9 Tips When Selling Your First Home

Selling Your First Home

Whenever you are looking at selling your first home, it can seem daunting. First, you look around your old home and go “Who would want to buy this place?” Then you panic and see all the things to need to do to clean it up and make it purchasable, and then you need to focus on how you plan to sell your home in the first place.

It can be a very stressful time and that stress can very easily mess up your plans to enjoy where you are moving to. Thankfully, we’ve got 10 tips that you need to follow whenever you are selling your first home, and by following them you can remove the stress and eventually put a “sold” sign on your house!

1.  Figure Out The Market You Are In

You are either in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market and whichever one you are in is going to have an impact on how you sell your home. A buyer’s market is where there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, and sellers need to go all out in order to make sure their home stands out and draws buyers in. A seller’s market on the other hand is where the number of buyers outnumbers the number of homes, which leads to fierce competition and bidding wars.

2.  Avoid Seller’s Remorse

Sometimes letting go of the place where you grew up, got married, and experienced so much can be very hard for first-time home sellers. Even if you have a legitimate reason to move, such as not needing all the extra space or moving for a new job opportunity, you still need to properly say goodbye to your home.

3.  Hire A Great Team

To sell a home you need two things: a great conveyancer and a great real estate agent, Make sure to look for the best online conveyancing quote options and go through the conveyancing supermarket to make sure you find the best for you. Because having these two people in your corner is only going to make the process easier.

4.  Work Through The Costs

While you might think that only the buyers are going to be spending a lot of money, you need to make sure to know that the selling of a house causes some costs too. You need to look at closing costs, commissions, and also your remaining mortgage balance and subtract all that and more from the cost of the home. You should be able to make a profit though!

5.  Focus On Preparing Your House

A lack of preparation can cause a lot of problems for your home market, because if you put your home up for sale and then spend several days preparing it, then your home starts to rack up ‘days on the market.’ This causes problems because the more days you have, the more buyers might be hesitant to buy. The more preparation you do before a sale is going to help you out.

6.  Focus On Curb Appeal

The more you do to make the outside of your home look good, the more people will want to walk into your house once they see the amazing lawn and curb you have. Make sure to clean your curb, mow the lawn, and do everything else you can to get the outside of your home cleaned up.

Even planting some flowers and new plants along the curb and giving everything a fresh coat of paint can really help.

7.  Repair What You Can Before The Buyers Come In

If the buyers get an inspection of your home and find a lot of issues in the home, they have more negotiating power and might even pull out of the deal altogether. If you do what you can to make the small repairs and touch-ups, your house will be even better.

8.  Hire A Pro For Good Listing Photos

Having high-end photos show off your work and also allows your home to really shine. Plus, the best photos have been shown to attract the most buyers. Spend some money on pro and put the time in, and you’ll see a ton of interest in your home!

9.  Research Your Price And Ensure It Is Competitive

You shouldn’t focus on overpricing your home, because having an overpriced house is going to ensure that your home never sells! Make sure to research your house and make sure that it is properly appraised so you can set a competitive price.