How Content Duplication Can Cost You | 5 Ways to Avoid:

Content Duplication

Many things are strictly prohibited in the world of the internet and content duplication is one of them.

Content duplication is also known as plagiarized content and it refers to copying or stealing someone else’s words and how can it be encouraging to use stolen words?

So, it must be cleared now that content duplication must be avoided but it is not something you decide and it happens.

You need to take some steps.

But at first, we need to understand that how can we determine the content duplication in the content so, let’s begin.

How to determine content duplication?

It is something that cannot be done without any tool and here we mean to say online tools.

Fortunately, there is an online tool specifically created or designed to check plagiarism or content duplication, and this tool is named plagiarism checker.

So, you need to specify your task first and then decide which tool is developed to do that task. But where we can find plagiarism checkers?

When it comes to online tools, it means it is something available on the internet and you can easily use that tool by using the internet.

You can have a look at reviews and recommendations so that you could find the online plagiarism checker.

Can we remove the duplicated content?

All we need is to follow some steps and we can also use a tool named a paraphrasing tool if you are willing to remove duplicated content.

Removing plagiarism or duplication is a process needed to be done when we are done with writing the content and then the duplication is highlighted.

The easiest approach is to use an online tool discussed above and then you can do it on your own just by replacing the words with synonyms.

Removing plagiarism is not that difficult but it just needs some concentration and some impactful steps to be followed.

The second thing that can be important is, can we avoid plagiarism while writing the content?

Yes, we can surely avoid plagiarism and it is easier than removing plagiarism from written or prepared content.

5 steps to avoid plagiarism or content duplication:

It is pretty clear that when you are copying something from the internet, it must be considered as plagiarized content.

So, it’s time to eliminate it while writing the content but, how can we do it?

We are going to give you five golden tips that can surely help you in making your content unique and duplication-free.

1.     Give some time:

It is necessary to give time especially when it comes to writing something, you need to add some attractive vocabulary and it takes time for sure.

The second thing because giving some time is important is that it is quite sure that you research things from the internet and you cannot make the researched content in your own words.

It is recommended not to rush on things, think before you write, and be confident in what you have written.

You don’t have any doubt about your work, your content must be like that and this can only possible when you give proper time while writing it.

2.     Do proper research:

Never mix duplication and research, as we have seen some of the people think that when they research on the internet, they must have plagiarism in their content.

It is not right!

We cannot prepare content that has good credibility and is authentic so, we just need to research things on the internet.

All you can do is, research things and then write them in your own words and it is also encouraging to present your ideas and opinions.

Making content authentic is as important as writing content unique so, be focused on it and publish the best content on your blog.

3.     Track the sources:

Surely, we just need to copy as it is from the internet either it is a famous quotation or something else.

When you copy a quote or some other words, it will also be considered as plagiarized words then you need to give some credits.

Giving credits means you need to mention the original writer from where you copied that content and it is only possible when you track the sources properly.

But the things are not over on tracking only, you need to add these sources somewhere in your content and we are going to discuss this below.

If you are copying something as it is other than the internet like a book or something like that then you must also give credits to them.

4.     Use quotations:

Some best plagiarism checkers do not highlight the copied content when it is written inside the quotations.

In simple words, we can say that using inverted commas is necessary when you are going to add some information that you copied as it is.

But make it clear that this is also considered plagiarized content but crawlers are quite efficient to understand that you are giving credit to the original author.

Using quotation is very simple, all you need to do is place an inverted comma at the starting and the end of the copied text. For example, “copied text” and you can also add author name outside.

5.     Cite the sources:

Citation is mostly used when you are writing assignments but it can be used while writing something from the internet.

There are many types of citations and we can say that in-text citations are the most common type of citations and are mostly used in assignments.

We have seen many websites readily available on the internet that can help you make in-text citations or some other citations.

What if we upload plagiarized content on the blog?

As we mentioned above, that it can be disgraceful in both of the aspects; for search engine crawlers and your audience.

You need to focus on both of these ends and then write your content like if your audience will find any duplication, you can lose their trust.

And when it comes to the search engine crawlers, if they find any duplication, it can never help you in ranking higher on SERPs.

So, avoid plagiarized content and go for unique and authentic content


We are sure that you are now cleared about the harmful effects of using duplicated content and you can now avoid this duplication by following the above steps.

You must hear that “nothing is impossible” but it is correct when you know how to do that specific task.

That’s why we have shared all the five important tips that can surely make your content unique and authentic as well.