained on all the most common NLP models.

Any Google Doc to which a teacher has Edit access may be integrated with our AI detector. In addition, it provides a Chrome plugin that illustrates the likelihood that a document was produced by AI, as well as a Document History Audit that enables instructors to track the writing process of their students. Pricing

Passed.AI has three different price plan

  • The Starter plan is $12 per month and includes 250 AI/plagiarism scans and access to 30 Google documents.
  • The Teacher plan is $35 per month and includes 1,000 AI/plagiarism scans and 100 Google documents.
  • Another is a custom plan which is based on your needs.

#8. Content at Scale

Justin McGill established Content at Scale in 2022 as an artificial intelligence content generator. Utilising this tool will assist you in producing long-form content that is optimised for search engines. In addition, it has a material Detection tool that can recognise material that AI created.

Creating a free account on this website is not required in any way, shape, or form. To modify your material, you must copy and paste it into the editing box. It only determines how much of the information is original and how much is copied from elsewhere.

In addition, it provides the Human Material Score and concludes whether or not an AI or a human mostly created the material.

Content at Scale Pricing

You can examine up to 25,000 characters simultaneously using Content at Scale. This means that you are free to check anywhere between 3500 and 6200 words. On the other hand, no restrictions are placed on the number of times you may review your work.


Ai-Generated Article Detector is a premium artificial intelligence content identification service established in 2022 by Jon Gillham. This programme can effectively recognise material created by a wide variety of GPT models, such as GPT 2, GPT-3, GPT 3.5, GPT Neo, GPT-J, and ChatGPT technologies.

To get started, all you have to do is copy and paste your text into the editor box, and it will show you how many credits will be used up by executing your query. You can choose whether you want to check for AI content, plagiarism, or both. The content analysis, on the other hand, might use some further information. Pricing requires that a minimum of $20 credit be added to your account before you can use the platform. Because of this, you will have access to 2000 credits. One credit may be earned for every 100 words, which implies that with the number of credits you have, you can examine 200,000 words.

#10. Kazan SEO

Ai-Generated Article Detector

Kazan SEO is a top-paid AI-generated article detector for optimising content and functions as an artificial intelligence content detector. It can readily recognise information that GPT3 produced. Get started immediately with this platform by registering for free and using their AI GPT-3 Detector tool.

Copy and paste your information into the editor window, which will immediately provide you with an estimate of the proportion of genuine to fabricated material identified. When it comes to identifying AI-related information, it is rather accurate.

Kazan SEO Pricing

With Kazan SEO’s free plan, you can review long papers that include more than 10 thousand words. It does not impose any word restrictions on detecting freely available information.

Final Words!

AI writers are becoming increasingly popular, and many people turn to them to quickly generate content. However, you want to avoid Google penalties and rank higher in SERPs. In such circumstances, avoiding using artificial intelligence (AI) content is best. Using the AI Content Detection technologies outlined in this essay, you may identify instances of plagiarism in your work.

Which of the Top 10 Paid AI-Generated Article Detector Tools mentioned above is the most dependable? Are you planning to utilise them for your work?