24 Things to Do in London Bridge for Free 2024

London Bridge

London Bridge, the shining gem, also known as London’s heart, is famous for the vibrant cultural experiences that it gives to its tourists. With a lot of things to do here.

It’s a place that will never let you feel bored. Whether you want to explore the remarkable historical landmarks of this place, get engaged in riverside activities, or indulge yourself in the pleasure of its modernity, London Bridge will never make you leave empty-handed.

Now, being a curious traveler, planning to travel in 2024, you must be excited to know about all the captivating things that this place has to offer you, right? Also, you’re eager to explore all the things to do in London Bridge for free in 2024, isn’t it?

Then, without any further delay, let’s get straight to the point and learn about all the 24 things in London Bridge that you can avail yourself of without spending money. Here are they-

Historical Attractions

1. The Shard

Do you know what happens when modern architecture is combined with ancient tradition and culture? A gem like the Shard gets established. Viewing the mesmerizing external beauty of this glass pyramid is of course one of the many best things to do on London Bridge for free.

This classic silhouette of 310 meters in height always stands upright with its head held high, making the London skyline feel proud of it.

The structure was planned by Renzo Piano, a distinguished architect of ancient times who was young and modern in heart. With his initiative, this modern marvel today got the place where it is standing today.

The polished layout along with the reflective body of the exterior walls of this creation imparts the more breathtaking charm that it deserves.

Just stand below this artistic and historical structure to see the reflection of sunlight on its surfaces and the experience that you get will keep you fascinated for a lifetime. 

2. Tower Bridge

Here’s the iconic emblem of London – the Tower Bridge! Yes, this Gothic architectural structure has indeed something magical that never stops the tourists from looking back to it again and again.

Pronounce Tower Bridge to anyone in the world and he/she will immediately relate it to London, such is the popularity of this bridge. Stand on the top of this historical emblem of resilience, gaze at the entire city, and trail its marks of evolution.

This late nineteenth-century majestic construction with two similarly looking towers is a medley of modernity and history. It is a great means of getting the most craved scenic impressions of the skyline of the city. 

3. Southwark Cathedral

Wanna know about the things to do on London Bridge for free in a peaceful atmosphere? Then, count Southwark Cathedral in. Yes, this place of London not only has a historical significance but also is much sought after by travellers because of its tranquil atmosphere. The age of this Anglican religious place can be dated back several thousand years. 
The construction stands erect in pride of the rich heritage it possesses. This cathedral was established in an urban landscape. It will be a pleasurable experience for you to explore both its interior as well as exterior walls, decor, windows, etc.

The intricate detailing with which the cathedral was decorated along with its corrupted glass windows, quiet synagogues, etc will just make you spellbound. 

Riverside Activities

4. HMS Belfast

Have an interest in the world of the Navy? Then, this historical museum of London Bridge on naval forces will certainly absorb your heart within it. The Museum is made within the structure of a ship that symbolically denotes the naval history of the city.

This ship served greatly during the time of World War 2, the Korean War, etc and now is serving as a source of knowledge for the visitors who enter within it to explore it. The ship is so big and this you will experience when you pass by it while walking along the Thames. 

5. Potter’s Fields Park

Wanna know about some more things to do in London Bridge? Then, Potter’s Field Park is probably the next place in London to impress you. Yes, this urban green oasis is set with well-maintained lawns, staying where you will feel like spending your time in a paradise.

Also, the mastermind design of the park along with its tranquil environment will make you feel super-relaxed in the lap of nature.

Also, sitting in this park, you can enjoy the Tower Bridge view directly without any barriers. Many local inhabitants choose this place as a picnic spot and spend their weekends here along with their close ones to spend time together, have meals, and enjoy the beauty of nature – all at the same time. 

6. Walking Along Thames

Nothing soothes our soul so dearly as the beauty of a flowing river like the Thames and when the scenery surrounding it becomes so welcoming, it’s impossible to resist.

Uniquely spend your leisure time while you are on London Bridge by walking along the bank of the river Thames. Enjoy its sound of flow amid the serene landscape surrounding it.

While you walk along this river chatting with your close ones peacefully, you will get confronted with various iconic and historical edifices situated there, like –

  • The Globe Theatre.
  • Saint Paul’s Cathedral, etc. 

Cultural Experiences

7. The Scoop At More London

Now, let’s discuss this Open-Air Amphitheater that can be counted among various important things to do on London Bridge for free. The Scoop at More London is situated on the bank of the River Thames and here you can get to see various interesting events at no charge.

Look here and there around this spot and you will find a lot of high-raised architectural edifices everywhere. This cultural and social hub has overcome the barriers of time and even today it still exists as an emblem of mindblowing performances and cultural programs like –

  • Theatrical productions.
  • Live Performances. 
  • Film screening, etc. 

8. Tate Modern

Are you in love with art and crafts? Then, this contemporary art hub located on London Bridge will certainly interest you. It’s a kind of art museum, that was once a power station. This global emblem of the store of modern artistry deals with all kinds of contemporary masterpieces from all over the world.

It gives you the privilege to explore them at no charge. Whether you have a fantasy for abstract installations and paintings of distinguished artists or are interested in thought-provoking sculptures, you will find all of them there. 

9. Borough Market

Enough of tours and travels! Feeling hungry? Can’t control your gastronomical appetite anymore?

Then, stop pursuing all the other things to do in London Bridge for free for some time and visit Borough Market to relish the food of your choice. It’s a culinary haven where you will get different types of cuisines and foody delights.

Also, this food haven’s lively stalls, extraordinary aroma of spices, and joyful aura will make every food enthusiast feel like they are in the bliss of heaven. The best part of this place is that all the vendors present here sell fresh foods to their customers.

Most of their items are blended with artisanal cheeses that take them to the level of international delicacies. 

Hidden Gems

10. Shad Thames

Love to delve deep into the history and culture of the people of London Bridge and their ancient stays? Then, visit the charming territory of Shad Thames.

It’s a neighbourhood that the River Thames tucks away. Here you will get to see various cobblestone streets, quaint architectural buildings, aged warehouses, etc.

Each of them will remind you of the past and make you imagine how the people of that time used to live. Stroll along Shad Thames in the evening, explore its different hidden secrets from the mouths of the people living there, and excavate the mysterious aisles, industrial heritages, and taverns that so long remained unnoticed by your eyes. 

11. Guy’s Hospital Garden

There is no end to the list of different things to do on London Bridge for free. But, Guy’s Hospital Garden remains at the top of the list. 

This is because this tranquil green space lifts you from the hustle and bustle of city life and lands you amidst the lush green scenery that you have craved for so long.

The carefully landscaped garden gives you a peaceful retreat among beautiful flowers, trees, and sculptures that you have only imagined in your dreams.

So, if you need some me-time after the entire day’s hectic journeys and travels, Guy’s Hospital Garden is the best place for it. 

12. Fashion And Textile Museum

 Is fashion your cup of tea? Then, the fashion and textile museum is your ideal destination on London Bridge.

This is because this fashion history hub has to offer you many things including free exhibitions.

You can examine different types of fashionable clothes, their stylistic evolution, iconic robes, avant-garde designs, etc while roaming in this museum. 

Parks And Recreation

13. Leathermarket Gardens

Here’s another green oasis that’s a peaceful escape for those living in city or urban areas. One of the things to do on London Bridge for free is an ideal serene habitat for the relaxation of the tourists and local inhabitants.

The place is so beautiful and peaceful that your fatigued mind will automatically get recharged with vigorous energies.

Just stroll in this garden along with your close ones or sit along with them on its grasses and you will feel that your inner soul is improving gradually for the better. 

14. The Queen’s Walk

Now, how about enjoying the scenic Riverside promenade of London Bridge by walking along the path of the Queen Walk? Do you know, you can shoot the best photos of various London sceneries connecting Thames from it while you are in a walk?

The pathway is pedestrian-friendly and you will see various canvases situated on both sides of the route that are waiting for public art installations. 

15. Bermondsey Street

That’s all? Are there no more things to do in London Bridge for free in 2024? Of course, there are! Visiting Bermondsey Street is one of them.

An eclectic exploration of this place will confront you with various types of cafes, food hubs, street art, lively landscapes, textile shops, boutiques, etc. The local community of the place is so enticing that you will develop an interest in it within no time. 

Foodie Delights

16. Neal’s Yard Dairy

Now, how about exploring something cheesy? Are you a cheese lover?

Then, with Neal’s Yard Dairy, you can taste different types of cheeses without paying for them and even learn the artistry of cheese-making thoroughly from the experienced cheese-makers present there.

This dairy yard never compromises with the quality and freshness of cheese and this is the reason why different people from all over the world come here to relish the heavenly taste of their cheeses.

Visiting this place, you will not only love the taste of their cheese but also the liveliness of the surrounding atmosphere. 

17. Maltby Street Market

Curious to explore the other things to do in London for free? Then, here’s another culinary haven that’s waiting for you. This place is the exact paradise for foodies of which they have always dreamt.

There’s not a single gourmet treat that the stalls here can’t give. From artisanal products to international multi-cuisine dishes of different flavours, the stalls here cook all of them. 

If you are a chocolate lover, then the chocolate stalls here are made for customers like you. Ask them for any type of chocolate, pie, cookies, or other snack and the next minute they will be in front of you.

The place also strengthens social bonding between people who come here to gather different types of culinary experiences. 

18. Free Walking Tours

Every alley of London streets possesses hidden mysteries that are unknown to most of us. A free walking tour in different areas of London street with the help of a guide is a great way to excavate those hidden details and learn the stories of both ancient and modern times related to those areas.

Also, by doing it, you can gain profound cultural knowledge about London and its historical landmarks as well. 

​Panoramic Views

19. Sky Garden

Wanna include more things in your list of things to do in London Bridge for free? Then, Sky Garden is our next recommendation. This elevated oasis situated on London Bridge above the edifice of Walkie Talkie is an ideal place for getting panoramic views of London.

You will get to see the top view of all the beauties of nature along with the contemporary masterminded designs of various buildings elevated in the city from Sky Garden. 

Artistic Expressions

20. White Cube Bermondsey

Now, let’s turn our steering towards a contemporary art gallery of London Bridge, White Cube Bermondsey. The cutting-edge exhibitions presented here entice art lovers from all over the world. The different enthusiasts of arts and crafts visit here to see their favourite renowned artists’ works.

The mind-stimulating sculptures these artists create have different unique themes that create a great impact in the minds of the visited tourists.   

​​21. London Bridge Street Art

Now, let’s go for artistic exploration in the vibrant streets of the city. As you roam the streets of London Bridge, you will get to see various mind-stimulating graffiti, multicoloured murals, and visual delights.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the murals plain art as each of them has its own story. These street arts of the city are emblematic of London’s dynamic culture and creative expressions.  

22. Millennium Bridge

Here’s another thing among the best 24 things to do in London Bridge for free – yes, it’s visiting the Millennium Bridge of London. This suspension bridge is a pedestrian marvel that helps you cross the river Thames by walking over it.

The bridge is embellished with different admirable art installations. In these installations, you will find a blend of art and architecture.

Also, if you are a painting lover, you are free to paint on the public art canvas hanging along the walls of the bridge.

So, as you progress towards your path of exploration of the city through this bridge, leave a mark of your creativity by giving a hand in artistry upon the walls of this bridge. 

Nighttime Attractions

​​​​​​23. The Scoop After Dark

The next thing that you can taste while visiting London Bridge is The Scoop After Dark. Yes, the nighttime open-air performances of the free events organized here beside the river are alluring enough to attract audiences from the entire globe.

Spending your evening here and enjoying live performances will make your day. These nighttime performances like film screenings, musical concerts, etc will make your trip to London Bridge memorable forever. 

24. Tower Bridge Illumination

Another spectacular view that you can enjoy on London Bridge at night is the Tower Bridge illumination. The whole Tower Bridge is lit up at night, which highlights the iconic structure of the architectural creation even more in the darkness of the night.

This not only doubles the magnificence of the bridge but also makes the atmosphere surrounding the edifice more magical.

The lights of the Tower Bridge reflect on the water of the river Thames, thus making the scene a breathtaking one.

You can capture these brightened scenes of the nighttime illumination of the bridge forever by clicking a few of its pictures and storing them in your album forever. 


Do I need cash in London? 

Though there are a lot of things in London that you can see and experience without spending any money, it’s always advisable to keep at least some amount of money with you while you visit London. Keep money in the form of coins or notes.

You may need them to do car parking or to pay for buying small items from the stalls, etc. 


So, we can say that London Bridge offers different types of historical, cultural, culinary, scenic, and nighttime experiences to its visitors with pride, and that too without charging any money from them.

If you’re a tourist who is still wondering which place to explore on this vacation, then give London Bridge a chance and we bet, this place will never disappoint you. You will get to experience almost all types of charms from this place without stealing from your bank.